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Learn the basics of playing tennis?

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Learn the basics of playing tennis?
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serve with the return of serve in tennis game is of special significance. Down the Earth's technology to develop players in the bottom-line with their rivals locked in a stalemate, the ability to deal, close to the net and the net volley volley before the technology can effectively destroy the opponent's defense and addressed to the other in a passive position, but if you do not have the serve and return of serve technology, Then you will always be isolated in a real tennis match, the game can only ever be a bystander. Relative to the bottom line to shoot down the earth and the volley volley, the serve is a more difficult to master the technology, because when serving to mobilize the body parts are more action by a big margin, need a higher degree of muscle coordination, but nevertheless, we must learn serve is not particularly difficult, because the initiative serves the absolute master shot himself in the hands (which is its incomparable advantage), both hit the ball drop or swing entirely their own control, serve well to do only on their own to create the best conditions and in accordance with their intentions to issue the ball in hand, on this point, the ball hit the bottom line or the Internet than the initiative is much more difficult to go wrong. A high level of competition, the players keep his serve was the key to victory and the basis to win, on this basis, and then ruined the other's serve before the final victory.


ball is the offense, scoring the beginning, and stable emotions is indispensable prelude to serve, let us start from here to see how a strike can be issued.

A stable mood Xinfuqizao circumstances it is very difficult to send a strike of the. The usual practice is: in the driving position to do a few deep breaths, and then pat the ball, and then became firmly ready to serve. Each used to a different, thus stabilizing their emotions also have different practices, but the link is best not to be a little off and try to continue to prepare them to action.

B grip Oriental backhand or Continental grip. Many tennis beginners like to use Oriental forehand grip to serve, this may be the bottom line batting left a "legacy." In fact, a trial glance that, if we adopt such a grip in the right areas and is serving with the normal operation, then shot the ball, after all likelihood will favor the exterior angle at the side, because the wrist is a natural surface film formed is the case of the point of view, if you want to shoot face bias wrist angles, you must turn inward, but always do this action is not only very uncomfortable but easy to make wrist injuries. So in the best possible way not to use the eastern forehand grip for serve.

C ready to move is well known, to drive the ball hair ball in the right corner of the strike zone be considered, send the players to stand singles right area if the ball, the ball should fall into the opposite side of the A district, if the ball standing on the left area then the ball should fall into the opposite side B district, near the service line of the C, D 2 angle is generally referred to as the medial angle, close to the edges of the E, F two angle accordingly be referred to as the lateral angle. Players serve the ball before the shot after the direction, impact point, rotation, speed and so on should be a pre-budget, the blind tee shot is no doubt a waste of a good opportunity for pre-emptive strike. Serve pre-prepared concrete action, the natural separation of feet standing on two legs of the connection in accordance with the habits of the players may be perpendicular with the bottom line, but also can maintain a proper perspective of another; the body's natural forward;'s best to hold a ball , the ball landed in the holding player naturally thumb, forefinger and middle finger three finger, ring finger and little finger on the ball of the rear of a natural bent, avoid forced the ball in their hands or pinch grip in his hand. Coincide on the racket. Many beginners like to pick up the ball, shoot, go here immediately after the ball started to drop and swing hit, as if the ball and shoot it is not related to two things, which is obviously a very hasty, preferably altered, . Racket coincide, not only can give the players a focus prompt, telling himself "I want to serve the", but also a stable continuation of mood and organize ideas, beginners should be to cultivate this habit.

D drop preparing action to stabilize after the homeopathic and the swing is to drop a shot. Can tie these two areas could drive the ball well is the key to the quality of the drop in turn is the key key. Position properly, the drop shot is no different from a smooth swing hit for the creation of a stable condition and vice versa had no different from a series of links to the following created a volatile external environment. Few people can drop all around, under the erratic quality and quantity of the strike issue, particularly for beginners, so the first step is to learn driving before you drop, drop the first practice.

1. Drop approach: in the preparation of action based on the players holding the elbow gradually stretched to near the holding player under the ipsilateral thigh, and then toss the ball from the leg-side bottom-up. Movement in the whole process, maintain a straight arm of the state, its trend with the ground vertically, palms up, in order to thumb, index finger, middle finger three fingers hold up the ball smoothly as far as possible to avoid the hook means, Lut wrist hand gestures such as redundant, so as not to affect the smooth ball movement, the rotation of the ball in the air little as possible. The best point of the ball to get rid of the highest point in the palm of your hand movements, to get rid of premature likely to cause rotation or shaking the ball in the air, shooting the ball too late will mean "go" to the back of the head out of control. Get rid of the ball when the three fingers has been entrusted to maximize the start, the ball is not being "thrown" into the air but to be "Throwing" into the air to go, beginners should have more experience.

2. To get rid of the ball in the air after the location: according to different needs, shot after the ball in the air relative to the body before and after the location is also not the same. In general, the first tee stress out of the ball speed and attack power, hit points than the front, it has also thrown the ball a little bit more front. The second serve is more conservative, and in ensuring the success rate of rotation of the ball under the premise of stress and control of the ball impact point, hit points, correspondingly moved back, so the ball will naturally be cast to rely on long after that, basically, when the body back bow consistent with the vertical axis line. The location of drop the ball fall to the ground may also refer to the location relative to the forefoot to determine. In general, the first serve toss the ball should fall on the front foot after a shot before the first position.

3. Drop the height: the height of the ball thrown into the air, of course not be less than the height of ball-point, but how tall it is appropriate depending on individual circumstances, as this limits the height of the time spent batting swing . From the ready position to the drop shot, the body center of gravity there is still relied upon to the rear foot and then moved forward the process of forefoot, while the hip before the top, waist and back was "back bow" shape, and then bounce back arch concurrent power swing ball . In the following we will also have a detailed exposition. Has just started to learn driving a friend will certainly be faced with instability in throwing the ball is always difficult, no matter what, "and then throwing a" is the best problem-solving approach. Because the stability of the drop based on the basis of a certain hand, it is generally best in school before the ball moves to spend a little time to practice specific drop, in the next practical driving exercises should pay attention to essentials, do not throw good, if occasionally , catch a re-throw it wants to, do not serve reluctantly shot, it will easily destroy hard-learned action.


drop and swing swing batter hit the ball simultaneously initiated. Swing ball segment include:

1. Backswing racket: to prepare the position based on who clapped his hands to the side of the turn, while holding the racket guide clapped as close to the body like a pendulum swing to the body of the racket after (not necessarily straight arm After the swing, but the palm must be towards the body). Yi Fa drop, the location of the ball than the front two hair drop, the location of the ball than on the list

2. Back arch Action: racket backswing to a certain altitude (the height varies for each habit, or at least the big arm Jinga in the side of the body should not be), to the elbow axis, arm, hand, making the first turn to the body after the hanging under the back, knees bent, and with the body at the same time after the show was "bow" shape.

3. Batter: In the knees, back bow on the basis of bottom-up movements followed by pedal straight ankle, knee, to bow out of the ball rebounded back side swivel, while still driving the elbow axis hand to shoot the first priority to the batting point, the final point in the power of the outbreak hit the throw to send the ball in the air. Fa Li is a bottom-up in one go, during which the speed control by individuals, customs, quality is also not the same at different speeds, but the common point is: Racquet trend in the fastest, most explosive point should be to reach that sweet spot moment. Ball point ball out of the body have all been facing the side, making surface naturally slightly medial to lateral the ball to hit in the department, issued a side-top spin or side spin.

4. Scratching back Action: elbow when you swing a ball guide arm, hanging from the back under the racket and then to the elbow axis drive arm, shot put to the ball-point process. This process seemed to back with the racket head to the itching, it is called "scratch back action" and its purpose is to hold clapped his hands and to have access to a sufficient speed the process of swinging, in order to reach the sweet spot of the outbreak of the moment force make adequate preparations. Scratching movements are completed it back in place the key back to see when the scratching hand, arm it had been fully relax, if in hand, a very stiff arm to complete this action cases, then hit the domain points to reach the players will feel the whole body of the flexibility have been destroyed, and unable to pronounce the force also within reason. Yi Fa drop down on the front foot after the ball before a shot the first bit.

5. Hit location of the point: player holding the racket in the air and can secure the highest point is the sweet spot. This, of course knees, arched saving power and tread, the hair edge hint is a more idealistic to say because, according to the first serve and second serve different needs, batting points before and after the corresponding changes should be, but "try to High Point "was shot point in choosing the most basic principles. With the "commanding heights", not only can maximize movement, stretch out to do and, more importantly, to control the placement of the ball as well as Qiu Lu and put pressure on the ball, high-click on the ball has obvious advantages. Here there is a little information on the sweet spot. (6.40m for the service line to the distance between the net, 0.914m for the network center height, 11.885m for the baseline to the distance between the net) and many friends wanted to send the ball everybody super-powerful, so when the ball is not consciously strong strong pressure to the ball over the net, flat blow the ingredients are also accounted for virtually the lead. If you want to ping the ball over the net and make it fall on percussion serve the district, then the sweet spot to reach at least the height of 2.74m, which means striker reached the height of at least 1.80m. Maybe a lot of friends can have such a height, but the doping elements into the technology, it is difficult to truly reflect a high degree of respect to the tee were gone. So, best not to serve those who serve, too demanding to play ping-ping hit, some more side, the spin is more sensible, because it lets the ball go a curved trajectory, using top of the arc over the net to reach the height of the purpose of re-use the remaining half of the arc to make the ball fall to achieve the purpose of the service area, which can greatly improve the success rate of driving.

Hit the ball while batting swing action has been completed, but the whole driving process still continues. After the players should reach the sweet spot down the inertia of the body and swing to do abdomen, shoulders and income transfer film movements, the ultimate racket arm driven by large income to the holders of the opposite side side of the body clapped his hands to end the ball moves. This process is known as the Sui Fai, that is, with the ball swing, and similar to baseline shots with the Hui. Many beginners are often used to hold clapping beat to close at the ipsilateral side of the body, not only contrary to the grant of power, swivel the inertia, more is batting which are very easy to shoot the first knock in his lower leg cavity bones, causing pain. Clap in the delivery of non-holding to get rid of the ball should not be immediately after the drop, or Jin Jia Yu body measurements, but should help the body to master balance and waving at the end with the catch already at the end of potential ones.



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