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Net king inside the princes are When did you start playing tennis ah? (Emergency!)

Magic Summer Shadow2010-02-16 13:10:29 +0000 #1
Much trouble, only to learn like the green list,

empty, then he wants to know that you are the Tieshang Lai.

I am a sincere amount,
On a small 52010-02-16 13:23:51 +0000 #2
Green school where the person was born apart from the Rabbit began to learn, other people should all primary schools or kindergartens, came into contact with tennis, because almost everyone in the memory of a time when their small holding tennis racket of the screen.

Ice Emperor seemed also a primary or kindergarten, I'm sure the Queen and the coyotes, that are passers-by reporters said that the Queen in the European Junior tennis is very famous for coyotes in the Powder Kansai also known

En ... ... Feng and non-Hiyoshi 'm sure, because I remember the situation where young Atobe They watched the Queen and coyotes in the post-game is fantastic that he used after junior high to join the tennis department.

Li-Hai Dali In addition to the country gentleman is a started playing tennis two other people outside the primary school or kindergarten should all start learning, but not quite sure, but fortunately the main village on the Uncle Sanada, Liu, small kelp can determine, because the Lord , the emperor, Liu Gang, on the country's accession is an election, the main ministers still do, this technology is absolutely BH practicing since childhood, and a small kelp because he was just on the country, one would have confidence in myself to challenge the legislation Sea Big Three, while losing badly, but it is still very powerful compared to other people, so certainly it from primary school.

As for the four Tianbao Temple ... ... sorry they is so passers-A, and I really not sure ... ... but should not be late, and the kind of technology is not able to practice out overnight
days scattered Sakura2010-02-16 13:16:29 +0000 #3
In fact, do not be too much trouble

are small start,,



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