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Please give me guidance about tennis tactics

_ Love pretending to be cool natural2010-02-16 09:10:04 +0000 #1
I'm a bottom line for aggressive amateurs, and amateur players in the game, forehand hit the bottom line has hit sub-winning ability, but also good at driving (Yi Fa in the hard top can be issued to the amateur Ace). Play be called cottage Edition Fernando Verdasco (I was holding his right hand shot).

But now there is a right-handed backhand the guy who beat his hands, devoting forehand topspin to suppress my backhand. He and I are playing the ball several times beat and tired.

Problem lies in the hands sideways when he is oppressed my backhand topspin, I been with my double-Fanqiang up points, fully hit back straight ball, but Kill them. But such a play is too risky, almost 10 playing seven turnovers.

So, you have teams Weapon masters, in addition to straight-line backhand, forehand sideways straight line (with a few opportunities to sideways), there are any ways to not only reduce errors, but also seize the initiative?

(Do not tell me that cut the ball, I have never practiced that technology can only fight back with the double reverse)

yyy201yyy2010-02-16 09:15:56 +0000 #2
bottom-line-type players, are most afraid of experiencing repression-type players, on your that situation, we must first improve the quality of your backhand, back to the ball is not necessarily fast, but it must be deep, has good impact point, so as to help reduce errors, but equally effective. The most important amateur competition is stable, what conditions should stabilize the words at the head.

Try to play on the hair, you say you serve well, so that the net increase your own technology, serve as on the repression of opponents is also a very effective means.

As for the sideways to play, it should be based on the actual situation, in fact, you sideways while playing with the forehand, but also for rival air when exposed to a large area, or we must be cautious. Also, the amateur players are mostly backhand is not strong, it is common problem, when he is in hand to suppress your backhand, you should also try to use deep ball to suppress the opponents backhand, this time putting the ball in the end line near you found that the ball is not too fast, opponents back to the ball will be significantly lighter, giving you the opportunity to further suppress the other side.

Now and consider developing its own network before the technology, as well as you will not be a cut, not to prematurely classify themselves players in the bottom line, so that is not conducive to their development, or try a variety of new technologies and new multi-play, like a round-based development, so as to have a better record, better understand the fun of tennis. I wish you a tennis further progress! Beijing University of Physical Education Tennis Majors personal opinion -
who spend the summer of that year,2010-02-16 09:51:58 +0000 #3
I think it sideways bar
wang1994412010-02-16 10:31:54 +0000 #4
I think you should learn cutting, and I have never learned, but from practice only to find a little trick. If you are old does not, then your progress is very slow



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