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Snowy Water Sakura2010-02-16 17:11:01 +0000 #1
both large and small game, as long as the occupation on the line, I want to know. Four Tennis Open, WTA, ATP addition to these Is that all?
asd7537002010-02-16 17:15:39 +0000 #2
As China is the popularity of tennis and tennis population increases, more and more friends favorite tennis on the tennis coverage is also increasing. However, because the level of my tennis career and backward, which is why becoming a professional player to go through what kind of way, for the majority of people who can say that is a mystery. Even a lot of sports newspaper's keen on pursuing tennis star lace news "writers" not sure in the end WTA, ATP how the matter, we often see "WTA low-level 20005 total prize money game" or "ATP-level events often do not challenge prize money and points" have hit the newspapers, so that the system really knows who Xiaodiaodaya tennis.

So in the end is how a professional athlete does not like from the world rankings to become the world's top ten players? We should first find out ATP, WTA, ITF concept. ATP The Association of Tennis Professional of the abbreviations can be translated as men's international professional tennis player associations. The WTA is the Women's Tennis professional Association of abbreviations can be translated as International Women's association of professional tennis players. ITF is an abbreviation of the International Tennis Federation, the International Tennis Federation. All three of them in their own division of mutual cooperation in another relationship. To them four Open is what we often say that the Australian Open (held in Melbourne, Australia), French Open (held in France Baliluolan Garros), Wimbledon British Open (venue British Wimbledon), U.S. Open (venue for the United States New York). They have their own governing bodies, they and the ATP, WTA, ITF is partnership. In addition to states to participate in the men's team event organization DAVIS CUP, Davis Cup and women's team event organization FED CUP, UEFA Cup, are also independent organizations. In other words, there is such a major tennis tournament of nine organizations to work together to do a global organization of tennis events.

Here we mainly look at the three most often have access to the ITF, ATP, WTA. While we in the newspapers and magazines and the Internet most frequently seen is the ATP and WTA, because the world's best players are all men and women of these two members of the Association, these two associations to do publicity and promotion is the best, is also the most money for propaganda, but the world should be carried out on the largest operator of the ITF's match as ITF's primary responsibility is to promote tennis on a global scale, so ITF is responsible for hosting all of the low-level games and youth games . The competition is divided into men and want to race (Futures Tournament) and satellite competition (Satellite Circuits). The wish to race must be three consecutive weeks, each game a total prize money of 10000 dollars race composition; or two consecutive two weeks, each game a total prize money of 10005 composed of thousands of dollars the game . Taizhou in China, held in April this year, is the hope of such a race. The satellite tournament to be given by a country's net co-sponsored by four weeks to come out of the four, each game a total prize money of not less than 6,250 dollars match the composition, the final leg of the final form of the total, only total score from the first three points of the front runners. Satellite tournament with a total prize money of 20005 thousand dollars (that is, 6,250 dollars for each game), 50000 and 70005 dollars 1000 dollars and the other to provide free accommodation and breakfast a few. World number one men's player does not have to play by playing these two forms to obtain and accumulate ATP points, so that he is entitled to, or more easily to attend to a higher level of competition.

And, like men, women ITF competition is divided into the following five games. 1, women's total prize money 20000 dollars Tour. Each match consists of three prize money of five thousand dollars, plus a Grand Final, which results the best players must be able to receive a minimum of five thousand dollars in prize money. 2, the total prize money of 40000 dollars tour. Each match consists of three prize 10000 dollars, plus a Grand Final, which results the best players must be able to receive a minimum of 10000 dollars in prize money. 3, ITF total prize money of 10000 dollars match. 4, ITF total prize money of 20005 thousand dollars, 50000 dollars, 70005 thousand dollars match. 5, ITF total prize money of 50000 dollars also provide free accommodation, 70005 thousand dollars also provide free accommodation. 1 no world ranking female athletes often have low-level by playing the game to get into the high-level competition points.

While the ITF tournament prize money less points lower, but not that there is no money, no points. We Na Jiangjin at least one-stop total prize money of 6,250 dollars for the men's race, won the championship will be 812.5 dollars in prize money, because such a satellite tournament score is calculated the first four races of the points, then converted to ATP's computer ranking points, so we do not take this more complex way of an example of scoring. We also take a 10005 thousand dollars in prize money tournament championship hopes come to an example, he can get 18 points of the ATP's computer ranking points, and one thousand three hundred dollars in prize money.

While the women's competition, we are just in the United States to participate in Take Kournikova total prize money of 20005 thousand dollars of the island's Cup (a total of 32 are selected bits) for example, the last champion of Russia Sharapova took her to get WTA computer ranking points is 25 points, prize money is three thousand dollars. But it was reported that Kournikova had won by the winner is the winner of this level, then we know why the WTA said Kournikova never held the title of the bar.

Here we are then introduced the ATP. ATP competition is divided into two series, one ATP TOURNAMENTS can be translated as ATP Series One CHALLENGER SERIES TOURNAMENTS, translated Challenge series. We may have taken note of such a detail, is to challenge the series before the game, and there is no ATP, although the Challenge Series is a got to be responsible for ATP, but to take the title of Challenge is not to say that taking the title of ATP is entirely different from the two concept. Normally, we check the ATP website information on a male player, the above if he has a title that is to say, he won the ATP Championship Series race. ATP Series also includes the following six kinds of matches: 1, Masters Cup; 2, the World Doubles Championship; 3, the World Team Championships; 4, Tennis Masters Series tournament, which is the so-called ultra-nine events; 5, the international gold series; 6, International Series.

ATP International Series tournament is the lowest level of the game, which matches the total prize money is divided into 400,000 dollars, 600,000 dollars, 800,000 dollars and one million dollars range. The international gold series in total prize money is divided into 800 thousand, one million dollars. 9 Masters of the total prize money of course, more than 1 million, and their prize by the respective committee to decide. Our previous Heineken Open in Shanghai is 400 thousand dollars of the lowest level of the ATP tournament.

Challenge Series of the total prize money is divided into the following categories: 20005 thousand dollars, 50000 dollars, 30007 1000 5 100 dollars plus free accommodation and breakfast, 70005 thousand dollars, 100,000 dollars, 120,005 1000 dollars plus free accommodation and breakfast, 15 million U.S. dollars. Take part in a challenge match 50000 dollars, if they will get 50 points won the ATP computer ranking points and seven thousand two hundred dollars in prize money.

Finally, we say something WTA. It is very simple event system is divided into Tier 1-5 level. The lowest level 5 total prize money of 110,000 dollars, 4 total prize money of 140,000 dollars, 3 games total prize money could be 170 thousand dollars, and 220,005 thousand dollars, two total prize money of 58万5千dollars and 650,000 dollars, the most senior one in total prize money is 126万2千can be USD, 132万5千dollars, 200 million U.S. dollars. Women's race in Shanghai this year, the total prize money will reach 580,005 thousand dollars that is WTA's two games. Won the first prize in these games where it is considered has a WTA title.

In here, just to tell you about the ITF, ATP, WTA and the most basic of their differences and mutual relations, in order to understand the specific situation was to go to their web sites, namely,, Almost all of the professional players came from the lowest level to participate in the tour and hope game playing, but a different rate of increase in a small number of players quickly into the higher-level events may be the majority of players are still playing for many years The lowest level of the competition struggling. If a player has done quite well at a young age, and the country's tennis is also more developed, such as Andy Roddick, you can rely on a wild card to participate in a number of high-standard match, if indeed very strong, then he will be able to quickly obtain sufficient ranking points, and entered into the Challenge level and even the ATP race to go.



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