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How much to build a mini-tennis court cost?

Wang Xiao-Bing2010-02-16 04:11:27 +0000 #1
Tennis Court standard is how much?
Bobo classmates2010-02-16 04:19:09 +0000 #2
personal estimate the total cost to build a small tennis court for at least 50,000 yuan. A tennis court should have a standard ball industry are generally 3 months on the brush once, cost 50. Lighting equipment, semi-annual maintenance, the cost of 500. The net, half a year to replace, 100, golf course itself is rubber, one-year replacement cost of about 2000. The stadium fence, according to the actual situation in repair, with an average 300. Tennis Association, the cost depends on the specific operational methods, such as is the unit operator or the type of government departments, the former of course, self-financing, all of the number of staff and expenditure are difficult to control, but also their sponsorship; the latter can be drawn from the former sports department staff, sponsors are also very convenient. Unit type Tennis Association (20 staff) to 100,000 yuan a year.



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