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Which country is the tennis ball

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to be known as the "national sport", the first thing in the country's mass base is very strong. The second major event in this country in the world's outstanding achievements, the achievements of men and women's singles and groups are very good, such as our ping-pong. But this movement on the tennis is not that a country has a monopoly. Men in Spain's Rafael Nadal, Swiss Roger Federer, Britain's Andy Murray, etc. than others. Women in Russia's "Pink Corps" power over Gaoyi Chou. Only the United States and Serbia, the relative balance of power between men and women. Andy Roddick U.S. men and women have Shijie Mei Wei. Serbia Serbian men virtuous, women with Jelena Jankovic and Ana Ivanovic. But the strength is not achieved monopoly status. Therefore, there is no country that would dare claim to tennis is a national sport.

The origin and development of tennis

Tennis and golf, tenpin bowling, table tennis and a gentleman called the world's four major sports. It's origins can be traced back to 12-13 century France, when the missionaries in a kind of popular hit with the palm of the game is out in the open two compartment a rope, use the palm will be made of cloth with the hair ball to hit to go.

This movement not only in the monastery in the popular, but also appear in the French court. Reign of King Louis X of France, the court on such a frequent destination for tennis to recreational. 1358-1360, it had to play for the nobility of the ancient British tennis imported from France, the United Kingdom Edward third place on the tennis great interest and ordered the construction of an indoor stadium in the palace. The racket racket was converted into sheep's clothing, leather ball from the cloth into a ball the size, weight is not well documented. The invention of the 15th century wore strings of the racket, the 16th century old-style indoor tennis to become France's national sport. After the old-style indoor tennis has its own rules, in Europe, especially in England have been well conducted.

Modern English tennis originated. In 1873, will play old-style tennis English Major M. Winfield, in the badminton sport, inspired by the design of a suitable outdoor men and women can engage in tennis, when Sphairistike (Sphairistike) movement. In 1875, along with the sport in the eight-shaped swept up the pitch, the All England Croquet Club set up a separate courtside croquet lawn tennis courts, following that, the authority of antique organizers Maliboen Tennis Cricket Club for this The Campaign has developed a set of rules. Since then, the lawn tennis replace the judicial Tektronix.

1877 in the UK outside London to set up a few Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Association, lawn tennis in the UK has been further carried out. In the same year in July, held the first Lawn Tennis Championships, that is, the first Wimbledon match. • Henry Jones, the competition with the other two people to develop a new rule, he served as the match referee. The course was rectangular, the length 23.77 meters, 8.23 meters wide, has not changed. 7.92 meters away from the network service line, the net central height of 0.99 meters. Fat players serve, they can stand on one foot before the end line, the other foot standing on end line, the ball without making judgments one mistake lose points. Using old-style indoor tennis 0,15,30,45 each round scorecard. It can be said that Henry • Jones, the founder of modern tennis.

Followed by British tennis after the country launched the United States.

1881, the world's first national tennis association, is the U.S. National Lawn Tennis Association ( "National" should be abolished in 1920). The association year August 31 to September 3, in Newport, Rhode Island in Hong Kong held its first session of the United States Lawn Tennis Championships men's singles and men's doubles, using Wimbledon's rules of the game. Participate in the competition are 26. Singles champion Richards • Sears (he did not even get 7 years winner); doubles champion Clark and Taylor.

In 1887, began Xing women's singles at the U.S. Lawn Tennis Championships; Women's Doubles Championship was held in 1890; Mixed Doubles Championship was held in 1892.

Because of the then U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt • fell in love with tennis, he not only actively support the construction of tennis courts, tennis tournament was held, but also often invited his horse walk, accompanied by friends in the White House tennis court, so people called him a "tennis cabinet." Thus, the U.S. tennis has been an unprecedented development. In the two world wars, the world's tennis is suspended, and only the United States did not stop. On the contrary, the United States, tennis has also appeared in amazing peak heyday, as much as 40 million people to participate in tennis, so until today, the United States, tennis has always been a world leader, an excellent tennis star after another. In the November 3, 1994 announced the world's men and women ranked the top 10 largest, the male players have four, female athletes are two, enough to prove that the U.S. is a world-class tennis.
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No country
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