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The voice called out to play tennis or unconsciously how to do

eqeqq12010-02-16 12:10:43 +0000 #1
Tennis expert please answer. I play tennis for several years, most recently playing Yi Fa Li is not conscious voice that he can not control. Some of the other golfers in the laugh at me, but also to imitate me sounds. I am a female, a little bit embarrassed. but the power it has issued a cry made, kinda big .... sorry ..... but not by calling out, the ball is definitely faster, please explain the tennis masters reason
King_Arthasgc2010-02-16 12:26:59 +0000 #2
Of course not called out on the fast, fat does not mean hitting the right edge the speed ah, playing fierce and playing fast are two different things, you are an old player, and should know how to play with the sweet spot steady, accurate and relentless ball, but do not think shouting Daoshi sorry, world-class players, also called, ah! We have said, I do not do more to explain. But I think you should put aside his own shouting appeared matter of time, careful attention to why you sometimes shout out the next ball is not fast, crying out in the amateur players (vocational expert even if Han Wan is also not completely relax the body, and they always match to maintain the body's tension and excitement degrees) in most of the time on your behalf kick down a ball, slack, and ventilation of the precursor. If you do not believe please stand up now, take a deep breath, tense the body, over 3,4 seconds to relax, then again, how? If there is a shout out feeling? This is what you play, the ball and then to the next batter before the slack, and the Charge of the process, which also explains why you would call a. And you do not call the ball out quick. There will be a variety of reasons, such as pre-judgment, you have the ball a few years age, would not be without pre-judgment ability, but sometimes not entirely sub-quasi-impact point, did not entirely hit the sweet spot, it is naturally fast can not afford to Laila . This does not affect your breath, so your calls are not affected. Again this is more buckle detail, and some of the ball may be because you are crying and we have to fight early unpleasant, there is a relatively high technical links - convergence, which means when you are in the end what is transferred from the hair with the power stroke Hui, you will not hit the ball quite early because of his position, or the pursuit of point of view, no community wants to keep the ball, or the opponents ball is too fast, choose a sudden switch to defensive missile strike, if the above phenomenon, then I can do not tell you that you call the faster the ball out of the reason, because the slack early, you are in the hair strength to between 60% -80% into the Sui Fai stopped, and this time you cry there, but in fact you is reduced power in the play, so do not go shouting a quick ball啦. Above are based on my years of playing experience given the personal opinions only LZ reference, if you corrected, I am eternally grateful. Thank you!
Happy worms worship2010-02-16 12:58:34 +0000 #3
what is called the

you see someone else worse Sharapova called you?

Go its own way to let others laugh go

male athletes just do not have to call it conscious hair strength
S Neither the front nor the ancients a2010-02-16 13:06:43 +0000 #4
This shows that you are really best, concentrate on playing tennis, a normal phenomenon, they do not ask, but yes they are not wholehearted investment in just make it look good, in fact, you should laugh them Hehe truth is often controlled by the hands of a few .
wilson617713552010-02-16 13:17:41 +0000 #5
What number is called fear, the people Sharapova, tennis beauty photo call! Then called opponents are soft. Called! First, the momentum of Jiu Ji opponents psychological pressure, and Why do you chose not to call it?
gzracpn2010-02-16 13:19:25 +0000 #6
normal Well, male and female professional players will be called. Heard that the U.S. has a very good tennis school, which calls out strongly and is said to be able to upgrade their momentum
ren9892010-02-16 13:47:53 +0000 #7
normal to see Sharapova Serena

hair I did not consciously force issued
L wife is 3 Fat2010-02-16 12:46:15 +0000 #8
tennis is to blood ah! Do not ask do not cry, how can a passion for it!

Maria Sharapova Hande with the butcher like it, others Is not the first beauty of tennis?

I feel such a MM on the tennis court and more attractive ......
farmer Zhang Xuan Tea2010-02-16 15:47:43 +0000 #9
see Nadal, the small ball will be called Germany, shouting help hair strength, a good sign
522,594,0922010-02-16 16:05:19 +0000 #10
TU, That is, how can the girls

we support you, not because this is trivial affect the mood to play.
Jesus US Leonardo da Vinci2010-02-16 13:52:03 +0000 #11
more conducive to hair strength to cry out Oh ...呀

is a good thing to see people Sha beautiful women, Serena

go its own way so they said go
wzj198552010-02-16 13:26:19 +0000 #12
First of all to congratulate you, why say so, please read on. . .

In the tennis match, one can often see some players hit the ball always make all kinds of shouting, "Hey ---"," blanket ---"," hum ---" and so on. So, why should they shouted at the ball when it? The main reason is screaming is a way to try to blow off steam, it can help when you hit the correct breathing, relax muscles, thereby enhancing the stability ball.

Swing ball backward cited shoot stage is the suction process; swing to the final position of the body, waiting to come to the ball when it is suffocation and a reserve force of the process; forward swing, is exhaled slowly start hit the ball until the moment is to try to aspirate the largest moment. To help make every effort to blow off steam, often accompanied by a variety of cries.

In the shot of the moment, expiratory duration, speed of ball movement has great influence on the stability. Therefore, in expiratory phase, expiratory rate varies according to the speed of play. Playing fast ball, the expiratory to be fast; in order to stabilize the position to play slow ball, then exhaled slowly.

Understanding of tennis in a variety of correct breathing, for guiding us to play would be of great help. At the same time, we do not because of a variety of shouting and drum playing the gills Bangzi feel strange. Moreover, it should be promoted and selection of unfamiliar breathing batting swing, this is the right to master swing to maintain a necessary condition for the stability ball. Do not believe, you can try, hitting a feeling he will definitely not the same.
568,595,5932010-02-16 13:32:22 +0000 #13
release pressure!
69 humbly asked 692010-02-16 13:58:38 +0000 #14
You are a master do!

A lot of people want to call also could not utter it, the Who called the ball on a fast? ! You should be a unity of body and mind in order to utter the least out of.

Posted above are good children, good look at it, I wish you success!

If you can not change insisted, had to use breathing is not very accurate, and missed the expiratory and inspiratory time can be a very not recommended! ! !



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