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Up to help Japanese people, and translation.

Onca2010-02-16 16:10:24 +0000 #1

content but not too much to restrict reward 100 points, I will be an additional reward as much as possible more.
Nan Card2010-02-16 16:21:07 +0000 #2
As the name itself, here is a transliteration of the English language so I translated into Chinese by the Japanese transliteration of the time will come

first line:

1 Kula Fu, known as a strong blow, the strength Although the first, but the counter-attack the ball is weak

2 mulberry their Ai, after the ball good at backhand cross-scoring with 3 cards Li Song, footwork first. Progress is expected to win the game 4 thinking of Kazakhstan, with height produced by a powerful kick-off the second line intercepting attack

1 Sahataiai, in particular, has a balance of players. With the tenacity and perseverance

2 peace Yi Luna, longer than the bottom line long drive player. Stroke care, but lack of strength

3 Maliyiha, with long-range shot off the tee and play the level of play to attack their enemies

4 Amoy Vest, style of play is often a stable and secure the third line of kick-off

1 Na Fula Qi, good serve, and intercepting the opponent trouble. The bottom line strong

2 Nao Amoy Hao Na, endurance-type attack lasting tennis 3 Kafulie and was hailed as the fastest serve. The young players look forward to first-degree 4 Hawulusi, courage and perseverance, even in a strong enemy before the remains can not be denied

4th row:

a match Lacey, was praised not only serve consecutive hands (or hands and punch) Strong strong and very accurate to 2 Maruzzi Chennai, to give effective hitting topspin, forehand backhand play is also very good sense for the ball to 3 Maisi Kai, the ball hit back with attacks on error-free ball out of the upper 4 Na Hao test, so that errors opponent names a good decision to serve

may be exaggerated and not very accurate translation, because tennis is not very understanding of the field, and some special terminology check out at about the meaning Fortunately, some of which are a If this is to understand the words to be understood



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