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Tennis initially show how the law over it?

wol4f1979942010-02-16 05:11:22 +0000 #1
Tennis initially show how the law over it?
heroaimar2010-02-16 05:21:12 +0000 #2
tennis originated 12 to 13-century French missionaries in the church corridors ball with the palm of a game. Later became a court of indoor pastime entertainment. Some people think that should be traced back to the origins of tennis, "the Hundred Years War" (1337

1453 war between Britain and France) were previously in France, a kind of folklore Mingjiaohaiou de Wumai of ball games. The game is said to be two people, and each armed with a racket, golf course surrounded by the walled, the ball hit the wall after bombs go back, and then over the net. Therefore, whether from the use of the site and appliances on the way to or from the play games on it with modern tennis, there are many similarities, so some people see it as the original form of tennis. Tennis diameter 6.541 and 6.858 cm. At first, tennis, just two hemispheres filled with grass, leaves or made of hair, with the continuous development of tennis, the ball making more and more stress.



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