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Zhejiang Institute of Media Xiasha campus has tennis courts do?

Lin Yi Cheng2010-02-16 16:11:33 +0000 #1
, Such as title, another volleyball court do? How kind of venue? Is a concrete floor, or are covered with plastic?
kilts2010-02-16 16:20:49 +0000 #2
【Yes, both. But both of cement. . . Plastic is only runway啦. . . 】

【Tennis courts, a total of three sites, a total of five pitches, all outdoors. Is basically concrete, brush a layer of red. On the ground is not very smooth, so it rains we can not spend a tennis lesson. . . However, when playing the fine can be, if the request is not too high. - However, you are really powerful, can play plastic venues? That will not allow me to worship under the division Ha -! 】

【Volleyball court relatively poor, and a total of only two, but also cement. Crowded into the corner of the basketball court. However, there is the indoor volleyball court, floor quality. But the badminton team has often been occupied by the people - so it was hard to say yes badminton or volleyball courts, and anyway, as high as the net, volleyball classes inside the class teacher, badminton team members are inside the train. . . 】

【In addition, Xiasha really Xiasha. . . A lot of dust venue to ensure that you are playing outdoors in a ball, shoes can brush a layer of soil. . . 】



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