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Beijing children's tennis training course is the best Which ah?

What is a good Dongdong A2010-02-16 07:10:16 +0000 #1
Beijing children's tennis training course is the best Which ah?
r_cloud_strife2010-02-16 07:16:38 +0000 #2
Beijing Youth Science Tennis Club is China's most famous and influential, one of the tennis club, belonging to Beijing Youth Science Sports Culture Development Co., Ltd.. Was founded in 2005. Carefully to the power of the sports market development, in particular, is serious about exploring the management and development of the law of tennis.

The club has been working since the establishment of universal access and develop the work of junior tennis. On the one hand, the club set up in Beijing a number of professional tennis schools, training bases, the formation of elementary, junior high and high school training in ladder-type model for the Beijing Youth Tennis Team and the Beijing Tennis Professionals of all universities and colleges to provide a guarantee for delivery. On the other hand, clubs, the popularity of tennis great importance to young people, focusing on sports innovation, and to employ foreign youth tennis education experts, the introduction of the U.S. junior tennis training philosophy, the basis of young people from different tennis in a relaxed and pleasant environment, to master science training methods, vertical and horizontal pitches, a single show.

Youth Science Club, teachers strong, apart from the former national tennis coach personal coaching, but also engaged in domestic tennis respected, well-known results of distinguished coaches serve as consultants to guide teaching and training the club. Tennis engaged teaching and training attainments deeper, hardworking senior coach in the higher self-cultivation Wang Hui, Bai Ying, etc. to teach, but also to hire the national team players Sun Tiantian, Zheng Jie and demonstration of teaching practice and other training.

Green school sports through the years of development has its own characteristics, efficient, professional tennis training system, the country has a large number of enterprises and companies and individuals successfully carried out various training.



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