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Chinese tennis development?

wmh79110882010-02-16 12:11:02 +0000 #1
Chinese tennis development?
r_cloud_strife2010-02-16 12:23:10 +0000 #2
1885 or thereabouts, tennis was introduced into China.

First, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other big cities between foreign missionaries and businessmen, tennis, the latter also carried out a number of religious schools from the campaign, in 1898, Shanghai, St. John's College Cup, held Steinhaus, this is the history of Chinese tennis The first school play. 1906, Beijing Huiwen School, Concord College, Tsinghua University between schools, Shanghai, St. John's University, Nanyang Public School, University of Shanghai, and Nanjing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, some schools began to hold inter-school tennis and promoting tennis in China to spread.

In the second tennis thirties at that time only a small number of people pop. From 1924

1946, although the 6 parties to participate in Davis Cup, mostly in the first and second rounds have been eliminated, technical, tactical low level.

New China was founded, tennis at the starting point is low, a weak foundation, interaction few cases of progressive development, was first held in Tianjin in 1953, including four ball games, including tennis Council (basket, volleyball, net, feathers ), held a national tennis tournament in 1956, and later the National Tennis League level, meet regularly and implement lifting-level institutions, but also organizes regular national tennis individual competition, the National hardcourt tennis championship, the National Youth tennis tournament in recent years, the Tour again, huh race, In addition, the older tennis, college tennis, youth tennis. These competitions to promote the improvement of technical level of tennis has played a positive role in promoting.

Since the eighties, China's tennis quickly raise the level range. 1986 the 10th Asian Games tennis tournament in Seoul, China's Li mind the women's singles title. In 1990, the 11th Beijing Asian Games tennis tournament, China's athletes to win three gold, three silver and one bronze (men's team champion, Pan Bing was the men's singles champion Xia Jia calm MENG Chinese men's doubles champion). Women's Team participating in the 1991 Federation Cup tennis team competition, the 58 teams enter the 16 teams strong, and Fang from the international tennis ranking jumped 200 places to 155, Xia Jiaping at the World University Games men's singles tennis championship , ... ... these results shows that China has made considerable progress in tennis, is encouraging. However, from the world's perspective, the gap between the level of my tennis is quite large, only from the ITF world rankings of view, the most pre-1991 ranking of China's man is 300, the woman is the top of the most pre-155.

1992 Barcelona Olympic Games 25 tennis players in China there are five entries. Women's singles Li Fang, Chen Li, women's doubles Li Fang / Tang Min, the men's doubles MENG Hua / Xia Jiaping, in addition to the women's doubles second round, the rest are in the first round. In 1994, the year-end world ranking in the ITF for 313 of China's Xia Jiaping, Pan Bing 215 bits, Li Fang (female) 66, 233 Chen Li, Min Tang 237. In 2004, China's doubles players Li Ting and Sun Tian Tian standing partner of the Miami Masters semi-finals of the women's doubles arena, able to enter the women's doubles semi-finals in Miami, this Chinese girl has created a new record in the history of tennis in China: In the total bonus of up to 6.5 million U.S. dollars in a WTA tournament semi-final left the Chinese people's footprints.

2004 Athens Olympic Games, Li Ting / Sun Tiantian won the women's doubles titles.

At the 2006 Australian Tennis Open, Zheng Jie / Yan Zi won the women's doubles titles.



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