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I am not a beginner can use tennis rackets for beginners? ?

DetecXL2010-02-16 14:11:26 +0000 #1
I also play tennis for years to time, the level should be 3.0 or above.

1 I started to play tennis is to buy about 150 imitation of the prince O3, now want to buy a real shot. But really good Guia, I can only afford to buy real shot in the beginners with the beat, 400 or so. .

I ask if I am now in use for beginners shoot, what do not you?

Also, because I have never used thousand shot, and which give me to talk about it in the end of your film in your where? I always think those thousands of out of the way the film is too expensive.

Thank you!
Han Wu Yong2010-02-16 14:20:48 +0000 #2
expensive brands there are many design reasonable and consistent with the law of tennis where the material is high-tech.

Such a shock that well-known brands find ways to improve the performance of each brand launched a variety of damping measures.

And that these brands are leading in some respects, tennis, tennis equipment, technologies. For example Babolat intestinal line technology.

In fact, many of which are famous in the primary shoot quite good, but use a number of aluminum alloy material, damping some poor results, as long as do not buy children's leisure shoot and features a clear shot on the list. Note that racket size, shoot weight, balance point of these key parameters such as line, and select a suitable beat you.

400 yuan, you can choose domestic brands Bonny of the Shark 8200, this beat counterfeit Babolat APD (Nadal was used in the Convention), as long as 320 yuan, full carbon, but do not worry Maidaojiahuo, China Resources Vanguard supermarkets will be able to buy.

Bonny of the following two ago it was mentioned, I feel quite good, can not buy premium brands for mid-level amateur tennis racket enthusiasts:

Bonny BLAST 51 (320 yuan)

Reference: www.51tennis .com/001/list.asp? Id = 1783

Materials: 100% carbon, non-glass fiber

Head size: 95 sq. in

blank shot weight: 295 grams

After threading Weight: 310 grams

Length: 685 millimeters / 27 inches

Hardness: 64

threading methods: 16 * 18

pull poundage: 55-60LBS

swing speed: Medium - Fast

power level: senior

Bonny shark 8200 (320 yuan)


Material: 100 percent carbon, non-glass fiber

Head size: 100 sq. in

blank shot weight: 285 grams

After threading Weight: 300 grams

Length: 685 mm / 27 inches

Hardness: 64

threading methods: 16 * 18

pull poundage: 55-60LBS

swing speed: Medium - Fast

power level: Intermediate

The most crucial is the , both can be bought in the supermarket, if the counter out of stock, they will purchase a specially for you.
Cai Health2010-02-16 14:55:02 +0000 #3
This should be These are the foreign brands, of course, expensive, of better quality

Do you want cheap, then buy a domestic brand Bonny
L wife is three rounds2010-02-16 15:26:56 +0000 #4
because you've never beat the price of the 1000 +, until his a dozen you know the feeling and novice film is simply heaven and on earth has. Do not really play to the low-end beat out the ball slow and poor, good tempo to play together, just as suddenly violence in the same hand, playing up there is a substantial feeling.

I told you that more than 1000 do not outrageous.

Novice beat simple in design, materials, a single, basic is a carbon composite material, no technical characteristics, workmanship and paint the water is also a general. General beginner stage is over, you can immediately throw away for photos.

Where is your high-end film? High-end of each film reflects the company's own technology. WILSON example, there are K series, Hyde piezoelectric and streaming gold, DUNLOP a 4D weaving technology and the cold gel and so on and so forth. These things do not develop the money will not do time for human Mody?

And then the material is a good beat is generally very complicated, and so are the carbon-titanium tungsten metal as the raw material mix in some way, but there are a Colombian company developed its own distinctive material. There are Grip, do not sound like good beat even Grip is a damping function, how would there be low-end beat?

You are self-depending on the level of 3.0, if it is to shoot the company of beginner, then I can only suspect how do you hit the level of 3.0 ...... perhaps you overestimated, or maybe you really is to achieve 3.0 of the , but I can only say that this time you're shooting with the beginner, you can not ask a good in playing tennis.

I have also said more than once啦: What is meant by beginners film? Are those to want to play tennis or something casual will not be playing the casual entry of people, do not want to wait until after the fight, throwing a pity not beat.
hewitto02010-02-16 16:06:49 +0000 #5
Buy Beats is mainly to see if it is not suitable weight for you, You-hui weight and the net amount of weight, there is a flexible, you can try to take some beating, there are many good brands of test will be played, such as the Wilson Barbara Dunlop, I suggest you do not use the Prince brand, professional tennis, one of the most difficult to beat time. . . I suggest that you bought 1000-1500 beat the price, this price there are many areas for you and good brand, I suggest that you use Barbara as a very good flexibility, quick, feel good. Wilson and Dunlop, relatively speaking some of the more professional, but also more emphasis on hard, not suitable for non-professionals to play, easy to cause some injuries, such as tennis elbow of the category.



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