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Recommended several badminton bar

ccolour2010-02-16 16:11:10 +0000 #1
not too expensive

know that the price is affordable if the price was the best
zhangang9401052010-02-16 16:24:25 +0000 #2
1. Knicks Yonex fully reflect the Japanese process of continuous improvement, badminton shoot first in the world firmly occupy the same time, tennis players have also been many well-known favorite.

The world's leading professional manufacturer of racket, fully embodied the Japanese process of continuous improvement, badminton firmly occupy the first in the world, tennis players have also been many well-known favorite.

2, badminton well-known brand _RSL (Asian lion and dragon) Reinfoced Shuttlecoks Limited (referred to as RSL \ Asian lion and dragon), founded in 1928, the United Kingdom's oldest and deepest in the world qualified badminton badminton brands.

RSL brand its willingness to: Reinfoced Shuttlecoks Limited (enhanced badminton Co., Ltd.). RSL's founders Mr.MAXTON established in London South NORBURY CITY (Nuobu Li towns). As we all know, the world and most of the major sports and leisure project originated in the United Kingdom, and then spread around the world, badminton is one of them.

As early as in the early 80's, RSL badminton manufactured in the famous British Kent, RSL watching for only the Chinese can provide high-quality goose feather and a large labor force, so they went to China and the Guangzhou-Tong Lee badminton manufacturing companies to provide badminton by domestic raw materials, while the RSL provides a wealth of production technology and advanced machinery and equipment. 3, badminton well-known brand _VICTOR (Victory)

the world's top three badminton well-known brand in Southeast Asia and co-household names in Taiwan, research and development, and financial strength, the quality of some products can even be comparable to yonex, but also cost-effective. Player's contract, including Chen Feng, Sun Jun and Ge non-equal in the world badminton champion.

At present, the victory of the company-created VICTOR <Victor "brand products have been marketing Britain, the United States, Germany, France, Japan, Northern Europe and Southeast Asia more than 30 countries, product categories include badminton, badminton racket, tennis, online auction website , sports apparel, site engineering, feather network supplies nearly one hundred varieties of multi-series. VICTOR by the International Badminton Federation Badminton <IBF> classified as international competition level with the ball, and was a number of domestic and international competitions designated as a game ball. "VICTOR <Victor" "brand has grown as an industry well-known brand, widely respected by the world's golfers.

In addition to producing high-quality products to meet all levels of consumers, but also spared no effort to promote badminton, tennis: organization, sponsors a variety of amateur and professional competitions "such as the title for four consecutive years beginning in 2002 sponsored by the National Youth Championships; sponsorship in 2002 , 2003 and 2004 China Open badminton tournament; sponsored by Chinese Badminton Championship in 2003, etc. "; sponsored professional teams" such as sponsoring, Zhejiang, Hunan, Hubei provinces badminton professional team "; the holding of various training" such as self-venue all year round creation of feathers, tennis training "; to open sports complex", such as Victor, Suzhou Sports Center, Shenyang Victor Arena, Yantai Victor Arena, Jinan Victor Arena "and so on. At present, the former badminton world champion Zhao Jianhua and Canada, Poland, Russia, Germany, the world's top six players have been hired as spokesman for the victory of product image.

4, badminton well-known brand _BABOLAT (Babolat)

BABOLAT (100 security forces, also known as Barbara) is a famous badminton brands in France, so far, nearly a hundred years of history, now has become Europe's largest The badminton racket brands, and is sponsored by professional badminton players in Europe up to the brand, its competitors are: Pi Hongyan (French), Larsen (Denmark), Lin Guangyi (Hong Kong), Lai Geer (French), Joe Root sen (Denmark), Xu Huaiwen (Germany), Julia (England), Fudelike (Sweden), Loti (Netherlands), this Bjorn (Germany), Maria (Finland) and so on.

BABOLAT (100 security force) badminton racket design and unique style, there are five structural design features: Satelite Technolgy, Pilot System, Revolutionary Stringing Pattern, V Shape, Slim Frame, matte appearance to paint (matte surface) based. And the badminton racket matching feather-line using Hyperbraid technology to produce mainly VS, Hyperbraid, Twister, Challenge several series, the ball is feeling good, packaged well, but are expensive, in which VS Touch Feather Line Price ¥ 320 yuan, may be the world The best feathers on the most expensive line, be called noble feather lines. BABOLAT equally strong performance in parts, there is a unique style of badminton racket package, peers have been replicated grip tape, very popular in Europe, nylon badminton, as well as clothing and footwear and so on.

5, badminton well-known brand _oliver (Oliver)

Oliver / Oliver from Germany's famous classic brands, superior quality and is suitable for the use of senior players. German engineering aesthetics the ultimate performance of OLIVER insist on the quality of their stellar first is a commitment and guarantee you the best. Oliver's Oliver flexon A badminton racket is well-known badminton the German magazine (BADMINTION Sport) 2001/2002 Year National Evaluation Best racquet racket with the class the first prize-winning-SIEGERTYPEN (evaluation preferred), Oliver P10 badminton rackets, won the 2003 European of the Year Award!

Oliver is the superior quality of patents and technology from the following

1. Metacarbon

is that all patents OLIVER: Advantages: 1. lightweight 2. torque value below 3. stability of the strong 4. rigid high

high-tech materials to produce lighter weight, able to maintain a low torque value of the racket, In the performance, using materials produced by Metacarbon racket, in addition to high-end racket should be more rigid than the standard (Higher rigiditv) and the strength of transmission better able to maximize the use of high explosive player and high kinetic energy of the game to play. Metacarbon Department of Science and Technology Development under the new generation of high-quality composite material used. Metacarbon can weave material (Braided), Kevlar (Kevler) with the use of each other. Will also enable the performance of the racket and give full play to the limit.

2. FLEXON (strong consumption shock)

yes OLIVER breakthrough for Badminton Racket features, in the sweet spot racket outside the unit elasticity of consumption shock film, can enhance the effectiveness of cable stretch and strengthen back to force, blocking should not have The back shock interference, increase operational stability, not only well received by retail players like the more professional players in competitive golf course with ease weapon.

3. Weaving titanium fibers, thin Golfschaft (Golf in the tube)

4. Shoot under vacuum molding, Sec.

6, badminton brand _Kason (Kason)

more than a decade, Kason has been dedicated to badminton sports and cultural promotion and development of badminton. whether in entertainment, sports or professional competition, can be found Kason presence. In Kason, we believe that badminton is not just a sport, but a full part of the community , a good friend, a challenge to the limits of their own way. We have been able to bring thousands of people around the world a healthier lifestyle proud, and believe it is more a source of joy.

Kason badminton's insistence on Kason is also at the international and domestic level competitions for professional and amateur players continued sponsorship. (Kason is now China's youth team and Fujian, Liaoning and other provinces team sponsor, but also sponsors a number of influential domestic matches) sponsored activities for Kason in the back, while a stronger community to promote badminton.

7, badminton well-known brand _TACTIC (Teddy)

TACTIC (Teddy) Badminton Series to create in the late 70s early 80s, for Denmark, Germany, Britain, Italy and other European countries, specially selected products badminton team. Products include: badminton, badminton rackets, sports clothing, athletic shoes, sports bags and other series products. Creative new product style, material carefully, each batch of finished product shall be subject to rigorous testing, product quality has reached international advanced level.

At the same time TACTIC (Teddy) badminton series of internationally renowned sporting goods companies for more than one supplier of products in Europe, Central and South America, and Southeast Asian countries have distribution at its production of Teddy iron ball and badminton rackets and other sectors of the community by the favor.

Teddy sponsor the 2004 six-star China Open badminton tournament and other domestic and international competitions. tactic products with fine materials, strict quality control, product design and reach the international advanced level. And Taiwan's victor, like the Olympics, world championships are still eligible to compete hard with the yonex badminton brands.

8, badminton well-known brand _SOTX (cable card)

SOTX in March 2002 to enter the domestic market, and the formal establishment of the Shenzhen City Suo Deshi Sporting Goods Co., Ltd., the company claims professional management SOTX-brand professional sports products, is SOTX sales center in Asia in just two and a half of the time SOTX in Asia has been rapid development.

SOTX the spirit of a professional design and production of professional-quality badminton products, SOTX rackets are each marked with a precise weight and balance. SOTX has a strong development capabilities in order to better suited for the purpose, and constantly develop new materials and structures, such as: WOVEN, titanium, MARS Wood, SA conceptual frame, tai chi power network, etc., to fully meet the diverse needs of different players.

SOTX not only provides high-quality products, but also bring you perfect after-sales service: SOTX racket `a period of three packs of 180-400 days; provide advanced racket trial membership for free to play, borrowing and other services; the same time, invite professional coach, Pat 1 SOTX club professional athletes to provide various training for the badminton enthusiast.

SOTX superior quality, fashionable appearance, perfect service and a unified market management science and has won numerous vendors and consumers trust, and in just two and a half years to become the industry's star brands, the entire sports world product market to bring new vitality.

9, badminton well-known brand _PROACE (Namiwaka Ashley)

PROACE (Namiwaka Ashley) Brand from the UK, since 1978, on a wide range of professional athletes to the world and favorite sports to supply high-quality golf supplies and tennis, squash, badminton supplies, so far, has always enjoyed a good reputation and appreciation.

PROACE the spirit of "the pursuit of a global trend and leading scientific and technical standards" criterion as a norm. Its research and development department (R & D) is the world champion athletes and from Germany and Taiwan in the sporting goods industry for over 25 years professional experience in a combination. With the highest technology product is the raw material (Strafil Prepreg). The most advanced technology (DMS exclusive process). The most exquisite craftsmanship, the most stringent control of production made of.

PROACE's products have been successful for many years a large number of sales to the world's high-level department store chain (for example: in Germany, Karstadt AG, in Switzerland, Manor AG, in Austria, Kastner & Oehler Warenhaus AG) as well as in the UK's largest chain procurement group JJB Sports PLC. the above-mentioned groups of these companies were sold in their countries with PROACE products. At the same time in Asia, PRO ACE's products even more popular, and thus become the market leader.

PROACE will adhere to the 25 years since the "credit transaction" criteria for the best in quality, the latest styles and the most reasonable prices to the world those who love sports to provide "value for money" products.

10, badminton well-known brand _BONNY (wave force)

wave, body something Equipment (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., is a professional manufacturer of tennis rackets, squash rackets, badminton rackets, golf club head, bicycle rack and other sports equipment Taiwan-funded enterprises based products are 90% exported. By Camp sportswear, Wang Yu sports shoes, travel bags and other sports products. The company entered the mainland in 1992, ten years the scale of production expanded, the staff 500 people, plant area of 8,000 square meters. Bonny manufacturing carbon fiber network, Badminton Racket has 20 years of history, in the carbon fiber product development, has its own unique technology, worked with Prince, YONEX, and many other world famous brand has a good cooperation between production and processing, product quality ranks with the industry first. Co-operation with the major brands at the same time, our company concentrated research to develop its own brand - Bonny, which contains the T-BAR auction, zero vibration auction, snake-like online auction website, Novell spring auction, oblique film line auction soft Qiantao badminton rackets, badminton racket and many other new adjustable damping patents and a number of novel and unique design and style full carbon racket.

Bonny early as in 2002, that is, with Taiwan the most advanced nanotechnology laboratories and industrial research institute, using a number of patented technologies to develop a world-class nano-racket come. The silicon dioxide nano-scale infiltration of the carbon fiber, has been repeatedly molecular arrangement, and through the World badminton champion Dong Jiong rigorous selection test to develop a good toughness, shock-absorbing strong, and suitable for Asians batting strength of the nano-badminton Racket.

Wave power company's products through the National Quality and Technical Supervision and Inspection and the Organization of the National Sports Center for the monitoring sample, identified as racket products special checks of national supervision of qualified products. Won the National Sporting Goods Quality Supervision and Inspection Center issued a "quality certification."
zhanyanluo2010-02-16 16:50:07 +0000 #3
is estimated that you are also beginner bar. Do not know what price you want the racket. If you are a beginner, then the general racket 100-200 is enough, you have to inexpensive, it is to price higher, this is the case, or more suitable for you shoot the victory, after all, the victory did shoot for many years, received wide acclaim yes badminton supplies industry leader, it made the other brands - Kason, has long been considered a relatively high cost of domestic Lane brands.

I think that flame, thunder, lightning series, but 200 or so should be able to fit you.



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