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Elena Dementieva is how old I started to play tennis?

jiacaci08092010-02-16 17:10:16 +0000 #1
Elena Dementieva is how old I started to play tennis?
Haas, 20062010-02-16 17:15:22 +0000 #2
6 years old

Name: Elena Dementieva (Elena Dementieva)

Nicknames: immortal sister

Gender: Female

Birthday: 1981.10.15

Nationality: Russian

Height: 1.80 m

Weight: 64 kg

Project: Tennis

Sponsor: Yonex

shoes: Yonex SHT 304-R

Racket: Yonex RDiS 100 Mid

grip: right-handed

into vocational Time: 1998

current world ranking: 4

singles top ranking: 3

doubles the highest ranking: 5

singles titles: 13

doubles titles: 6

09 season to date record: 29 wins 7 losses

career total record: 509 wins 244 singles 152 doubles wins with negative

85 L

career prize money: $ 11,234,238

2004 U.S. Open awards ceremony after the match, Dementieva will receive training in the host venue for the interview. Overall the face of ten thousand spectators, despite this defeat still it is very lost, but Dementieva was the first victory over their compatriots to congratulated, "Svetlana played very well today, and I am there is no play, like a few days ago as their best level, I would like to congratulate her victory. I would also like to thank my mother, thank her for all year round has been accompanied in my expeditions around the world arena with me. "This when the television cameras turned to Deva's mother sat in the VIP seats, which is slightly sad eyes water with tears has been applauded for her daughter's tenacious.

There are many fans around the world Elena Dementieva has been supported by his own modesty and amiable known, this time, although not able to Arthur - Ashe Stadium Pick up their own ignorance of the championship trophy for a long time, but she still did not forget grateful to the audience their support, "very grateful to all the audience for me, the United States supported by a network, is your motivation for giving me the courage to continue to race."

then sad Dementieva Schmidt talked about the people will never forget the New York terrorist attacks, but also talked about the place in her native Russia's hostage tragedy, she also used the tragic tone of resentment condemned the crimes of international terrorism, "New York three years ago, experienced the 9-11 terrorist Doctrine of the attacks, three years later, when we return here, news came that the terrorist attack in Moscow the same bad news, I just want peace-loving and a better life that people can stand together with those despicable terrorists fight ... ... I only hope that our victory can be suffering from psychological trauma as being fellow Italian silk bring joy. "
Deva finished these words when the emotional hold in mouth should focus on the tears nearly flowed down the the scene is also summon all the fans applause for this 22-year-old girl's courage, but also with the international terrorist forces fighting courage. Subsequently, the Organizing Committee Chairman called Arthur - Ashe Stadium in Moscow, all of the victims of hostage-taking attack on the people, especially those innocent children of silence, the scene suddenly seemed a quiet, people's thoughts also drifted the same painful bitterly painful 3 years ago ... ...

Elena Dementieva Russian tennis beauty has recently accepted a Canadian "Peace" magazine interview, but also by two very bright fashion sexy photo board of the magazine's cover, as with the boyfriend, the North American Hockey League Buffalo saber team of Russian nationality star Afinogenov romance naturally become the object of a question, but Irina says that they never talk about in front of his private life, will be this easy problems blocking the door.

In addition, in reference to compatriots, age-matched when another Anna Kournikova, Elena Dementieva and Kournikova said he chose a different path, because I was playing tennis one day, the goal is to become the NO. 1, and so far he is still not given up on this dream efforts.

Elena Dementieva is currently on vacation period will come early next year, Hong Kong, China to participate in the annual Hong Kong Women's Champions Challenge, which will also serve as her preparation for the 2008 Australian Open Competition program of the most important a race. In the first round singles match, Dementieva will now tour the United States just red girl Ana Ivanovic of Serbia played against in the doubles competition, she will partner with the Portuguese genius as young as 14-year-old girl pull Cheddar, against China's Shuai Peng and Ivanovic combination.

2009 Wimbledon tennis tournament, Elena Dementieva in the semi-finals before the seeds have not yet come across a successful manner for the second time into the women's singles semi-finals. In the semi-finals to face Serena Williams in the process, even though this year when women's tennis, only no one can get in the hands of Serena Williams had three game winning streak and she is one of them, Elena Dementieva and even once grip has a huge lead, the first to win the first set, Serena Though it was difficult to get the second set victory, but in the deciding set, the Dementieva fight to be a valuable match point, but she was once again the key moment is not enough firm will eventually play into the rhythm of reversal of Serena, unfortunately, stop the semi-finals.

Four Grand Slam tournament singles results:

Year of the Australian Open French Open Wimbledon U.S. Open Final 1999 in the second round of the second round of the first round of the third round of /

in 2000 the first round of the third round of the first round of the semi-finals the third round of the 2001 semi-final second round of the third round of the fourth round of the fourth round of 2002 in the fourth round of the fourth round of the fourth round of the second round of the fourth round of the 2003 first round of the first round of the fourth round of the the fourth round of the first round of the 2004 first-round runner-up the first round group match to 2005 runner-up in the fourth round of the fourth round of the fourth round of the semi-final group match

in 2006 the first round of the third round of the eight quarter-final group match

2007, the fourth round of the third round of the third round of the third round of the /

2008 fourth round of the 1 / 4 finals Semi-finals Semi-finals Semi-finals

2009 the third round of the semi-finals Semi-finals

key experience and achievements

1995: itf tournament held in Moscow in the debut of tennis

1996: to win the first tournament singles title itf

1997: The first appearance tour (in Moscow, first-round loss to Switzerland, Schneider); get one singles, 3 itf doubles title

1998:8 on 25, turned pro

1999: In the four Grand Slam and in the Confederations Cup debut for the first time beat top10 players (Federation Cup victory over Da-wei 166,376) . Year-end top 62

2000: Yes, she was a major breakthrough year. Sydney Olympic Games women's singles runner-up (lost to Venus Williams), the U.S. Open semi-finals (lost to Davenport), year-end world ranking rose to 12

2001: two by Tour runner-up in Acapulco lost to Coetzer, Moscow lost to Dokic (quarter-final victory over world No. 1 Martina Hingis). April 2 rose to No. 9, to become Russia's first. Year-end top 15

2002: In Hertogenbosch lost Daniilidou of Greece was runner-up, year-end ranking of 19. Women's doubles partner track with Husarova were four titles and was runner-up at the U.S.

2003: This is her rewarding year. The United States Amelia Island, to save the match point semi-final victory over Henin-Hardenne (366,475), 467,563 final to beat Lindsay Davenport to win his first career wta Tour title. Autumn, in Bali, back to back races and Shanghai tournament twice in the final against the United States to obtain title Rubin. 8

2004 year-end ranking: to reach new career heights are entered in the French and U.S. Open finals (lost to Anastasia Myskina and Svetlana Kuznetsova, respectively). Anastasia Myskina's French Open final with a historic member of the Russian women's tennis Grand Slam final at the rendezvous. Hasselt in Belgium was the only one Tour title this year. The highest ranking to the fourth year, end of year 6

2005: two by Tour runner-up (lost to Henin-Hardenne in Charleston, Philadelphia lost to Amelie Mauresmo). But as Russia's Fed Cup successfully defend the greatest hero in the two singles and a doubles victory achieved to help the Russian team in the final 3 to 2 victory over France. 8

2006 year-end ranking: Tokyo Pan Pacific tournament final victory over Martina Hingis in 6260, this is her first wta a champion. Los Angeles, were in turn defeated champion Maria Sharapova and Jelena Jankovic. Indian Wells semi-finals three beat Justine Henin-Hardenne lost to Sharapova in the final. 8

2007 year-end ranking: In Istanbul, the final order 76 (5) 30 win over France's Rezai was the first clay-court champion; in his home in Moscow, the final to 576,161 reversal of previously did not beat Serena ever get one of the she was most eager to event title, which is her second career, a champion. As the rib injury, missed half of the season, about 9-week race. April 1, September 8, 2003 the first time since dropped out of the world's top 10. Moscow won the championship after the return to the top ten, but missed the rest of the season. Year-end top 11.

2008:2 months, the United Arab Emirates Dubai final victory over Svetlana Kuznetsova was the ninth person singles Tour title. In May, in Berlin and Istanbul, to obtain back to back runner-up. In August, she attached great importance to the Olympic tennis women's singles event, followed by beating K. Bondarenko (61 64), Arvidsson (63 64), Wo Zini Aceh (76 62), Williams (366,463), hereby Wona Zvonareva (63 76), and Dinara Safina (367,563), win her dream of Olympic champion, but also for their own career added a glorious page.

2009:4 month, won a card lotus -克拉特泽克Sports Awards, in the April 5, a new high singles world rankings, and came to the world's third position.
Han Wu Yong2010-02-16 17:33:31 +0000 #3
6 years old.

Anastasia Myskina and Elena Dementieva is a very good friend. From 6-year-old start, they both moved to Spartak Moscow in the famous club to learn tennis, when the enlightenment of their teachers are Marat Safin's mother.




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