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Kiku English II, English name and specific information

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Name: kiku England 2

Japanese Hiragana:きくるえまいじ
English name: Eiji Kikumaru

Roman alphabet: Kikumaru Eiji

Sheng You: Takahashi Hiroki kiku England 2

Age :14-15

Constellation: Sagittarius

Birthday: November 28

Blood Type: A type

Height: 171cm

Weight: 52KG

Schools: Youth Gakuen Medium Division (3 years 6 Class Student ID: 07 )

usual wrist: right-handed

Nicknames: cat, kiku cat, cat Temple

shot mode:

interest in serving Internet-based, the recent enthusiasm for things that: While shopping for pet shops, brushing, playing pillow War

features: curly hair have a similar something like a rectangular tape posted on the right side of face and hands on monocular love behind

seriously, when will the racket for 360-degree rotation, race victory, customs, and rocks with raised "V" victory sign

the word often the players are being selected the highest point of the jacket zipper pull [and non-pull zipper Ah-tao On the contrary, do not hot?!] kind of looks like a cat -

likes to talk added a hoot ends Nya-
personality: lively, cheerful, and its own way

favorite with a unique way to speak (The author calls it "kiku language")

love with the dance style of tennis, so often people think that he "love show"

mantra: Unfortunately, ah Unfortunately, next week to see you! (Japanese:残念No Idea,またfor weeks! Rome tone: zannen munen mataraishyuu!)

Hoi Hoi (Japanese:ほい!ほい!)

Nya (Japanese:にゃあ) Mew

Ochibi (Japanese:おぢび) small non-point Rabbit-specific -

Charging complete! (Japanese:じゅうんでうかんりょ, Rome tone: jiu dian kanryo!)

Good: Doubles (and rocks partner)

proud technology: kiku beam (kiku Bldg -ム), kiku rocket, fast interception, stunt-style hit , diving style interception, and superior dynamic visual acuity, so fast-moving

players type: serve and volley type (could make their own agility, reflexes and excellent access to the Internet-based players)

stunt: intercept the ball over the net fall, stunt shot, Australian formation, I formation, the moon interception (boulders injured, and the Peach City game to use), the shadow places at once (up Kerry in the singles)

special technology: the same tune (シンクロ) National Competition, together with partner boulders (the combination of the nickname : goldペア)

Skills Analysis: excellent dynamic visual acuity, we can see subtle changes in tennis when you can speed charge - suspended animation Zhuangshui tactics (appears in the preliminary match against St. Rudolph, two of which Council action is not immobile to "recharge" look like during sleep); the same tune in the national competition on the ice Emperor game the first time; year-chia in the singles to play doubles when a person is known as the shadow of two places at once

Jersey: DUNLOP; YONEX (blue school uniforms positive selection, animations appear)

Racket: DUNLOP (Revelation Pro Tour series90)

As often nearest to the ball strong to meet the Internet-based players, kiku attaches great importance to control nature, love to use suitable for Strong fight racket.

Shoes: WILSON (Slash DTmid)
, taking into account moving forward after a fierce left, wearing high grip & shock absorption properties of the shoes.

Father's Occupation: journalist

like the type of good: a bright personality who can laugh together.

Adept Subject: Japanese History

Favorite Color: Red-brown

members of the family: grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, brother, brother, sister, second sister, a dog and a parrot

Favorite food: eggs loosely soft You can enjoy fresh fried shrimp flexible, cool, refreshing ice, star Eel Sushi (Japanese-style cuisine in a)

Eji fans name: toothpaste (because the cat likes to kiku brush your teeth, so it is like toothpaste, Kikumaru Eiji Bar members will be set inside this title) cat control, cat pro (more common)



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