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Guangzhou, where there is a place to play tennis

High Orange Leilei2010-02-16 13:10:56 +0000 #1
want to write a detailed price and reservation, please call Thank you啦
my home in the field2010-02-16 13:15:59 +0000 #2
description environment most will be first-class venue:

Panyu Luopu Park tennis courts (which can Contact Coach Training)

Address: Luoxi Bridge Toll Station Luopu Park

Price: 15 yuan early 6:00-12:00 / Bell

12:00-17:00 10 yuan / Bell

Night games: 30 yuan / Bell

Tel: 84,502,536

car: available Luoxi Metro Station (PARKnSHOP mall), or to the Olympic Garden Station

advantages: the venue in a park inside, the environment is excellent, and very quiet, as well as fishing facilities are available for different loving friends together to play, park to avoid tickets, a parking lot, standard plastic sites, due to low prices and good environment, has been a lot of tennis coaches as training and teaching venue.

many other sites do not go, and many people got so noisy, Under the master skill can significantly down, the general level of Jianqiu no need, and too expensive, not worth.



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