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Play tennis how to avoid tennis elbow?

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Ryoma Amber2010-02-16 10:25:41 +0000 #2
arm specifications Action: Do not hit the ball the moment arm fully extended, or the elbow will be subject to great pressure;

elbow to the inside, rather than outward Shui ... ... 【uh, abstract of the something】 is in your (forehand) pull shot, swing, hit the ball, the elbows bend as far as possible inside the body, so that not only relieve pressure on his arm, but also can reduce the pull to make an action. This very useful. Insert pieces of Federer's map, look at his tempo and arm at a 90 degree angle, and elbow were not enlisted.

But even feel the need to avoid tennis elbow is not only necessary to regularize the arm movements, if your waist, legs and other parts of the movements are in place, then will be lighter right elbow injury, once you feel the pain to rest the elbow bones.

Finally fill one, in fact, the tennis elbow is not entitled to ... well ... in general have more professional players this opportunity. . .
Han Wu Yong2010-02-16 10:28:18 +0000 #3
tennis elbow

doctor the first time that tennis elbow (or lateral epicondylitis) is more than 100 years ago. Today, almost half of the tennis players at one stage of suffering from the disease, but they are only the cases of less than 5%. Thus make the fabled name. People of all ages and races can suffer from tennis elbow. 30

60-year-old Caucasian who hand crafts such as carpentry, painting work and housing are very easy to contracting this disease. Textile workers in the garment industry to do the incidence of middle-aged women is also high.

In recent years, cases of tennis elbow has also appeared in a long time playing handheld video games on children, and some office workers who, these people may rarely use a computer, but once the application is very long hours of strenuous operation (see carpal tunnel Comprehensive sign).


◆ upper arm just below the lateral elbow flexion, repeated pain, occasional pain radiation down the arm hand wrist.

◆ lifting or buckling in the arm, or even in to take a very light objects, such as pain caused when the cup.

◆ can not be completely straight and the forearm (due to muscle, tendon and ligament inflammation).

◆ pain generally lasted 6 to 12 weeks, not sustainable as short as 3 weeks to several years long.

The following situation should go for medical treatment

◆ pain lasting more than a few days, chronic tendinitis can cause permanent loss of function.

◆ elbow began to swell. Tennis elbow rarely cause swelling, so there may be arthritis, gout, infection or cancer and other diseases


lazy, Fan Zhang slow tennis player easily through the sudden anti-foot wrist shot to make up for their weak and slow response to the weaknesses . This makes the relatively weak in the lateral elbow extensor tendon under considerable pressure, help control flex the wrist extensor carpi brevis has also been a lot of pressure. When you use the wrench or other device to force the wrist or elbow, upper arm not move straight up when lifting heavy loads, can cause the same pressure. Young people because of joint flexibility in this case often to avoid injury organization, but 30 people over the age of the muscle and tendon can easily cause injury.

This damage, including muscle health and muscle fascia of a small tear at first issued after the injury healed, this part can often re-tear, causing bleeding, coarse granulation tissue and calcium in the surrounding tissues cool. Leaking from the damaged parts of the surrounding protein - collagen protein can cause inflammation. Inflammation caused by pressure can cut off blood supply and stimulate the control of the flex arm muscles nerves, while the torsion nerves controlling the upper limb and hand the main nerve.

Tendons connecting muscle and bone, with the muscle to accept the amount of oxygen and blood are different, so healing is slow. In fact, some tennis elbow sustainable for many years, despite the inflammation in the 6 to 12 weeks usually subside.

Many medical textbooks are to tennis elbow as a kind of tendonitis and treatment, but if the invasion and the elbow muscles and bones, called the ankle inflammation. However, if you feel pain in the back of the elbow rather than the outer arm may be bursitis is due to intra-articular inflammation of the bursa caused. If there is edema, and tennis elbow does not often appear edema, you should check for other possible diseases such as arthritis, infection, gout or a tumor.


The best way to relieve tennis elbow is to stop doing any activity to stimulate the arm for the amateur tennis player is very simple, but manual workers, office staff or professional athlete is not easy.

The most effective conventional and complementary treatments are the same, the rest were injured in the arm until the pain disappears, then massage to reduce muscle stress and tension, exercise or increase the function of the injured area to prevent further injury. If you must go back to the original injury caused by the state, then at the beginning of any event, ensure that at least 5 to 10 minutes to do a slight warm-up stretching arm activities, and frequent breaks.

Conventional therapy may be a series of conventional treatment method of treatment of tennis elbow: from drug injection to surgery. But unless you stop their activities, otherwise the pain will always be not disappear entirely. Without adequate rest, and then injuries are inevitable.

For most patients with mild to moderate tennis elbow, aspirin or ibuprofen, help to eliminate inflammation and pain; the same time, the wound should be made a break, and then exercise or massage to accelerate healing.

In some patients, the body in order to prevent further injury of the elbow and biceps contraction peptide, so that the arm is difficult stretch, the entire region will become very tight. Massage gently and carefully stretched to 4 times a week two consecutive weeks, will lift the pain.

Pairs of patients with refractory tennis elbow, the doctor may suggest corticosteroid injections, which will effectively reduce the inflammation, but because of potentially harmful side-effects can not be long-term use.

If you rest, anti-inflammatory drugs and other therapy but not cured, they may consider the implementation of surgical treatment, although this treatment is rarely used, generally less than 3% of the patients. One way is to relax the muscles Kin condyle (the condyle bone at the end of a circular uplift), which can reduce the pressure on the tendon, but may lead to muscle disuse. Another surgical method is to remove the so-called granulation tissue and repair the torn tendon.

Whenever you feel like you have to overcome tennis elbow, to ensure the continued care of your upper arm. Elbow involvement in a movement, should be done 5 to 10 minutes of warming-up. Occurred in the elbow, no matter how severe pain, apply ice packs were deposited 15 to 20 minutes and call a doctor.

Family Therapy

◆ taking ibuprofen or aspirin, with eucalyptus oil and lavender oil massage joints.

◆ If possible, could raise upper limbs to reduce inflammation.

◆ alternating cold compress or kaempferol and pepper make the affected area to increase blood circulation and accelerate healing.

◆ to a colleague with a spoon of the convex massage the most painful part of the elbow to ensure the operation of the elbow force.

This therapy was initially very severe injury, but in the end could be numb nerve endings and reduce inflammation.

Using the following preventive measures to prevent tennis elbow:

◆ palms face the body to extract the object.

◆ attempt to increase the hands of weight-bearing exercise. Erected so that the elbow and palm of your hand. Repeated flexion down to the wrist, such as that pain stop their activities.

◆ When you start an activity there may be pressure, stretch-related muscle; pay close attention to the top of your fingers, and slowly but forcefully pull back the fingers near the body, allowing full extension and maintain the upper hand outwards.
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standard action, bought a beat



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