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Play tennis more now how to do shoulder pain?

jimmyslve2010-02-16 04:10:03 +0000 #1
Playing tennis a year, shoulder pain is a matter six months ago, and now has been doing push-ups when there is a sense of Citeng. Normal activities have also had abnormal sound is not stagnant water, how do I ask?
passer06222010-02-16 04:18:52 +0000 #2
see first, a person who engaged in many activities, I am someone who has, one of the injury, the law of Dao Shi summarized out.

Like you, and is strongly recommended to stop most of the activity, half a year there is salvation, and then continue to keep the old wound becomes very troublesome, you'd better look at restraint.

Specific programs: you make a choice to pick the best want to go a week, no more than 1-2 times violent activities, and other temporary drop (push-ups quit it! What do not, unless you are relying on sports to eat, otherwise, why ah !)

No matter what the action should pay attention to, to analyze, such as the tennis I played 10 years, a special understanding of shoulder injuries are stretching too much ball, or swing too many times usually hit the ball too intense, especially not enough to Yingjie miss it the ball.

Is that of bone joints where the water is called what things are you get less and less hair on the friction tenosynovitis, it will pain, this is not a small problem, you have to listen to me!



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