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【perfect score masterpiece】

playing tennis, that's great!

Weekend, I accompanied my father, my mother drove tens of miles, arrived at the northern suburb of a large tennis court, not for anything else, just to be able to go on happily playing a game of tennis.

I was playing tennis last year, although a "greenhand", but I fell in love with this crazy sport.

Tennis court is very beautiful, green and Bacteria on the ground if they had a good Jigen painted white lines, though I could not utter the correct name, but I know that it is "community." Wherever he goes, the middle of a half-height of a man hanging from nets, even if a "carve-line."

Quick look! Ran a light and play a vigorous figure. I saw the man carrying three left-handed tennis, right hand holding the racket, the upper body wearing a tight-fitting sweater, under wear jeans, it Shuai Jin would be surprising if it was not a tennis star! It would be me! And I against the mother, saw her embark on a steady space, one can tell it is an experienced veteran to play. The natural father has played a referee when the players and cheerleaders.

Contest started. At first a few balls I can parry, and even let my mother Buzhao. But she Zenken lost in my hands? So she took out a special skill - the "wandering people play," has just played some of my complacency run around full of games, tennis Luanhui may be half a day I pick up a ball Buzhao. It even beat out both rejection. Dad rushed out, hurriedly picked up the racket had come to "help out" someone and I fought side by side, my confidence a lot of natural recovery. I miss my father He did not let a few more aggressive spiking her mother put pressure back. How can throwing in the towel can be mother! The ball strike it ruthless. Dad is indeed extraordinary skill, not only afraid, but Yuezhanyueyong. I saw a little green tennis like a dolphin meteors flying back and forth. This can be a hard time standing in my field. Then my mother can not call the ball, but also to escape his father to play the last ball, left to a large tennis fist flying at my head, I could not help screaming screamed. In the end, I was holding his head fled helter-skelter.

To play tennis for me, really great. It adds life to dull the fun of learning, but also exercise the body. The whole family together even more enjoyable for the exercise, I am looking forward to the next.

【Marking simple batch】

"× × ... ..., great," and this essay is relatively semi-thesis candidates should be very good at it, and the scope of nothing binding, recording his own personal experience can be perhaps the sentiment, In this way each candidate has more to say, without the slightest embarrassing. Author of the article is drawn from everyday life on the weekend, a person's tennis to be documented. Briefly introduced at the beginning of the tennis court appearance, the characters dress in the middle after the game described in detail, his account of the chances in the race, as well as a three enjoyable scenes, describing a happy home for their children's physical and mental health to bring favorable factors, became the advertised good model for the modern home education. Has a positive aesthetic atmosphere, language simple, smooth, structure, elegant, calm, in line with meaning of the questions, the center clear, clear thinking healthy, giving fresh and elegant beauty.

【09】 Shanxi in perfect marks for essay volumes: cousin, that's great!

Winter break, I returned to the rural home, and cousin, formed a close friend, his ability to domesticated animals left me a deep impression, I could not help but heartfelt admiration, cousin, you're great! .

Day, I am under the car, we went to Aunt rushed home, just a door will be blocked by a ferocious dogs, and this time away from the inside wearing a hemp hat, wearing a cotton jacket's cousin , say hello soon as he saw, that ferocious dogs will be crestfallen to go back to their nest. He Xiaohe He said to me: "You Do not be afraid it for a while let me apologize to you kneel." Sure enough, the dogs quickly obey his orders.

The next morning, daybreak, he took the millet to chicken coop next to the chicken coop opened the door, side, "cuckoo" call out while spreading the millet, chickens, one he called, the immediate order to jump out of the hen house, scrambling to eat something in meters. I saw this hand, he was so surprised.

After breakfast, he left the soup, leftovers, vegetable skins, bran mixed together, poured into a pig sty, tank, he "chatter" to call the Liangsheng to Hog immediately stopped to sleep , obediently ran "snore snore" to eat something hogwash come.

Cousin of the pocket often filled with peanuts, corn grain, I thought it was his own Chine, but I've never seen him eat. It turned out that he is to those animals to eat.

One day, he and I were playing in the yard, he took out from his pocket a corn grain, to the horses mouth one to send, that horse would look Shenguo eat mouth a long tongue. "Kazhigezhi" chewing up time to time, with long arched mouth he smiled patted cousin horse, so he was fed every day. I did not understand: "Do not bother do? Horse kicked you do" "This is already used to it. My good friend, how could kick me?"

Because of Malaysia and the cousin of the most affectionate, so he ability is good at riding. One day, I arrived at the scene Scholasticism cycling, he holding Malaysia, it is necessary to see me riding to the field hospital, he gave the order to the horse, "squat." Horse obediently squatted down, and he washed a sudden big stride forward on the go, jumped, then steadily when the local sitting on his horse, and he firmly grasp the reins, "up." horse slowly stand up. Cousin, riding on horseback, from the ground one meter high, but he is no Ju color, is pleased to shouting: "drive." Horse obedient to quickly run up. His legs kept sandwiched horse stomach. Cuima run even faster. Cousin, riding on horseback, Tingzhao Xiong, Tai Zhuotou, like a great general, and glory. "Da Data" horseshoe sound incessantly. The presence of backyard horse ran a few laps, when ran in front of me, he shouted: "Yu." Horse stopped. He single-handedly hold the reins firmly, deliberately chest pretty straight and it looks like a handsome warrior triumphant return of power and prestige. He told me one cried, "I will go into the fields to ride, you wait for me in this." "Beware of falling off." "Never mind, I and it was a good friend." Then, he clip horse stomach, MA soon as the rise of hiss, "Da Dada" to the endless fields on the go.

Road stirring up the dust of a MA run faster and faster, gradually gone. I stood alone in the market courtyard, cousin domesticated animals can be really knowledgeable ah!

【Marking simple batch】

opening authors have frankly seen that the main thrust of the article, the author of this incident through the domestication of animals to express their praise to the cousin, blending the text title.

Then the writer dogs, chickens, pigs, horses for the account object, Shepherd's "dingy," chicken "has order", as well as pigs, horses, a "good", vivid, lively and interesting way to express a form Costa Rica superior skills of domesticated livestock. Almost anthropomorphic description tells a cousin, and small animals love. In order to accounts of the horse as the main object, through the cousin of the groom, riding through, showing little by envy, convincing psychology. Finally, the author of "dust away" at the description of re-dyeing the theme to be played before the call after the results.

】 【Development level at the timing of this article and share outstanding achievements. Many candidates in the absence of familiar narrative of this style, the time of the transformation will be looked very strange. For example, the author of this article, the clever arrangement of time: the day → next → → One day after breakfast, and perhaps the time these things have taken place both within the same day, but after processing ingenious author, the article on the change of live read the. However, some students only know how to "wooden, rote learning," are usually the case that "a moment a moment ... ... ... ..." This will only dull narrative Marking boring teachers, how can you win the satisfaction?

【09】 Yangzhou in perfect marks for essay volume: My sky is common

river flows quietly, quietly ... ...

in front of a blooming rose desperately seem to make spindles breaking bud-like.

Gate house of the kinds of flowers, looks really solid round, sweeping the yard was clean.

This is my home, ordinary but quiet.

House is the case, my parents, too, ordinary but honest.

Mom and Dad is a life journey of my life guide.

In a time when nothing better, I always like the end of a stool placed in the courtyard, sitting in a small stool, holding a book, while the courtyard to enjoy the flowers, while roaming in the book, integration by According to the ideas. The father in the kitchen, cooking, my mother in front of the laundry, all this is so harmonious. Eating dinner, Mom and Dad likes to ask me something at school, encouraged me in learning more carefully, everything is so ordinary calm.

When the other students in a parent's frustration against watching television, I was not worried, because my parents understand me thoughtful me that they never stop me from watching TV, because they know I do not Wanwusangzhi.

On the contrary, they would encourage me to watch television. Mom and Dad like host Wang Xiaoya. Wang Xiaoya show hosted by colorful, lively and interesting, the questions raised by the program of study very helpful to me. So each program, parents have to accompany me to see, but also let me down I have studied the subject of a number of benefits; Sometimes, I am not at home, Mom and Dad will help me a note of the subject and wait for me to go home, they come to test me . This has enriched my history and geography until the area of knowledge. Everything is less meaningful.

About the exam, many parents have come to the school asked the class teacher about their child's learning, because I know their parents, they will not come, they are busy with work.

But then one day I changed the view accidentally, I saw the distance and my class teacher is a familiar figure in the two conversations, I recognized it was my mom and dad ... ...

everything is so selfless.

Mom and Dad is a wizard on a journey of my life, they are for me to create a blue sky, he was at ease, I fly.

[Brief Review]

life is not a lack of the United States, but the lack of discovery of the United States. As long as we carefully observe, we find that, all things in nature often gives us life, inspiration, social, family, human nature will be everywhere in flash light. The author of a very ordinary: home, mundane but quiet; father and mother, ordinary but honest; life, ordinary but calm. However, among Embedding the ordinary extraordinary: a courtyard surrounded by flowers, harmonious happy family division of labor, it is ordinary, quiet, peaceful environment, but is a poetic and picturesque environment; television programs Using the key moment of his visit division, which is an ordinary family in extraordinary Shier, yet embodies the modern sense of caring thing. This is all so ordinary, peaceful and calm. It is a "flat" characters, to a selfless, no trace of love to the "I", "for me to create a blue sky, he was at ease, I fly." To write the text in front of the dark end of the article points out, "My piece of the sky", it is natural neat and smooth.



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