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Table Tennis originated in what year

boyl8x20082010-02-16 12:10:56 +0000 #1
Table Tennis originated in what year
teot1172010-02-16 12:25:48 +0000 #2

ping-pong originated in Britain, the Europeans have to table tennis as "table tennis" (table tennis) , can be seen from the table tennis tennis evolved.

19th century, tennis popular in Europe, but due to space and weather constraints, the United Kingdom moved to indoor tennis Bianba some students to the table as the tables in this pool, books for the net, using parchment made racket, called to fight at the dinner table去.

Early 20th century, table tennis sport in Europe and Asia boom started. In 1926, held in Berlin, Germany International Table Tennis Invitational. Chasing after that first session of the World Table Tennis Championships. At the same time the establishment of the International Table Tennis Federation.

Table Tennis widely carried out, to promote bat and ball has been greatly improved. The original racket is a little block of processed wood, and later it was posted on a layer of sheepskin in the racket. With the development of modern industry, Europeans with the rubber particles attached to the racket on. The early 50s, the Japanese also invented a paste with thick sponge racket. The original ball is a rubber like tennis balls, in 1890, the British Athletes from the United States brought back some of Djibouti as a toy celluloid balls for table tennis.

In the numerous table tennis competitions, the most famous is the World Table Tennis Championships, held annually beginning in 1957, later changed to be held biennially.

1904, Shanghai, a stationery shop owner Wang afternoon from Japan to buy 10 sets of table tennis equipment. Since then, the table tennis was introduced into China.



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