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Playing tennis for over a year to buy a tennis racket

SpeedupSun2010-02-16 13:11:20 +0000 #1
I want to play tennis for over a year to buy a film because it is purely their own money to the students of this economic power is limited so do not buy a few large brands to buy China-made Dragon coach says cost-effective point .. I would like to ask the star in Dragon Mody, can play? And be able to recommend another brand of racket about Mody? Which tells me the best shot. price control 500 or less is best. Do not over 700 I to balance the film or not to focus on end-loaded pre-
L wife is three rounds2010-02-16 13:18:23 +0000 #2
your budget could they point? I think you are faster, if more out of less than 100 words, it is best to take Head Liquidmetal Radical L4. Between the current price of 700-800 belonging to high-grade shoot. Sub MP and OS models, you have a one-year NBA veteran, then buy a MP, that is, a small film surface 98.

This beat my classmates have, I tried played, quite good. If you're still a little more money, then, DUNLOP AG 300G is also very good.

500 or less can not buy anything to beat the. The only price match a 500-level with the film only VOLKL T8V, Manti La have been used, original price 1380 but will be able to get more than 500. But it beat back sell clean, and now only buy second-hand.

Since you do not intend to beat the short-term change, we must not buy so-called "Advanced beat", and the direct use of professional film, 1,000 yuan, or have a professional shoot, only choose just not enough.

Dragon's tempo is very general in. Really want to play on, or buy a good brand.
ydh_232010-02-16 13:44:38 +0000 #3
first reputation point that I want to emphasize that size, not the brand.

Racket is not a clothing, loose is also not mind the racket can not afford to the effect. We are playing each person's physical, age, physical different, need to use a little heart to find the real day together your specifications.

Straight to the point to say, and now the market is mostly a good racket, brands also are complex. The design of the surface is great beauty, one into the shop sells only really wide ranging, dazzled, I do not know where to select from. Thus, the general outcome of the election no more than the famous factory spleen, beautiful appearance, or have other golfers also using models. Not only that, their hearts can not get rid of "high-price must be top grade" mentality, so the edge of the table stores the latest and most expensive of that one.

Special sale shop PRO are few and some of them he will not play, some, or part-time in. They only have a few sales of magic, such as "Zhe Zhi elastic good, very light, with Boron rather well"; and some even "Zhe Zhi good fight" other than that no other information to you.

At present, many foreign brands rackets are manufactured in China, and has a growing number of tennis enthusiasts, but many consumers to buy racket on how to choose tennis rackets, or ignorant.
, In addition to appearance allows you to see patterns in addition, you should be concerned about those details, you can really get out of the racket you need to do?

Here are a few considerations you need to focus on:

1, the racket is not too heavy? Or a large Light?

Second, grip is not too large? Or too small?

3, the racket is head heavy or head light?

4, you need a big racket do? You know that the great shot in the film surface and surface features?

5, the density of threading do you like? Do you like Thick or thin? Pounds?

6, do you like thick film, the thickness of the film is still thin frame?

7, the racket will be too hard? What are pros and cons of hard and soft?

8, do you like long-shot type or oval-shaped face?

9, you know the racket materials and design concepts (creative) do?

10, are you for the line, grip skin, strip nails, sheathing and other parts are all satisfied?

I believe that most are not able to question 10 above, clearly confused, but there are many experts, the so-called experts is that the ball a long age, there is concern for the quality of materials, studies of the player.

Each of them for a new film, not simply because of the new and to buy, they are seeking in the new film, that is difficult for a certain kind of breakthrough.

For example, there is often a baseline stroke of the "long drawn-type" player, he had to escalate the intercept, to hwan a "first light" and the weight of roughly the same tempo.

It was also felt that lack of arm strength required for a labor-saving and flexible rhythm, while others felt that unstable ball, preferring to sacrifice some speed, in the hope of every ball within the white lines, so we are looking for a vials CONTROL ones.

Weight (WElGHT)

such a heavy racquet will swing when the player moves inactive, are also likely to be too serious if the tennis elbow. In contrast too light of racket is not easy to cope with strong ball, but also easy to remake.

An idea of the weight of the most accurate, according to the United States Chinese Taipei Tennis magazine in terms of material consultant Mr. Lei Na said: "You should choose your arm strength felt comfortable within the framework of the heaviest racket." Is not the most weight or heavier the better. This means that a little arm strength of the people should be assured of a little weight to the racket. Therefore, is not the lighter the better. Therefore, young and strong ,320-330 g is also very appropriate, the elderly were among the 300-320g as appropriate. Miss wives can be between the 280-300g.

If you have a shot in, Xiantai light, it would still have hope. Beat box in the relative position of each piece of lead paste 1g try. Enough together, you will be very surprised at this small adjustment will change the whole racket Qiulu support the ball feel and effect. However, the root weight of the original, there is no hope. Mitigation is impossible. Finally, to really use the scales to the scales weighing it, because every family, said "L" or "SL" and so on are not the same.

Grip size (GRlP SlZE)

grip size is also a paradox we see is often misunderstood to be a problem, Lerner Mr. I stated the following passage, said: "with the same weight, but also to choose their own grip it can feel comfortable, and the most coarse size. In other words, can not be selected too small, large easy to lose thin grip, which encountered strong loose remake of the ball easily.
, of course, is too thick grip loquat fatigue, sensitivity will be reduced, not easy to deal with small ball or volley ball, also have evils.

In fact, you should select what size it is appropriate, we must look at the size of your palm can not generalize. However, there is a pointer is that we need very few Asians four and one half above. the general male players, the general palm-size can be chosen for four and three eighths (or III) grip, if the above-mentioned principles, that they can be a bit more, can be increased to four and one-half. physique tall or the palm of your hand than Yigu National People's Congress, you can again and again. women about four and a quarter to four again preferably between three eighths.

Do not forget, is the racket grip the most important human contact point. beat grasping bad, not comfortable, no matter how good racket, no matter how good the game can not play together, it grips, grip leather is that you need to pay attention to, often to replace and maintain the best condition. Do not have odor, dirt and slippery, they always bring some overgrip, in order to game in her hands!

film surface the size of the

big racket have more tolerance, English, said More Forgiving, which is off-center hits the ball, you can also put the ball blow out, you can use "relatively large strike zone" to describe it. English this strike zone known as the Sweet Spot, so some people call it "sweet" or "sweet spot", which means that when the ball is hit strike zone when the ball's elastic large ball quickly, without arm strength, batters are also very rewarding. because of the racket face large, wind resistance is also large. sweet area increase is not easy, against, but the lack of speed , the majority of professional players in the racket with the racket because the smaller the sweet spot, power more concentrated on the ball faster.

concluded that the big racket to learn, slightly off-center can also reach the disadvantage is the lack of speed , control is also poor, for women, beginners, and older persons, is about 110-115 square inches. a small racket suitable for higher-level and young players, the ball is fast, RBI control is good, but the sweet spot smaller.

Balance Point

equilibrium point central topic is the "top-heavy" or "first light" issue, a top-heavy for a long shot, baseline stroke of the combatants spar; head light for tennis volley, doubles players often use.

shape, structure

Each one racket shape, has its unique design concept, the main difference is that sweet zone differences, which can beat be seen in profile or tag. As for the construction area, the entire racket would be the existence of different Flex , tag will also be displayed in the display, most are expressed in numbers, number the greater the hardness, the smaller the swing moves big, big man strength, suitable hardness, the smaller racket.

pounds of high and low

pounds is generally the most commonly used between 55-60 pounds, professional athletes tend to wear 70 pounds. pounds higher elasticity, the lower, but the swing speed and ball players get better results, Low-pounds will have the role of Er Shi resilient spring-bed increase, relative, the ball would discourage sex.
Guanyin SL2010-02-16 14:04:20 +0000 #4
proposal to buy a fake.

real goods are junk, then shoot.

in the store are sold. . or one's own wrapped around one.
brushington992010-02-16 14:13:17 +0000 #5
HEAD liquid metal 4, it will cost about 450-470, many tennis journals have rated it as the racket of choice. It fits entry level player in the sense that it has a bigger head size , bigger sweer spot. 303g weight can provide enough manuverbility and stability



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