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Please answer the question on China's tennis development

Yao Ye2010-02-16 12:11:32 +0000 #1
1, a nationwide city tennis What?

2, each city the number of how many site-specific and specific facilities What?

3, tennis, some of the market situation and development prospects.

4, the specific number of people engaged in tennis.
Han Wu Yong2010-02-16 12:13:50 +0000 #2
1, China does not pursue tennis there is no medium-sized cities.

2, too much. Tennis in Shanghai for more than 1500, Beijing, more than 2000.

3, the market prospect is broad. To be developed.

4, in the country's 23 provinces and cities in the number of competitive tennis player who is only 3735. China's tennis population of 8.12 million.

You can ask (Chinese tennis development in the questionnaire), (China Tennis Equipment Market Report)

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765721702010-02-16 12:18:50 +0000 #3
"China's tennis from nothing up to now in many cities With tennis courts, the Shanghai Masters Cup was also held, and I'm pleased with the development of tennis in China, "China's tennis has been working for 25 years before the Asian Tennis Federation President Eiichi Kawatei told Xinhua.

Kawatei wing a 29 on the evening before to France to observe the current French Open, having read the competitions will be found that two pairs of doubles players in China there are 30 games early in the morning so he went to Zheng Jie and Yan Zi and 2 players from Africa live the match between the game.

Kawatei wing is an ITF Technical Director, is also honorary vice chairman, he also had been in the Beijing Asian Games and 2001 World University Games held in Beijing tennis game as a guide our work. And the Chinese tennis time soon because of the time is too long, he jokes that he had become a Chinese. When Li Ting and Sun Tian Tian won at the Athens Olympics, China's first Olympic tennis gold medal, when one, it is the Japanese for the elderly for their presentation.

"I said to them, congratulations, congratulations! I am proud of the Asian tennis," he said.

Kawatei Eiichi said that from 1978, began his work was closely linked with the Chinese tennis. He said it was China's tennis is a real sense of the noble sports, tennis courts, very few ordinary people have no chance to play tennis.

However, when more and more rich Chinese people began to love the sport, tennis in the world's most populous country to find fertile ground to take root. Shanghai in 2002, a very high level of success of the Tennis Masters Cup, China Open, also settled in Beijing last year.

"I am working for the Chinese tennis for 25 years, at the beginning Chinese tennis is not easy to start, but in recent years, Masters Cup held in Shanghai, China Open, also held last year, China's athletes have so many grand slam competition, changes really big, "he said.

However, he said the development of China's tennis still has a long way to go, tennis in China is just toward prosperity, tennis population, not enough.

He took his own country for example, that Japan has about 500 million people regularly play tennis, but from 1921 began to participate in Grand Slam tennis in Japan, is a long history of sports. China is different, started late tennis, tennis population is relatively small, but now he saw more and more tennis courts in many cities, many children have picked up a tennis racket.

"I am the development of tennis in China are very pleased," he said repeatedly. (End)
in the end Han2010-02-16 12:29:22 +0000 #4
Chinese tennis is very weak, especially on male networks to see if they rank bar. . . Why only some people call soccer men's tennis that no one criticized it? Masters Cup Shanghai in what? Beijing to host the net so what? Chinese athletes reached the home is race? This is only to enhance the results of China's strength, with the tennis development not necessarily related.



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