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Tennis composition, it is necessary to imitate the writing feel, hurry!

bixueqingchen2010-02-16 07:10:54 +0000 #1
Hurry, thank you! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Kevinmiller2010-02-16 07:19:36 +0000 #2
2009 in Shanxi Province in the perfect marks for essay: playing tennis, that's great!

Weekend, I accompanied my father, my mother drove tens of miles, arrived at the northern suburb of a large tennis court, not for anything else, just to be able to go on happily playing a game of tennis.

I was playing tennis last year, although a "greenhand", but I fell in love with this crazy sport.

Tennis court is very beautiful, green and Bacteria on the ground if they had a good Jigen painted white lines, though I could not utter the correct name, but I know that it is "community." Wherever he goes, the middle of a half-height of a man hanging from nets, even if a "carve-line."

Quick look! Ran a light and play a vigorous figure. I saw the man carrying three left-handed tennis, right hand holding the racket, the upper body wearing a tight-fitting sweater, under wear jeans, it Shuai Jin would be surprising if it was not a tennis star! It would be me! And I against the mother, saw her embark on a steady space, one can tell it is an experienced veteran to play. The natural father has played a referee when the players and cheerleaders.

Contest started. At first a few balls I can parry, and even let my mother Buzhao. But she Zenken lost in my hands? So she took out a special skill - the "wandering people play," has just played some of my complacency run around full of games, tennis Luanhui may be half a day I pick up a ball Buzhao. It even beat out both rejection. Dad rushed out, hurriedly picked up the racket had come to "help out" someone and I fought side by side, my confidence a lot of natural recovery. I miss my father He did not let a few more aggressive spiking her mother put pressure back. How can throwing in the towel can be mother! The ball strike it ruthless. Dad is indeed extraordinary skill, not only afraid, but Yuezhanyueyong. I saw a little green tennis like a dolphin meteors flying back and forth. This can be a hard time standing in my field. Then my mother can not call the ball, but also to escape his father to play the last ball, left to a large tennis fist flying at my head, I could not help screaming screamed. In the end, I was holding his head fled helter-skelter.

To play tennis for me, really great. It adds life to dull the fun of learning, but also exercise the body. The whole family together even more enjoyable for the exercise, I am looking forward to the next.

【Marking simple batch】

"× × ... ..., great," and this essay is relatively semi-thesis candidates should be very good at it, and the scope of nothing binding, recording his own personal experience can be perhaps the sentiment, In this way each candidate has more to say, without the slightest embarrassing. Author of the article is drawn from everyday life on the weekend, a person's tennis to be documented. Briefly introduced at the beginning of the tennis court appearance, the characters dress in the middle after the game described in detail, his account of the chances in the race, as well as a three enjoyable scenes, describing a happy home for their children's physical and mental health to bring favorable factors, became the advertised good model for the modern home education. Has a positive aesthetic atmosphere, language simple, smooth, structure, elegant, calm, in line with meaning of the questions, the center clear, clear thinking healthy, giving fresh and elegant beauty.

Will be carried out in the end

September tennis has been going quietly leave in October will be coming soon. In October, the now have our tennis team in Zhejiang Province, the largest tennis tournament, Zhejiang Province China Sports Federation.

To deal with the upcoming big tennis match, we will be out of spare time to enhance the training. Whenever the Vice-Yin Timei of these classes, we have abandoned it, and put them into the tennis training. Every time we train are full of a sweat clothes that you can squeeze water from it.

The morning, we concentrate on even more. Every day we get up early to go training in tennis. I have reasons that in tennis there is a little bit of pan-trapped. But this is not anything, as long as Enhancing tennis, playing games, let me do do.

In the evening, we are also trained in sleep late late. Interest classes, we very early classes has been more than any other interest groups to practice a lot of time. After the end of the interest groups, and we play according to their own, until 8:30 the students go to bed when we ended the training.

Time quietly went on, we have no time. My students, we teachers under the leadership of Pan, I believe that we will definitely get first place!



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