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The elderly had health problems, how could he make his stomach does not produce flatulence

illustrious 35482010-02-16 17:11:09 +0000 #1
my home for the elderly in particular physically weak stomach every day, there will be inflatable's hard for me to row not come out, relying on open Sai Lu ease. How could he make so powerful that he no longer Inflation
Alvin 32010-02-16 17:13:11 +0000 #2
diet and physical exercise combined Oh!

Elderly people exercise more applicable to the project:

(1) Walking: Walking is very beneficial to human health, and through the ages, many great men, scholars have to walk as a strong physical, mental conditioning training methods.

Walking with a good fitness role. First of all, walking is a kind of mold emotions and feeling comfortable activities. In the fresh air and beautiful surroundings to walk the site on a jog trot, will make people look Qishuang, relaxed and happy. Walking can regulate the function of the cerebral cortex, intense mental work, the walk to eliminate fatigue, brain puzzle to help sleep. Therefore, the effect of walking with comfortable repose. Second, the walk is a gentle easy workout. When walking, the two feet alternate move, can exercise muscles, the activities of muscles, strong Tuizu, promote blood circulation, so that heart rate, cardiac output increase, which the heart is a good exercise, prevention and treatment of high blood pressure, crown heart disease will benefit both. Walking will also enhance the secretion of digestive gland function, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis regular, and can improve the respiratory function. Third, the walk is also a means to prolong illnesses. Walking can promote metabolism, increase energy expenditure and promote the use of excess body fat can help control diabetes and obesity; right because of gastrointestinal disorders caused by constipation of the elderly, walking is conducive to maintaining smooth defecation; insomnia in the elderly, Walking helps sleep before going to bed. In short, the walk can be illnesses and to keep fit, longevity, mental and physical health of older persons is very useful.

Walking as a fitness sport, there must be a certain speed in order to achieve their goals. In general, medium-speed (80-90 steps per minute) or fast (100 steps per minute and above) walking training method in order to achieve good results. The health of elderly people over the age of 60 walking speed should strive to achieve 100 steps per minute or so, reached a total of 6000 steps a day about this, about 1 hour a day on foot is appropriate. The maximum number of walking the pulse remained at 110-l20 beats / min, and feel good about themselves. Some elderly people might not reach this target, as long as the walk rather than a truck, with the fastest speed of exercise, it can certainly receive better results.

At present, there is also a popular walking down that walk backwards, its advantage is that adjustments usually do not use muscles, leaving the blood circulation can be improved, to reduce or eliminate back pain. There lumbar muscle strain or osteoarthritis who may take this approach, in the plains, or open space without obstructions.

(2) Jogging: Jogging is also called fitness run, as a means of physical fitness has swept the world, as to obtain wisdom, body-building, long-bao magic of youth, has become in modern life as a means of disease control for an increasing number of elderly people use.

Jogging on the benefits of exercise is quite heart and lung function. Can strengthen and improve the heart pump function, increased myocardial excitability, so that increased cardiac contractility, heart rate slows, cardiac output increased, and can expand and promote coronary collateral circulation in coronary arteries, increase coronary blood flow to improve cardiac nutrition, can prevent or reduce angina pectoris, prevention and treatment of coronary heart disease have a better effect; can improve the function of the cerebral cortex, regulating cortical and visceral connection to improve the coordination of various systems of organs, regulate vascular contraction and relaxation function, so that increased blood vessel elasticity is conducive to the stability of blood pressure, high blood pressure may promote a gradual decline in blood pressure; jogging inhalation of oxygen than sit more than 8 times when you will enable the significant increase in lung capacity, alveolar able to fully activities can effectively prevented the decline in lung tissue elasticity, improve and enhance the lung function; jogging can reduce weight, improve fat metabolism, reduce blood triglyceride and cholesterol levels, and can promote the already deposited in the arterial wall cholesterol gradually subsided, so prevention and treatment of hyperlipidemia, obesity, coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis, hypertension and other diseases of good.

Fitness race is generally divided into the preparatory activities, jogging and relaxing three stages. The beginning of the proper conduct of preparatory activities, slowly look at physical activity, so that muscles relax, and to heart rate and respiration to adapt to the needs of movement, generally 2-3 minutes; while running pace should be brisk, arms swing naturally, to use his nose inhale, exhale through the mouth, breathing should be deep, and fine slow rhythm, each step inhale a run 2-3 times, pitted 2-3 breath a second step, fitness running speed of 120 meters per minute, a 130 m, do not feel uncomfortable with their own, not shortness of breath, can be advisable to speak with others They leak. The initial training, it can jog 5-10 minutes, and gradually increased to 15-20 minutes after adaptation. Best to adhere to exercise a second day, there are difficulties in exercise for at least three times per week, each time gradually increased to 30-40 minutes. After jogging should not be stopped immediately, but should be slow and relaxing walking or standing still doing finishing, he gradually returned to a quiet state.

Running time, preferably in the morning every day should be mainly jogging and to do what. For the poor or before the lack of physical exercise, the elderly, may be the first to walk, run alternating manner, to be gradually adapt and then OK to run full invasion. Running the distance from near to far, the speed from slow to fast, in order to consciously relaxed the degree of the body. In case of rain and snow, windy weather or other reasons can not go out during exercise: You can run indoors in situ training.

(3) Tai Chi: Tai Chi Chuan is a traditional Chinese fitness sports, fitness and longevity with the effectiveness of the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases better results, it is very suitable for the elderly as a workout. First of all, when you concentrate on taijiquan, attention is highly concentrated. Eye readily turn, carry-for-step, action, smooth, coherent, sound, coordinated and mobilized to take quiet, conducive to the brain rest; secondly, help to slow muscle decline, maintain and improve the flexibility of joint movement; third, Taijiquan slow soft, supple and there is just muscle rhythmic vasomotor, to regulate the brain cortex and autonomic nervous system function has a unique role; fourth, can cure many chronic diseases such as hypertension, neurasthenia, ulcer disease , tuberculosis, hepatitis, convalescence, bone and joint diseases, with illnesses and prolong their effectiveness.

Taijiquan schools are more for beginners to practice the State Sports Commission published "Simplified Tai Chi Chuan" is better, easy to learn and effective. And practice their moves to elect a flat on the ground, the environment quiet, fresh air of the outdoors or indoors, preferably in the early morning or evening exercise in the morning and practice their moves will enable the activities of different organs of the body together, for entry into the work and life activities, to prepare; in the evening practice Boxing helps eliminate fatigue. And practice their moves before you do a good job warming-up, shadow boxing, a good time to adjust the breath to do the movements to stabilize the breathing substance, facilitates the training of respiratory muscles and improve appetite. May be based on individual physical strength to adjust the training in taijiquan time, times, shelf height and movement speed, the best is a daily morning and evening each practice one times, each time 10 a 15 minutes.

(4) Qigong: Qigong is treasure of traditional medicine in a unique physical fitness methods. Qigong is the "practice within a breath," so-called "gas" means the air that people breathe within the human body plot of "vital energy." Chinese medicine believes that strength is to maintain good health and disease prevention important factor. Qigong is the exercise the body's internal strength, by adjusting the postures, breathing adjustment, adjust the spirit of the training methods to adjust the body's internal energy, thereby enhancing physical fitness, improving disease prevention and disease to achieve the purpose of illnesses and physical fitness. Chinese medicine, Qigong has a balance of yin and yang, qi and blood to reconcile, and clear the meridians and coordinate the function of organs. Modern medical science has proven that Qigong exercise on respiration, digestion, circulation, neurological and endocrine functions have good role. Qigong can regulate cerebral cortex and autonomic nervous system function; reduce the energy consumption of the body, increase energy reserves; through the abdominal breathing, so diaphragm significantly rhythmic up and down movement of the abdominal viscera play a massage, there are beneficial to the gastrointestinal tract of food digestion and absorption. Therefore, qigong can improve health, delay aging, longevity. Practice has proved that Qigong on hypertension, neurasthenia, gastroenterology, diabetes, coronary heart disease, chronic bronchitis and other diseases, have a better preventive effect.

Qigong from practicing methods speaking, dynamic power and static power is divided into two broad categories. Older people to practice static power is better. A lot of popular qigong. The elderly according to their physical conditions, to choose their own training exercises.

Doing qigong exercises should pay attention to the following points: ① 10 a 15-minute practice to cease all activities, emptying urine and do exercises to prepare. ② practice when calm, muscle relaxation, so that loose static nature, static and dynamic combination of training and raising phase, emotional dependency and gradual manner. ③ To exclude the ideological considerations of the ideas focused on a certain point, the wishful keep pubic region. Can the idea of doing exercises focus on the key to success. ④ regulate breathing, to achieve emotional unity. ⑤ practice should be Youyidaonan. No need to rush, so that gradually and persist in the course of time will bear fruit. ⑧ practice time is generally 20-30 minutes a day, morning and evening of all l times. ⑦ fasting and after meals should not be practicing immediately. ⑧ my practice, if headache, dizziness, chest tightness, shortness of breath, which do not timely and should search for reasons to be corrected, if the symptoms continued to increase, they should temporarily stop practicing.

(5) ball games: ball games suitable for the elderly exercise fitness ball, table tennis, badminton, tennis, billiards, croquet and golf, etc. can be based on individual interests and hobbies to choose.

Fitness ball is quite fun, another entertaining sports equipment. Fitness ball evolved from the pecans, pecan in the hands of the ancients home run for illnesses and health. Currently there are hollow iron ball fitness ball, stone balls, jade balls, etc., have different models. Exercise, the hand-held two fitness balls, along rhythmically clockwise or counterclockwise rotation, more than 10 minutes each time practicing, practicing several times a day. Refers mainly to enhance the fitness ball, wrist joint toughness, flexibility and coordination, can enhance that power, Zhang Li, wrist force, to prevent elderly people from trembling of the hands and finger joints and wrist stiffness is quite good. Fitness ball to stimulate the palm points can adjust the reflex function of the central nervous system, play a brain puzzle, eliminating the role of fatigue, along with Shu by blood circulation, strong gluten bone health, strong visceral effect. Therefore, elderly people insist on fitness ball exercise is beneficial.

Table Tennis Exercise can enhance the limbs, waist, back and chest muscle strength, and raising the body's tolerance, which can effectively enhance the capabilities within the

dirty, anti-aging. The elderly table tennis training aimed at physical fitness, rather than putting the focus on the outcome of the game.

Badminton sports equipment simple and easy to carry, easy to master, indoor and outdoor can be carried out. Vary in their amount of exercise for older people exercise

years. Badminton training can enhance low back, abdominal and limb muscle strength, and raising the excitability of the cerebral cortex and cerebellum of flexibility and coordination, there is the role of brain puzzle.

Tennis Sports Badminton can be obtained the same training effect. Its motion than badminton, and will need to tennis courts or large open space in order to carry out training.

Croquet movement competitive race time is short, little exercise, while interesting and very strong, more suitable for the elderly. Croquet exercise training can enhance back, limbs, muscle strength, and have brain effects.

Billiards is a set of intellectual and physical strength, sport and entertainment in one fitness item. Through the brain, eye, hands and feet move to achieve physical fitness goals.

Golf is an elegant outdoor sport. In order to stick shot into the hole, hit the ball at the venue undulating walk, waist and back muscles receive training, it is suitable for the elderly, but under the sports venues, economic conditions and other factors, such movements can not yet widely conduct.

(6) Dance: Dance is a dance and music together, cultural and leisure activities beneficial to physical and mental health of older persons is also a suitable physical exercise. Older persons can jump ballroom dancing, old disco, in the merry, melodious sounds of music melody in the dance, the spirit makes people feel happy, relaxed and happy, especially the disco dancing and beautiful, chic generous ease, lively and unrestrained, as if they return to to the youth. In an atmosphere of jubilation, but also to eliminate the brain's fatigue and psychological tension, so that the body feel relaxed and coordination. Dancing is a whole body movement, can be of various organ systems, training, enhance the body's metabolism, so that heart rate and breathing speed up, cardiac output of more blood to the body; can improve appetite, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and improve absorption capacity; to increase flexibility in joints, muscles strong, steady gait and effective; the fight against coronary heart disease, hypertension, bone and joint disease, obesity, constipation, etc. have some benefits. However, the rhythm do not dance too fast, such as palpitation, chest tightness, shortness of breath, dizziness, and so not feeling well, should sit down and rest for a while until the symptoms disappear and then continue.

In addition, the following will also help to digest food.

Coffee, caffeine will stimulate the heart rate, speed up the metabolism, helps digestion. But the coffee drink of easy Shang Wei, nutritionists recommend drinking no more than 3 cups a day.

Prune Prune with acidic, helps digestion and has laxative effect of the rapid Xiaozhi Jiapin.

Pineapple Pineapple contains a break down proteins and enzymes to help digestion and contains a lot of vitamin C. A pineapple contains about 24 milligrams of vitamin C, daily demand of 40%, drinking a cup of pineapple juice is sufficient to provide the required day of vitamin C.

Hawthorn Hawthorn clean fresh water will shoot flat, brewed into tea, with hot water, there is diuretic, Xiaozhi greasy, etc. In addition to efficacy.

Papaya Papaya contains proteolytic enzymes to help break down protein and starch on the digestive system boost.

★ pure natural detox food list

due to a variety of large-scale use of pesticides, people tend to gather a lot of the body of toxic substances, once they reach a certain number of toxic substances,Will cause damage to the human body, if we pay attention to in their daily diet consumption of a number of detoxification of food, we can guarantee good health. Here are some everyday substances detoxification.

Chinese medicine that the mung bean, mung bean sex sweet cold solution of stone, arsenic, vegetation of various drugs. Pairs of heavy metals, pesticide poisoning and other types of food poisoning have a preventive effect. Accelerating the metabolism of toxic substances in the body transformation to discharge, and green bean soup is the best detoxification agent. Frequent contact with lead, arsenic, cadmium, chemical fertilizers, pesticides and other harmful substances in the diet should be eating more green bean soup, bean porridge, green bean sprouts.

Pig Blood

China's traditional medicine, beneficial intestinal pig's blood purge, clear scale of the efficacy of bowel. Modern medicine confirmed that pig blood plasma protein in the body's stomach acid were decomposed, can produce a kind of detoxification, bowel decomposition products, the substance inside the body with the dust, harmful biochemical reactions of metal particles, and then from digestive tract body.


Chinese medicine, cold seaweed, taste salty, function Ruanjian Sanjie, heat-profit water, fat buck. Modern medicine kelp in the alginic acid can slow down the intestinal absorption of radioactive strontium have been, and can be excreted, so the sea with the prevention of leukemia (blood cancer) in effect on the cadmium into the body also has the role of excretion.


tea detoxification, as early as in the "Shen Nong's Herbal Classic" and there is documented. Modern medicine, tea to speed up the body with a role in excretion of toxic substances, which contained its polyphenols, polysaccharides and vitamin c of the combined effect are inseparable.


for the fruit of high quality goods, rich in organic acids and a variety of enzymes, with heat Runchang, help digestion, nourish the liver and detoxification effect.


carrot is effective detoxification food. Is not only rich in carotene, can increase the body after eating vitamin a, and contains a lot of pectin, a substance combining with mercury, can effectively reduce the blood concentration of mercury ions to accelerate mercury ions to exclude.
South March rain2010-02-16 17:24:09 +0000 #3
drink soda a day.

Or to try to Massage



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