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Tennis courts, tennis court surface material, as well as the height and materials around the Nets?

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Such as the title
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PU flexible plastic stadium

the basis of requirements: asphalt base.

Features: with good flexibility of the athlete's joints can play a certain protective effect. Has strong wear resistance; to add a special anti-UV materials; colorful and beneficial to the whole landscaping. On the basis of demanding.

EPDM flexible plastic stadium

the basis of requirements: the basis of cement or asphalt.

Features: cost is moderate, good elasticity, permeability, strong, can also apply to minor cracks in the old foundation can play a role in protecting athletes joints. The ball is moderate. And easy maintenance. On the basis of flatness requirements are not too high.

Acrylic hard courts

essential requirements: the basis of cement or asphalt.

Features: extremely competitive price-performance, colorful, there are a variety of colors to choose from. Has excellent wear resistance, 100% acrylic resin composition, non-toxic, non-asbestos, for environment-friendly surface material; easy maintenance, long service life.

The basis of artificial grass pitches requirements: a hard sand or concrete base.

Features: lower cost, less demanding on the basis of quality, no cracking, blistering delamination of the worries. Safe non-toxic, flexible and avoid injury, more suitable for PU flexible silicone Stadium

basis, asks: cement or concrete foundation.

Features: Flexible moderate, texture, and can be based on the direct construction of the cement can also be used for minor cracks in the foundation. Safety and Environmental Protection, Unscented.

EPDM prefabricated rubber surface layer

basic requirements: the basis of cement or asphalt.

Colorful, beautiful appearance, good elasticity, permeability is good, for there are cracks in the old foundation, non-cracking, no delamination. Reduce fatigue, avoid injury, the ball is moderate, and easy maintenance.

Can be used PVC plastic fence material package to do the tennis court fence, can save each year to re-paint the costs of ordinary wire, the wire service life longer than an ordinary three - five years, mesh size of 50mm × 50mm, can be guaranteed not to jam or through tennis.

1, base: in the basic construction of the fence should be well embedded grid iron embedded parts.

2, Frame: purse-seine net frame welded steel pipe with Φ55mm embedded in the steel pieces, and even into a whole, on the ground stadium tall fence 4m, roof fences usually 6 meters in height. After a good weld the entire frame, full brush twice the green outdoor special metal Tsat.

3, drawing in the net: Install PVC Coated Mesh application-specific tool to tighten, and then flat iron bars and self-drilling screws.



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