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Who is He holds four Junior Grand Slam champion?

Xiaofang7532010-02-16 06:10:02 +0000 #1
First two years of watching television said a juvenile within a year-take-all four Grand Slam titles, is black, has now entered professional tennis, and today that tennis, like one who play with Nadal!
liufederer2010-02-16 06:20:00 +0000 #2
is his right, a total had not a few black players!

The past two years have just joined a black male professional tennis player

only he!

Then you say is Donald Young!

Has ranked the first youth group,

active into ATP by.

This is his story, online search of the!

When Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi getting older, but Roddick light was again prominent Swiss maestro record repression, the impatient Americans hold herself back any. They need a local star, while the dark skin of African youth Donald Young At this moment appeared.

This discovery so highly prized as the entire United States tennis endless joy. The left hand holding the thin film has a juvenile who is undoubtedly superior talent, he has full play, it has been included a number of experts, including John McEnroe sure. Meanwhile, his dark complexion generate even more beautiful reverie: If he was successful, not only as the year's Arthur Ashe, as a symbol of racial equality, more like the Williams sisters did for tennis win a number of new audiences.

Donald Young's parents had an amateur tennis player, belonging to a different university teams met in the past, often in the team event, fighting ruthlessly. But then they found more suitable for two couples, but not rivals. July 23, 1989, their only love crystal Donald was born in Chicago.

Donald childhood spun around the tennis court. He is the baby, the mother took him to participate in Yilong Na tennis. Donald on the sidelines of small Yilong Na in the game, sometimes used for the gap to his side a change diapers, feed-point of milk or something. Under the influence of such, Donald picked up the racket at the age of two, became a natural thing.

A few years later, the 10-to-year-old Donald a reputation in juvenile tennis. He began to sweep across all age groups of juvenile race title, whether it is soil or a hard court, singles or doubles.



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