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Hypochlorite Silver2010-02-16 10:10:10 +0000 #1
want to separate women from men's singles event - incidentally, ask the next Olympic Games with?
Fuji lyl2010-02-16 10:15:21 +0000 #2
Grand Slam (Australian Open French Open Wimbledon U.S. Open) annual competition which is both men and women

Masters Series

ATP - professional men's tennis association

ATP is the acronym for Association of Tennis Professional, can be translated as professional men's tennis association.

ATP series also includes the following six kinds of matches: 1, Masters Cup; 2, the World Doubles Championship; 3, the World Team Championships; 4, Tennis Masters Series tournament, which is the so-called ultra-nine events; 5, the International Series Gold ; 6, the international series. ATP International Series event is the lowest level of the game, which matches the total prize money is divided into 400,000 dollars, 600,000 dollars, 800,000 dollars and one million dollars range. The international gold series in total prize money is divided into 800 thousand, one million dollars. 9 Masters of the total prize money of course, more than 1 million, and their prize by the respective committee to decide. Our previous Heineken Open in Shanghai is 400 thousand dollars of the lowest level of the ATP tournament. Challenge Series The total prize money is divided into the following categories: 20005 thousand dollars, 50000 dollars, 30007 1000 5 100 dollars plus free accommodation and breakfast, 70005 thousand dollars, 100,000 dollars, 120,005 thousand dollars plus free accommodation and breakfast, 15 million U.S. dollars. Take part in a challenge match 50000 dollars, if they will get 50 points won the ATP computer ranking points and seven thousand two hundred dollars in prize money. Finally, we say something WTA. It is very simple event system is divided into Tier 1-5 level. The lowest level 5 total prize money of 110,000 dollars, 4 total prize money of 140,000 dollars, 3 games total prize money could be 170 thousand dollars, and 220,005 thousand dollars, two total prize money of 58万5千dollars and 650,000 dollars, the most senior one in total prize money is 126万2千can be USD, 132万5千dollars, 200 million U.S. dollars.


International Women's Professional Network Alliance (WTA), the English full name of the Women's Tennis Association. Founded in 1973, the players based in St. Petersburg, Florida, whose main offices currently in Connecticut, while in Europe there is a small branch offices. The WTA Tour Organization's headquarters in Stamford in southwestern Connecticut, USA. Sports Science, Medicine Department, Ministry of tour operations and player relations office is located in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Tour, with European headquarters in London's office. WTA consists of a chairman and a board of directors to manage, most of them are active players, plus some business consultant. The Council for the whole of the central body tennis women's tennis professional associations shall be to provide advice. The same as the men's tennis, WTA's main duty is responsible for all the players questions. In the women's tennis players association have their own agents, the WTA Tour decided to all the rules, and provided funding for an exhibition game, so players can participate in some of these games without having to worry about with the real conflict with professional leagues.

Women's competition with men, like race, but also gone through a battle right to the road. Tennis players want control, but they can not afford to control the game - at least beyond the control of an important game, after some negotiations, WTA has accepted the recommendations of the directors, so that operators Association of Tennis Professionals Tour.

As long as players in a number of games won more than 25 thousand U.S. dollars in prize money can get computer points, so join the woman's computer ranking is easier than adding a number of men. Although the players want to play at least 10 games a year to maintain their championship position advantage, their participation in some minor league still relatively easy.

Women's Tennis Tour for young players in the establishment of schools, the focus of its educational goals is to introduce the Tour of knowledge and participate in the competition should pay attention to issues. So does this because some of the young players, such as Jaeger, Capriati and Austin had encountered such a problem. WTA believes that these young players too much pressure, they want to let players and their parents are well aware of the potential occupational risk of tennis. Old players also believe that the need for young players to understand the history of tennis. Now young players, even in the first round of games lost, but also earn thousands of dollars, so the players past to understand how they want young people to have the status of today. Jennifer. Capriati, she has gone through many difficult times, but she is now back to the game, try to make up for lost time.

Important thing is, there are two organizations concerned with the players, particularly women's tennis. The players can hardly known in the world, reaching 14 years of age to join the pro ranks. Many players have been used and deceived. For example, Steve. Graf's plight, her father squandered her money. These young players have been confused by fame and money before, ATP and WTA have to teach them. The league has the parents of some important discussions. If you let a family know that they will face problems, I think the discussion is still necessary.

Finally, the Players Association to prohibit the addition of new leagues. The players can now rest comfortably for some time without having to worry about their computer ranking, due to ATP and WTA players are prohibited to participate in only the best to stay a night game, so tennis has been a healthy development. Tour the two are represented the highest level of quality players.

Olympic Games, of course, will be counted, and every professional player would like to do regarding gold slam,'s singles, then, that is, simultaneously for each Grand Slam singles titles and Olympic tennis singles title.

From 1896 to 1924, tennis as an Olympic event. Since then, the ITF eligibility for athletes in conflict with the International Olympic Committee, tennis is no longer an Olympic sport until 1988, only to re-enter the Olympic Games.



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