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Shanghai Minhang District in the vicinity of the spring there can play tennis (squash) club?

Lethe132010-02-16 17:10:46 +0000 #1
Is the Drama My Girl Lee Jun-ki inside they often play the kind of
Han Wu Yong2010-02-16 17:15:10 +0000 #2
(Minhang District) Shanghai Metropolitan Golf Club

This is a unique center of Shanghai Stadium Club - Metropolitan Club. There are first-class facilities such as: swimming pool, squash and so on. Hours: Monday - Sunday (05:00-23:00)

ancillary facilities: sauna, jazz bars, KTV, swimming pool, squash, etc.

charging methods: cash, check,

Address: Spring Road, Minhang District, Shanghai in 9988 Metropolitan Golf Club Road, Shanghai (Minhang District in Spring Road)

Bus routes: Take 911, Shanghai, Zhu Line bus to the next in Spring Road

Phone: (021) 64,790,943

Fax: (021) 64791587


Min Hang Xin Tian an indoor tennis hall

responsible for: "Xinmin Evening News" number of visits: 508 Date :2002-12-24

PRC city in the first privately operated enterprises to invest in the construction of three indoor tennis hall, recently completed the opening in Minhang District. The Tennis Hall by the Shanghai Investment Co., Ltd. Shen invest in the construction of the original, the original Shen Fitness Club Co., Ltd. to manage, matched with an indoor swimming pool, indoor badminton hall, squash hall will be open to the community around the Spring Festival. Arena hired former Shanghai tennis coach Shun Song coaching amateur tennis three times a week, junior class will be based on the learner's time is divided into early, middle, evening, recently open for registration.

Registration Tel: 54,433,258.

Shanghai Minhang District Tennis Association on more results



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