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To the point of tennis information?

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To the point of tennis information?
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Tennis Description: Tennis (tennis) is a beautiful and intense movement, the origin and development of tennis can be summarized in four points: bred in France, was born in the UK, began to spread and reach a peak in the U.S., is now prevalent throughout the world, known as the world's second largest ball games.

Tennis Origin: Modern tennis generally include indoor tennis and outdoor tennis two forms. Tennis originated from 12 to 13-century French missionaries in the church corridors ball with the palm of a game. Later became a court of indoor pastime entertainment. Some people think that should be traced back to the origins of tennis, "the Hundred Years War" (1337

1453 war between Britain and France) were previously in France, a kind of folklore Mingjiaohaiou de Wumai of ball games. The game is said to be two people, and each armed with a racket, golf course surrounded by the walled, the ball hit the wall after bombs go back, and then over the net. Therefore, whether from the use of the site and appliances on the way to or from the play games on it with modern tennis, there are many similarities, so some people see it as the original form of tennis. Tennis diameter 6.541 and 6.858 cm. At first, tennis, just two hemispheres filled with grass, leaves or made of hair, with the continuous development of tennis, the ball making more and more stress.

Tennis Association: 1.ITF-- International Tennis Federation International Tennis Federation (International Tennis Federation, ITF), referred to as ITF, was established in 1913 in Paris, France. Existing members of the Association 191. Of which 119 are full members, 72 for non-voting associate members. The ITF's official language is English, French and Spanish, the text is ambiguous when the English shall prevail. From 1896 to 1924, tennis as an Olympic event. Since then, the ITF eligibility for athletes in conflict with the International Olympic Committee, tennis is no longer an Olympic sport until 1988, only to re-enter the Olympic Games. ITF's mission is to develop, modify, and implement the rules of tennis at all levels to promote the development of tennis around the world in the international community to safeguard the interests of tennis, to promote and encourage the teaching tennis for the development and implementation of rules in international competitions ruled that the official ITF approved tennis championship, members of the Association to enhance the influence of the Federation to safeguard the independence, to determine eligibility of athletes, management, amateur, professional and amateur a professional mixed-type game, the rational use of union funds, maintenance of tennis community unity and monitoring the implementation of these rules and so on. (Participation in ITF term)

2.ATP-- Professional Tennis Association men's ATP is an abbreviation of the Association of Tennis Professional, can be translated as professional men's tennis association. ATP Series also includes the following six kinds of matches: 1, Masters Cup; 2, the World Doubles Championship; 3, the World Team Championships; 4, Tennis Masters Series tournament, which is the so-called ultra-nine events; 5, the international gold series; 6, International Series. ATP International Series event is the lowest level of the game, which matches the total prize money is divided into 400,000 dollars, 600,000 dollars, 800,000 dollars and one million dollars range. The international gold series in total prize money is divided into 800 thousand, one million dollars. 9 Masters of the total prize money of course, more than 1 million, and their prize by the respective committee to decide. Our previous Heineken Open in Shanghai is 400 thousand dollars of the lowest level of the ATP tournament. Challenge Series The total prize money is divided into the following categories: 20005 thousand dollars, 50000 dollars, 30007 1000 5 100 dollars plus free accommodation and breakfast, 70005 thousand dollars, 100,000 dollars, 120,005 thousand dollars plus free accommodation and breakfast, 15 million U.S. dollars. Take part in a challenge match 50000 dollars, if they will get 50 points won the ATP computer ranking points and seven thousand two hundred dollars in prize money. Finally, we say something WTA. It is very simple event system is divided into Tier 1-5 level. The lowest level 5 total prize money of 110,000 dollars, 4 total prize money of 140,000 dollars, 3 games total prize money could be 170 thousand dollars, and 220,005 thousand dollars, two total prize money of 58万5千dollars and 650,000 dollars, the most senior one in total prize money is 126万2千can be USD, 132万5千dollars, 200 million U.S. dollars.

3.WTA-- Professional Women's Tennis Association, Professional Women's Tennis Association (WTA) was established in 1973, the player is headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida, whose main offices currently in Connecticut, while in Europe there is a small branch. The WTA Tour Organization's headquarters in Stamford in southwestern Connecticut, USA. Sports Science, Medicine Department, Ministry of tour operations and player relations office is located in St. Petersburg, Florida. Tour, with European headquarters in London's office. WTA consists of a chairman and a board of directors to manage, most of them are active players, plus some business consultant. The Council for the whole of the central body tennis women's tennis professional associations shall be to provide advice. The same as the men's tennis, WTA's main duty is responsible for all the players questions. In the women's tennis players association have their own agents, the WTA Tour decided to all the rules, and provided funding for an exhibition game, so players can participate in some of these games without having to worry about with the real conflict with professional leagues.

Four Grand Slam tennis: First, the Australian Tennis Open


3 Wimbledon, French Open

4, the U.S. Tennis Open

Stadium Category:

grass turf field is the oldest golf course , the most traditional means of a venue. Characterized by the ball on the ground floor with friction is small, the ball rebound speed of the player's reaction, sensitive, running speed and skills required is very high. Therefore, the grass is often seen as "offensive tennis" in the world, serving the Internet, with the ball the Internet and other online storm tactics almost be regarded as a magic weapon for winning on the grass tennis court, the bottom line-type player in the grass tennis court and difficult accomplished. However, due to the nature of grass pitches on the grass, a very high specification, combined with climatic constraints and the costly maintenance and maintenance costs could hardly be extended to around the world. At present the annual professional tennis tournament only a handful of grass are almost always held in England three islands, and the time to focus on six or seven months, Wimbledon Championships is one of the oldest and most prestigious one.


more accurate to say that "soft pitch", which is the most typical representative of the French Open on clay sites. In addition, the common variety of sand, mud, etc. can be called soft sites. Such ball landing site is characterized by greater friction with the ground, the ball is slower, the players in the running, especially in the emergency stop emergency there would be a great sliding back room, which determines the player must possess than in the other venues on a better physical fitness, running, and mobility, as well as the quality will be more stubborn. In such a venue on the race for the bottom line players locked in a stalemate is a great test of skill, players usually have to pay several times the sweat and patience in the bottom-line deal with their rivals, winning more often than not play aggressive serve Internet-based players, while the The bottom line is the hard side.

Modern hard most of the game field are hard on the tennis court, and it is the most common, the most common type of venue. Hard tennis court generally made of concrete and asphalt pave the way, its painted in red, green plastic surface layer, its surface smooth, high hardness, the ball bouncing is very regular, but the ball rebounded rapidly. A lot of good tennis players that hard tennis more "explosive" and hard court tennis tournament in dominant position, to be more respected. It must be noted that the hard texture of the site as other good elasticity, surface reaction of strong and stiff, so easy to cause injury to the players, and this damage has made a lot of good tennis players have paid a very high price.

Carpet market

the name suggests, this is a "portable" can roll up the tennis court, and its surface is a plastic surface layer, the surface layer of nylon weave, usually with a special glue adhesive on a certain intensity and hardness of asphalt, concrete the concrete substrate can be ground, and some can even be rolled or bonded directly at any supportive of the ground, its volume shop convenient, suitable for transportation and there is very strong adaptability, indoor and outdoor and even the roof can be used. Subject to site the speed of the ball surface roughness and the carpet surface roughness determined. During the maintenance on this site is very simple, as long as keeping the floor clean, not damaged, no water (for matching with the corresponding drainage facilities) on it.



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