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Nanjing, Fujian have to teach to play tennis?

Litn Fruit Fruit2010-02-16 14:10:23 +0000 #1
If problem.

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Watson 々 々 of transmission2010-02-16 14:15:19 +0000 #2
Xi ....... actually here to see you 0_0

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lao na answer is. .......

Nanjing is now it is absolutely impossible to teach tennis, because if so, then the ping-pong as long as people know, speaking of the tennis court, the East Village is the South China Sea Yes, the same king and network equipment, if you want to learn, you can go there summer vacation to find the people there thought they hand it is possible, but to live there to spend a night is a great general is also a rich talent to , and go over there for a whole afternoon playing tennis down or reality. In Nanjing you do not expect there will be, because Nanjing is a small and more, and the development of the premises of the market is crazy, if there is such a great little ground already been acquired, and two, this thing costs, and cost is very huge, but also to open the tennis market in Nanjing is very difficult, because the general preferences of the Chinese badminton is more and more as it get started fast, require small, but also physical activity. Nanjing is impossible in recent years have taught tennis, if the Tulou this resource to the development of better words, the future is possible. Now, if you want to learn the words, or Zhangzhou during the summer school, or went to the East the South China Sea resorts.

All in all, Nanjing is not to teach tennis.

------------------------------------------------ ----

I have already told you ....... those people on the eastern South China Sea may be, as well as the legendary Flying Jane will be .... I just know that ........ ......

and you have the same name as a male student = =
errand2010-02-16 14:18:50 +0000 #3
You can go to take a look at Nanjing's own forum



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