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Kikumaru Eiji information

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Kikumaru Eiji information
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Name: kiku England 2

Japanese Hiragana : ruまえきくいじ
English name: Eiji Kikumaru

Roman alphabet: Kikumaru Eiji

Sheng You: Takahashi Hiroki

Age :14-15

Constellation: Sagittarius

Birthday: November 28

Blood Type: A type

Height: 171cm

Weight: 52KG

Schools: Youth Gakuen Medium Division (3 years 6 Class Student ID: 07)

usual wrist: right-handed

Nicknames: cat

shot mode:

interest in serving Internet-based, the recent enthusiasm for things that: While shopping for pets shop, brush your teeth

features: curly hair has a rectangular-like things like tape posted on the right side of face and hands on monocular love behind

seriously, when will the racket for 360-degree rotation, race victory, customs, and boulders along raised "V" victory sign

the word is often the players selected the highest point of the jacket zipper pull [and non-pull zipper Ah-tao On the contrary, do not hot?!] kind of looks like a cat -

like to talk added a rime Nya-
personality: lively, cheerful, and its own way

love to speak with a unique way (The author calls it "kiku language")

love with the dance style of tennis, so often people think that he "love show"

mantra: Unfortunately, the ah Unfortunately, next week, see you! (Japanese:残念No Idea,またfor weeks! Rome tone: zannen munen mataraishyuu!)

Hoi Hoi (Japanese:ほい!ほい!)

Nya (Japanese:にゃあ) Mew

Ochibi (Japanese:おぢび) small non-point Rabbit-specific -

Charging complete! (Japanese:じゅうんでうかんりょ, Rome tone: jiu dian kanryo!)

Good: doubles, singles spare

proud technology: kiku beam (kiku Bldg -ム), kiku rocket, fast interception, dance, tennis, insert Water-style interception, and superior dynamic visual acuity, so fast-moving

players type: serve and volley type

stunt: intercept the ball over the net fall, stunt shots, Australia, formation, I formation, the moon interception (boulders injured, and the Peach City Competition use)

special technology: the same tune (シンクロ) National Competition, together with partner boulders (the combination of nicknames: Goldペア)

Skills Analysis: excellent dynamic visual acuity, we can see subtle changes in tennis when you can speed charge -- suspended animation Zhuangshui tactics (appears in the preliminary match against St. Rudolph, two of which can hardly move in the Council to "recharge" look like during sleep); the same tune in the national competition on the ice Emperor game the first time

Jersey: DUNLOP

Racket: DUNLOP (Revelation Pro Tour series90)

As often nearest to the ball strong to meet the Internet-based players, kiku attaches great importance to control nature, love to play with the suitable for strong ones.

Shoes: WILSON (Slash DTmid)
, taking into account moving forward after a fierce left, wearing high grip & shock absorption properties of the shoes.

Father's Occupation: journalist

like the type of good: a bright personality who can laugh together.

Adept Subject: Japanese History

Favorite Color: Red

family members: grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, brother, brother, sister, second sister, a dog and a parrot

Favorite food: soft, loosely Omurice , fresh fried shrimp, flexible, cool, refreshing ice, star Eel Sushi (Japanese-style cuisine in a)

Eiji fans name: toothpaste (because the cat likes to kiku brush your teeth, so it is like toothpaste, bar li kiku United Kingdom 2 members will be set for this title) cat control, cat pro (more common)

【Introduction】 kiku England 2 character Tennis Academy

Youth Division (third grade), agile, able to note that many of the less than subtle at others, and Oishi partner strong sense, very amazing. His dynamic vision is not ignored, but this may be his weakness ...

like a fish, like joy, always happy, always wore a red hair and swagger across the street, you can suddenly zoomed off to a quick and comfortable in front of others shuttle in the crowd, always quick patting each other's head, yelling is not a small point, you can rely on Xiangmaoyiyang at a friend's side, creak half mile uproar of complaints. Retention of the world, he has not yet faded or unwilling to fade childlike innocence.

Boyish-like reliance on the deed, if Quinlan's friends, seemingly helpless people, but in fact is his friend's complete trust. Do not want to think about how to win games or win opponent, who does not think that the responsibility, juggling like a fly in the net, is the freedom of all. This is not only an affirmation of their own, but also an affirmation of friends. Do not need to deliberately accommodate each other, as long as they stand together, is the perfect combination.

Not always the winner in the face to face, and ignorant, he began to grow.

The dark red glow under the sun, standing on top of the high carriage, looked at the distant sunset excluded from the track, in his world, not all failures, dictionary, there is definitely not give up, a short rest also confuse the enemy's skill, as long as Shengelanyao, you can Shuaishuai Tou hair, patted the shoulder boulder again come back ...... not care about winning, nor is it a child's self-consolation is unknowingly in to grow slowly out of the child-like detention, he could as strong as adults.

[Edit this paragraph] 【Kikumaru England 2 strength analysis】

physical ability test table:

left and right side jump (second) 67

20M gradually speed run back and forth (sub) 120

back strength (KG) 129

grip strength (KG) ( right): 48

Prone bent (CM) 67

sit and reach (CM) 52. 8

50 Mi Running (in seconds) 6.62

standing long jump (CM) 246

softball throw for distance (M) 31. 5

endurance run (1,500 m), 4 minutes and 48 seconds

comments: brothers and sisters in groups, mercurial personality, optimistic, cheerful, not afraid to get trouble (for example, the Rabbit and deep in the Division with a time of filming wrapped grab a decisive way to provide ). Instantaneous outbreak of the Department's index is particularly high, the basic motor nerve of excellence, coupled with good flexibility. Kiku no matter what it is in the above position can be quickly put in place the basic elements.

EIJI record - TV version:

015. Kiku - boulders 6:2 Sen - within the Village (Green Science VS fixed peak)

031-033. Kiku - boulders 6:7 Akasawa - Kaneda (Green Science VS St. Rudolph)

040. kiku VS Rock (practice race, the rain break)

042. kiku - boulders 7-5 South - East (Green Science VS Yamabuki)

055-051. kiku - the Japanese Peach City 6:4 - Oshiashi (Green Science VS Ice Emperor)

078-079. kiku - boulders 7-5 Daejeon - Kiriyama (Green Science VS the city into a southern Hunan)

094-095. kiku - Fuji 6:2 Saeki - Greek Yan (Green Science VS hexagonal middle)

110. Kikumaru VS Cheng, the kiku 4:1 lead (Green Science VS Emperor practice ice)

120-121. kiku - boulders 4:6 Nio - Yagyu (Green Science VS Li Hai Tai)

143. kiku - Feng VS Rock - Shishido, kiku - Feng-sheng (Youth selection race)

150-151. kiku - Oshiashi 6:7 Ge Lifei Tom - Geli Fei Hartley (Japan-US friendly)

168. kiku 6:7 stem (Blue school ranking)

from the see kiku England playing the type 2

→ block the opponents attack reflex nerve Naishi thanks to a high degree of concentration of thanks! !

Has been kiku are relying on his superior ability to master the net concentration of offensive and defensive strengths. Line of sight must not leave the tennis and therefore I make a natural reflex nerve more agile. These two had it been allowed him to complete all the difficult moves.

An unexpected trend is his proof of a high degree of concentration. He will only be difficult to perform skills, and extinction opponents hope.

■ from the customary habit to see kiku England 2

Hi I am afraid to switch rackets dirge written on the face of the whole personality. Were green excellent, but the likes and dislikes is having a polarized. As the widely loved by people of all ages for modeling, entertainer or nanny.

↑ The straightforward character of the same table, all reflected in his increased concentration on the action.

■ from the members of the family to see kiku England 2

→ innocent behavior is the older sibling's sake?

Kiku is included grandparents included, a total of nine people's homes Mody children, in general, the youngest are the most favored, and thus mostly innocent personality and love of coquetry. Hearty brisk tone, love flamboyant character, perhaps due in large due to family upbringing.



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