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Tennis Masters Cup is how going

8xmyryyw8882010-02-16 12:10:24 +0000 #1
I want to ask how the matter Tennis Masters tournament, as well as ATP tournament, Grand Slam is Zenmo thing, first thank the
Haas 20062010-02-16 12:21:39 +0000 #2
International Tennis Open the four short four Grand Slam, they include: Australian Open, Wimbledon, French Open, U.S. Open.

Australian Open

the Australian Tennis Open is the tennis center management from Australia, the annual Australian Tennis Open is the Open, the earliest beginning of the four major events, events scheduled for 1-2 months. The Australian Tennis Open is the latest by the four major Open tournament was created. The first competition was in 1905 in Melbourne Cricket Ground威尔霍斯曼held. Australian Open prize money of up to 6.2 million dollars. One men's singles champion prize 36 million U.S. dollars. This is its place in the four Open one of the reasons.

French Open

French Open began in 1891, starting with only French player to participate in, until 1925, only to allow foreign players participating. From 1928 onwards, the French Open every year by the end of May to early June in western Bois de Boulogne in Paris, held in the city side of the Roland Garros tennis. Venue for the red clay site, it is also known as the red-clay courts tennis. French Open prize money amounted to 12.23485 million euros, 2 day of competition has entered the third day. Ticket prices according to different venues and screenings for 8 euros to 53 euros. As the rainy season often makes the game be postponed a major feature of the French Open.

Wimbledon Tennis Championships

the tournament the last week of June each year to be held early in July on a regular basis, has become the traditional, eligibility is based on the previous year in all major competitions to win cumulative score as determined. Wimbledon Tennis Championships is the first game in modern tennis history, from the All England Club and the British Lawn Tennis Association was founded in 1877. Wimbledon prize money increase over 1984 men's singles first prize of 10 million pounds, the women's singles championship at 9 million pounds. The men's singles champion in 1991, was 240,000 pounds, the women's singles champion was £ 216,000.

U.S. Open

U.S. Open began in 1881, each race are in the end of August each year to New York City early in September in the United States Tennis Association National Tennis Center. Since 1997, race in new Arthur Ashe Tennis Center. The center covers an area of 18.2 hectares, with 33 venues, the venue is also the hard courts, in order to win the race, the athletes have a good physical. U.S. Tennis Open and the Wimbledon tennis tournament, as are the four major tennis Open prize money to maintain a system of equal pay for men and women tennis Open bonuses this year's event will reach 16.1742 million U.S. dollars (1 U.S. dollar equals 6.9 yuan ). Ticket price is 22 yuan to 92 U.S. dollars.

Masters-level second only to Grand Slam, winner of the points for 1000 points, nine points throughout the year, Masters, namely, Indiana Wells, Miami, Monte Carlo, Rome, Montreal (Toronto), Cincinnati, Shanghai, Madrid and Paris

Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal organized by the odd-numbered years, double the number of years, organized by the Toronto

is the original year-end Masters Cup Finals to 1990 year-end finals a new role as ATP World Championships (ATP Tou r World Championship) started "permanent" Germany. 1990-95 Finals, held in Frankfurt, 1996 - 99 years was held in Hanover.

ATP Finals substantial increase in prize money than the Classic. Has reached the seven-digit prize, 98 award-winning champion Corretja Gold 1.36 million. Finals of the competition system is still followed the Classic tournament system, only a year out in the top eight players in points are eligible to play. Said to be a mighty force in single-probably exaggerated, but the athletes for participation in an annual "year-end bonus," it is in fact win badly beaten, and even access to reserve seats to go through an arduous struggle.

In the past nine session of the ATP finals, only 31 players honored participants, 12 of whom participated in only once. Pete Sampras is the only finals competition each year to obtain the right players, but since 1991, each have at least the semifinals.

But the first one in the finals on the ATP is not to show his face Sampras but Agassi. In 1990, the 20-year-old tournament team defeated defending champion Agassi, Edberg still 2 wins and 1 after the qualifying semi-final victory over Boris Becker, the final revenge an unexpected success, three more than a Lectra Aide Bo grid, the first major race to win the title. But Agassi has been missed since the supreme master of this palace, he was 99 years and in 2003 into the finals again, they are nothing but total defeat in the final two old and new the net, Sampras and Federer.

This later became the Pete Sampras ATP finals stage. So far, he SERAP five times champion, a second runner-up, the record of the contemporary players is unparalleled. Even more exciting is that Boris Becker has worked with Pete Sampras in the finals several times in battle, the outcome rather be called rivals. 96-year final, Pete Sampras and Boris Becker battle five tennis history to become an absolute classic, that field has become Becker's brilliant career game last perfect performance, he then never again win a championship in the sub - years, entered the semi-retired status. Perhaps God, every time not easy to obtain entry of the right to Becker and Pete Sampras are always in the group. 1991 Pete Sampras beat Boris Becker in the group stage, but lost to Andre Agassi, resulting in three people were 2 wins and 1 of the "chain sets," Becker because of the margin of the least number plate has been eliminated. Sampras was a nice trip for the first time to win the final title. Case collapsed in 1992, one singly, group match up will be Pete Sampras beat Boris Becker, three Halo 3 win line, but lost in the semi-teammate Jim Courier. This time Boris Becker won Fortune take the lead in one fell swoop.

1994 Finals was a memorable game. Becker beat Pete Sampras in the group stage once again, wins the first two qualifying. Pete Sampras, while also winning streak was two, Becker's last-minute match in the group has not made buckle but wait for the head held high, Pete Sampras in the final result, the success of the final multiple Sampras. Although a trial of strength after the match to thank Pete Sampras Becker's professional ethics. Becker is pretty calm at the, no not the color Henan. But Querang German fans endless grief.

1995, the game seems to be a replica of 94 years, only two positions further reversed. Pete Sampras beat Boris Becker group match, but crashed out in the semi-finals, lost to Michael Chang, the results of Becker's third championship.

Becker Although the finals Sampras won less often than one time, but He holds five times runner-up (including the Classic). Imagine if there is no Pete Sampras, "obstruction", which are at least two of the runner-up in a champion. However, this is Becker's hero. Although the wunderkind, Becker has always been good in the field the ball the wind, it is the hearts of the fans the best idol candidate Unfortunately, his condition fluctuated considerably, and the peak period is always not last long. Boris Becker and Pete Sampras have so many "festivals", the next two games are familiar close friend, it is commendable.

If you carefully look at the 9 th match, you will find apart from winning the German giant in 1993, Shi Dixi, other champions do not have a victory to keep the have all been subjected to defeat in the group stage. This is the round-robin system of selling points.

[Edit this paragraph] Reorganization - Masters Cup

stay in Germany after 10 years, ATP final turn in the new century began to travel around the world. As the new century, competition reform, for the Finals switched to the side into the Masters Cup in Lisbon, Portugal and Sydney, Australia completed two trips, after the finals Sampras could not find a figure, contemporary A player is solid as the old Agassi, Dole never erect. In 2002, settled in Shanghai Masters Cup, Hewitt led the eight special master of Tang suit coming out of the lens became the Bund hearts of Chinese fans memories forever. In the group stage, Spain's professional ethics is quite impressive, if the drainage to Costa Moya wins, he will make out in accordance with special break. But Moya's full offensive to the Chinese people in a genuine competition, losing in the semi-old rival Juan Carlos Ferrero, but has been cut off in accordance with special opportunities to win the final victory over Juan Carlos Ferrero.

2008, Shanghai. Champion: Novak Djokovic; Runner-up: Davydenko

2007, Shanghai. Champion: Roger Federer; Runner-up: Ferrer

2006, Shanghai. Champion: Roger Federer; Runner-up: Blake

2005, Shanghai. Champion: David Nalbandian; Runner-up: Roger Federer

2004, Houston. Champion: Roger Federer; Runner-up: Hewitt

2003, Houston. Champion: Roger Federer; Runner-up: Andre Agassi
XJ3968776072010-02-16 12:29:09 +0000 #3
(1) Tennis Masters Cup (Tennis MastersCup) is a tennis tournament, held at the end of each year, participants are then ranked men's tennis ATP Champions (ATP ChampionRace) before the 8 players. However, according to Masters Cup rules, ranked eighth in the ATP Champions players will not necessarily be eligible for entry. If a player is one of the year and the four Grand Slam titles among the top 20 or less (but ranked eighth away), then he can replace the eighth player into the Masters Cup, but if more than one Players meet the above conditions in order to champion ranked higher as a priority. With other men's tour is different from Tennis Masters Cup is not a system of direct elimination tournament. But all eight players are divided into two groups of four people, with team single round robin format in which each player must be with the other players in this group once the fighting hand to hand. Each team has the best scores of the top two semi-finals, then semi-finals of the winners to compete for the championship.

(2) ATP is the acronym for Association of Tennis Professional, can be translated as professional men's tennis association, is the world men's professional tennis players of the "autonomous" management organizations.

ATP U.S. Open in 1972, set up, whose main task is to coordinate between professional athletes and event partnerships and is responsible for the organization and management of professional players score, rankings, prize money distribution, and the development of competition rules and the granting or cancellation of players qualify for the work of Deng Xiang

ATP Series also includes several games the following:

1, Masters Cup;

2, the World Team Championships;

3, ATP World Tour 1000 event; ATP World Tour's 500 events, ATP World Tour 250 race

4, the international gold series;

5, the international series.

(3) refers to the four Grand Slam tennis tournament, Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, U.S. Open, where Australian and U.S. Opens is a hard race, breaking the law is a clay tournament, Wimbledon is a grass event

sometimes also put in the Olympic year as the Olympic tennis champion slam as part of the whole, if a player in his career, won the Grand Slam and Olympic champion, the general is known as the Golden Slam



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