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How to play tennis scoring?

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How to play tennis scoring?
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15,30,40, an end.

Hit 40-40 referred to as Deuce (split), and then come a point called Advantage (precedence), is to catch up on the back to Deuce. One basis until the two points.

Tiebreak in the first game made a party to the first tee the ball, and then glow. Since then every two hours for driving a right to serve.

Each plate served six Bureau of Competition to win ,5-5, usually did not use a long set of labeled decisive 7-5 win, playing into the tie-break 6-6. Run-off is the use of a long drive to win the first winner of the two Councils.

Men's singles at the Masters Cup final Grand Slam and the use of five three wins, the other three events and the women's competition, two wins, like



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