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How normal practice to play tennis?

Appointed mandate holders2010-02-16 07:10:34 +0000 #1
Is usually at home or in the outdoors, but not tennis courts. .

How to practice to play tennis ah?
Haidian Island Sea2010-02-16 07:14:24 +0000 #2
After more than two years of learning my first year with the university teachers to study the second year, self-improving. Summarized in the following points:

1, we must first master the proper standing posture, grip, hit the ball way, running and so forth. Should be the basis of these is to learn tennis. Tennis professional website can be found, or network video learning, which is the first step, it is critical to decide your future direction of development is standardization, or indigenous technology.

2, the early simple practice-based, for example, hitting the ball into the air, one-handed lose the ball after the ball bounced on the ground and repeatedly so, pay attention to use the correct posture, whether you can hit the ball, we must Action in place to ensure that this is the teacher told me, a low standard. After the basis of familiarity into tennis, with peers or teammates practice, it is best to find playing time for a little longer, so the object can be used as your Lianqiu is really no way to find a level similar to bar. Start picking the ball should be placed on a few months to prepare, because beginners often play off the ball, which is the reason many people give up early.

3, this time, after a year of experience, you are an amateur player, and tennis will naturally be expressed with the fun out!

I wish you happy!



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