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I ask the first four Open Which ah

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Will Open the first four Which ah
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Wimbledon Tennis Championships About History

● Traditional

Stadium list

successive Wimbledon men's singles champion prize successive women's singles champions

[Edit this paragraph] Wimbledon Tennis Championships Introduction

(Wimbledon Championships, known as the "warm net ") is a tennis oldest and most prestigious event. Championships are usually held in June or July, is the annual Grand Slam for the first three events, placing in the Australian Open and French Open, U.S. Open before. The event (the only Grand Slam tournament of the use of the pitch) usually lasted for two weeks, but will be delayed due to rain. Men's singles, women's singles, men's doubles, women's doubles and mixed doubles competitions for men and women in different venues simultaneously. Wimbledon also organized a men's singles, women's singles, men's doubles, women's doubles match of youth. In addition, the Wimbledon has also conducted special tournament for retired players, such as the 35-year-old and above men's doubles, 45-year-old and above men's doubles, and 35-year-old and above women's doubles match. Competition hours will normally be by the end of June or early July.

[Edit this paragraph] ● History

Wimbledon in 1877 for the first time at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club (All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club) under the management of Worple Road in Wimbledon, near a venue. At that time only men's singles match. By 1884, an increase of the All England Club, women's singles and men's doubles. Women's doubles and mixed doubles in 1913 to join. Championship in 1922 moved to the site of today's Church Road. Like the other three "Grand Slam" tournament, Wimbledon in the Open era of tennis in 1968, before the arrival of only the top amateur open. Very proud of the British Championship, but it is also their national anguish and humor Source: British men from 1936佛瑞德佩里(Fred Perry) after singles champion has not won; while the last British women's singles champions was in 1977, Virginia Wade (Virginia Wade).

[Edit this paragraph] ● Course

main course is called "Center Court" (center Court), the holding of the final place. During the race in London because of the unpredictability of the weather, the golf course with a folding roof, is expected to be completed in 2009. One course in 1997, a large-scale reconstruction of the stadium from the adjacent center moved to a new site that can accommodate more audience-specific sites. The original playground is said to have a unique atmosphere, is a favorite place of many players, so there are a lot of people are saddened by their Relocation. One course is usually held some very important games, such as the singles quarter-finals, it also has a huge external screen is used to gather in the mountains outside the match Henman fans watching the game. Every year, hundreds of thousands of fans in this piece of the hillside for the impact of native title to cheer for the players, but unfortunately, 1936's, the British player has not lifted the trophy again.

II course has a "champion the grave" in the title, because in here to compete for seed are usually eliminated by lower-ranked opponents. Have been the victims included Andre Agassi (Andre Agassi), Roger Federer (Roger Federer), and Pete Sampras (Pete Sampras), the first round in 2005, also came very close to Di Muheng Man (Tim Henman) dragged into the water.

[Edit this paragraph] ● Traditional

green and purple are the traditional Wimbledon representative color. Female athletes in the whole tournament, its name before being dubbed "Miss" or "Mrs." (as he announced the score when the referee), while male athletes will address him by name. In the game, players match the color of clothing can only be white.

The competition was held last week of June each year to be held the first week of July and lasted 2 weeks. Traditionally, event-free competition in the Sun. History, however, there are three times Sunday (the last one in 2004), due to rain forced competition was held. Be held within the first week of early events, while the second week will hold a "16", quarter finals, semi-finals and finals.

Men's singles champion will receive a 18-inch-high gold-plated trophy. Women's singles prize a diameter of about 19-inch silver plate, usually called the "Rosewater Dish" or the "Venus Rosewater Dish". There are other activities, prizes. 2005 prize money (doubles prize money will be divided equally) is:

☆ Men's singles: 630,000 pounds

☆ Women's singles: 600,000 pounds

☆ Men's Doubles: 218,500 pounds

☆ Women's doubles: 203,250 pounds

☆ Mixed Doubles: 90,000 pounds

Wimbledon and French Open men's champion more prize money than women; in the U.S. and Australian Open in prize money for men and women are the same. However, in 2007, the implementation of equal pay for men and women's singles, when the women's singles champion Venus Williams and men's singles champion Roger Federer received the same amount of prize money.

For the contest the audience, strawberries with cream is that they watched the traditional snacks during the competition. In addition, although the audience dress code has been somewhat reduced, but the game still can not wear shorts male audience that women can not wear hats, because this may hinder the back of the audience's attention.

Raining almost become a Wimbledon tradition: almost every year at Wimbledon he would have run into rain; and because it is grass pitches, once the rain must pull the rain cover to protect their caddies golf course, it also became A classic scene staged every year (although folding roof is completed, the central stadium will not be further rain affected).

[Edit this paragraph] Wimbledon prize money table

column entries in 2007 (pounds) 2008 (pound sterling) growth rate of

the total prize money of 11,282,710 11,812,000 4.7%

Men's Championship 700,000 750,000 7.1%

men's runner-up 350,000 375,000 7.1%

Women's Championship 700,000 750,000 7.1%

Women's runner-up 350,000 375,000 7.1%

men's doubles championship 229,000 230,000 3.2%

men's doubles runner-up 111,440 115,000 3.2%

3.2% of the women's doubles championship 222,900 230,000

111,440 115,000 3.2% of the women's doubles runner-up

mixed doubles champions 90,000 92,000 2.2 %

mixed doubles runner-up 45,000 46,000 2.2%

[Edit this paragraph]

previous men's singles champion Pete Sampras in the tournament's history has been won seven titles, while Federer has won the the silver cup six times. The trophy from the beginning adopted so far in 1887, cup engraved "All England Lawn Club singles championship."

Year Champion Runner-up score

2009 Roger Federer (Switzerland) Andy Roddick (United States) [3:2]

2008 Rafael Nadal (Spain) Roger Federer (Switzerland) [3:2]

2007 Roger Federer (Switzerland), sodium Dahl (Spain) [3:2]

2006 Roger Federer (Switzerland) Rafael Nadal (Spain) [3:1]

2005 Roger Federer (Switzerland) Andy Roddick (United States) [3:0]

2004 Roger Federer (Switzerland) Andy Roddick (United States) [3:1]

2003 Roger Federer (Switzerland) Mark Philippoussis (Australia) [3:0]

2002 Lleyton Hewitt (Australia) David Nalbandian (Argentina) [3 : 0]

2001 Goran Ivanisevic (Croatia) Pat Rafter (Australia) [3:2]

2000 Pete Sampras (USA) Patrick Rafter (Australia) [3:1]

1999 Pete Sampras ( United States) Andre Agassi (USA) [3:0]

1998 Pete Sampras (USA) Goran Ivanisevic (Croatia) [3:2]

1997 Pete Sampras (USA) Pioline (France) [3:0]

1996 Richard Krajicek (Netherlands), Washington (United States) [3:0]

1995 Pete Sampras (USA) Boris Becker (Germany) [3:1]

1994 Pete Sampras (USA ) Goran Ivanisevic (Croatia) [3:0]

1993 Pete Sampras (USA) Jim Courier (USA) [3:1]

1992 Andre Agassi (USA) Goran Ivanisevic (Croatia ) [3:2]

1991 History of Wittig (Germany), Becker (Germany) [3:0]

1990 Aibo Ge (Sweden), Becker (Germany) [3:2]

1989 Boris Becker (Germany), AI Berg (Sweden) [3:0]

1988 Aibo Ge (Sweden), Becker (Germany) [3:1]

1987 Pat Cash (Australia), Ivan Lendl (Czech Republic) [3:0]

1986 Becker ( Germany), Ivan Lendl (Czech Republic) [3:0]

1985 Boris Becker (Germany), Kurland (Estonia) [3:1]

1984 John McEnroe (USA) Jimmy Connors (USA) [3:0]

1983 John McEnroe (USA), Lewis (New Zealand)

1982 Jimmy Connors (USA) John McEnroe (USA)

1981 John McEnroe (USA), Bjorn Borg (Sweden)

1980 Bjorn Borg (Sweden), Marc Connaught (USA)

1979 Bjorn Borg (Sweden), Santana (USA)

1978 Bjorn Borg (Sweden), Jimmy Connors (USA)

1977 Bjorn Borg (Sweden), Jimmy Connors (USA)

1976 Bjorn Borg (Sweden) Nastase (Romania)

1975 Ashe (United States) Jimmy Connors (USA)

1974 Jimmy Connors (USA) Luosiwoer (Australia)

1973 Cordes (Czech Republic) Ma Te Weili (former USSR)

1972 Smith (USA) Nastase (Romania)

1971 Newcomb ratio (Australia), Smith (USA)

1970 Newcomb ratio (Australia) Luosiwoer (Australia)

1969 Lavau Seoul (Australia) Newcomb ratio (Australia)

1968 Laver (Australia), Roche (Australia)

[Edit this paragraph] successive women's singles champions in the tournament's history

Female King Nafuladi Nova has 9 degrees seal later, Graf has seven times Defied Qunfang.

Year Champion Runner-up

2009 Serena Williams (USA) Venus Williams (USA)

2008 Venus Williams (USA) Serena Williams (USA)

2007 Venus Williams (USA) Marion Bartoli (France )

2006 Amelie Mauresmo (France), Henin-Hardenne (Belgium)

2005 Venus Williams (USA) Lindsay Davenport (USA)

2004 Maria Sharapova (Russia) Serena Williams (USA)

2003 Small, William James (USA) Venus Williams (USA)

2002 Serena Williams (USA) Venus Williams (USA)

2001 Venus Williams (USA), Henin-Hardenne (Belgium)

2000 Venus Williams (USA) Lindsay Davenport (USA)

1999 Lindsay Davenport (USA) Steffi Graf (Germany)

1998 Novotna (Czech Republic) Tauziat (France)

1997 Martina Hingis (Switzerland) Novotna ( Czech Republic)

1996 Steffi Graf (Germany), Sanchez (Spain)

1995 Steffi Graf (Germany), Sanchez (Spain)

1994 Martinez (Spain) Martina Navratilova (USA)

1993 Steffi Graf (Germany), Graf (Germany)

1992 Steffi Graf (Germany) Monica Seles (USA)

1991 Steffi Graf (Germany), Rory Sabbatini (Argentina)

1990 Martina Navratilova (USA) Garrison (USA)

1989 Steffi Graf (Germany) Martina Navratilova (USA)

1988 Steffi Graf (Germany) Martina Navratilova (USA)

1987 Martina Navratilova (USA) Steffi Graf (Germany)

1986 Nafuladi Luo Wa (USA) Mandelikova (Czech Republic)

1985 Martina Navratilova (USA) Chris Evert (USA)

1984 Martina Navratilova (USA) Chris Evert (USA)

1983 na芙拉蒂洛娃(United States) Andrea - Jaeger (USA)

1982 Martina Navratilova (USA) Chris Evert (USA)

1981 Chris Evert (USA) Mandelikova (Czech Republic)

1980 ancient lagoon (Australia) Chris Evert (USA)

1979 Martina Navratilova (USA) Chris Evert (USA)

1978 Martina Navratilova (USA) Chris Evert (USA)

1977 Wade (UK) Jimmy Connors (USA)

1976 Chris Evert (USA), the ancient lagoon (Australia)

1975 Billy - Jane - Kim (USA) ancient lagoon (Australia)

1974 Chris Evert (USA) Morozova (Russia)

1973 Billy - Jane - Kim (USA) Chris Evert (USA)

1972 Billy - Jane - Kim (USA) ancient lagoon (Australia)

1971 the ancient lagoon (Australia), Matthew Grit - Coulter (Australia)

1970 Margaret - Coulter (Australia), Billy - Jane - Kim (USA)

1969 Jones ((UK) Billy - Jane - Kim (USA)

1968 Billy - Jane - Kim (U.S.) Tegart (Australia)
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