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School of Economics, Hubei has a few football pitches? Basketball court? Tennis? Badminton? Other ha

liu23reyes2010-02-16 04:11:20 +0000 #1

Smart Xiaomao2010-02-16 04:16:01 +0000 #2
soccer: Eastern has two of the soccer field, a non-standard artificial grass pitch. The other one is a natural grass playground, usually in the artificial grass football.

West also has a soccer field, located inside the stadium, is a standard artificial grass.

Basketball Court: Eastern has two basketball courts, a golf course there are probably more than 20, about a dozen pitches,

Western District has two basketball courts, a dozen, a 5,6 months.

Badminton courts: the museum institute in the school should have a professional badminton court, but in general, should be charged, except physical education

Tennis Courts: The school is currently the largest tennis courts, colleges and universities in Wuhan can also be something the quality of the Eastern region has more than 10 looks like the Western block 5,6 block

other hardware facilities, we have the best in Wuhan Wuhan, the largest library in the region where the rare undergraduate colleges culinary training base where there is relatively good, Wuhan University Hotel Management Training Base There, Wuhan University recognized as a beautiful environment is one of the colleges and universities
On Willow curved2010-02-16 04:35:23 +0000 #3
such a tangled issue. .

Soccer: Eastern has a dedicated soccer pitches, a very nice venue. There is another playground.

West there is a large handsome sporting venues. Football absolutely no say.

Basketball Court: Eastern has two basketball courts, Western District has a basketball court, all came to large.

Badminton court: seemingly not, but the tennis courts, volleyball courts for badminton.

School playing badminton, normally in the bedroom downstairs, there are many roads are suitable for playing badminton.

Hardware did not say. New schools, hardware, everything good, that is, the software need to improve. .



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