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Known as the world's second largest ball games what sports

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is called the world's second largest ball games what sports
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world's second largest ball games - Tennis

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Tennis is a beautiful profile and intense exercise: the origin and development of tennis can be summarized in four lines: born in the France, was born in the UK, began to spread and reach a peak in the U.S., is now prevalent throughout the world, known as the world's second largest ball games.

The origin of the modern tennis tennis generally include indoor tennis and outdoor tennis two forms. Tennis originated from 12 to 13-century French missionaries in the church corridors ball with the palm of a game. Later became a court of indoor pastime entertainment. Some people think that should be traced back to the origins of tennis, "the Hundred Years War" (1337

1453 war between Britain and France) were previously in France, a kind of folklore Mingjiaohaiou de Wumai of ball games. The game is said to be two people, and each armed with a racket, golf course surrounded by the walled, the ball hit the wall after bombs back and then, over the net. Therefore, whether from the use of the site and appliances on the way to or from the play games on it with modern tennis there are many similarities, so some people see it as the original form of tennis.

Into tennis development in the mid-14th century France, a poet to the ball games introduced to the French court, the aristocracy of men and women as a royal pastime. Then play this game, the venue is a palace inside the hall, there is no net and no rackets, the ball is rolled into round with a cloth tied up with ropes into the post. Site is bounded by the middle put up a rope, using his hands to bat, the ball dropped from the ropes to throw to, French called Tennez, English is called "Takeit! Play", which means: "to seize! Lost in the past", today "Tennis (Tennis)" a phrase that comes from this. Soon, wooden racket was used in place of hands Bounce the ball. The beginning of the 16th century, this ball game is a French national was found, out of curiosity began to follow suit quickly spread to major cities, while the improved equipment. Manufacturing had the ball is more durable parchment tempo changed from wood panels, film surface area is larger, has longer grip the handle. Site the middle of the rope, increasing numerous short rope hanging to the ground, the ball passing from a rope below, you can clearly find. Later, the French King Louis ordered a ban, and the provisions of which is the prerogative of the court in the game. The early 17th century, the venue is no longer the middle rope curtain, while the use of small square nets, net curtain over the role of better beat the network to switch to threading film, flexible, and lightweight convenience. In the French court to make such games, the golf course next to the golden place a container, after each race, viewers will be their money into the session, as the winner of the prize. At first, the intention of this approach well, then gradually evolve into a kind of gambling. Is still a small number of the beginning of the passage of time the greater the more gambling, and even some to go bankrupt, so the dispute after another, the French king accordingly ordered a ban on further such a game, this is the early 18th century, the main reason for the decline tennis.

About 1358

1360 years, this ball game spread to England from France. King Edward III of England are especially interested in, ordered the construction of an indoor stadium palace. Since then, tennis popularity in the UK has become a kind of English upper-class recreational activities, so there are "aristocratic movement" Ya said. During this period is mainly popular indoor tennis. Until September 29, 1793, in the United Kingdom a "Sport" magazine, have a "tennis venue," the name for.

The modern history of tennis is usually started from 1873. That year, the British沃尔特克洛Compton Winfield will be improved early tennis play, making it the summer on the lawn on a sport, and the name "lawn tennis." In the same year also published a book with "lawn tennis" as the title of the booklet, to publicize and promote such activities. Therefore, Winfield has been called the "founder of modern tennis." Then tennis has become an indoor and outdoor sports can be carried out. The same time, the establishment of tennis clubs across the UK. 1875 has also established the All England Tennis Club. The club built the world's No. 1 tennis, and in 1877 organized the All-England Lawn Tennis Men's Singles Championship, which became known as the Wimbledon tennis tournament. Wide range of tennis activities in the development and competitions have become increasingly frequent, there is no uniform set of rules, of course not work. So in 1876, by a well-known in some parts of tennis clubs to send representatives to meet with the study and discuss the development of an all-England tennis uniform rules. After repeated consultations, representatives of the parties finally tennis venues, equipment, playing techniques and competitions and achieved consensus, and form a unified rule. Around 1878, the British most of the tennis club are gradually according to the new style of play activities, training and competitions.

1874, the United States on vacation in Bermuda, Ms. Maliaote bridge watching the British officer's tennis competition, this sport is quite interesting and, therefore, tennis rules, brought to the New York auction and tennis. In the U.S., tennis was first carried out in schools in the east, and soon spread to central, west, and then popularized in the U.S.. At this time tennis has evolved from the grass enough to be on sand, cement floor, asphalt on the ground competition was held, so "Tennis (Tennis)" The name gradually replaced the "lawn tennis (LawnTennis)" the name, this is our Today, Tennis (Tennis) the origin of the name.

The initial stage of modern tennis, women are often excluded on the grounds that tennis is not suitable to women. At the same time that women's participation in tennis, indecent. Therefore, the early tennis men's singles and doubles, there are only two, no women's tennis project. But some female athletes not only dare to break through the obstruction of public opinion and the family, and the technical level of some of them more than male athletes. In some non-formal singles matches often occurs on one side are male athletes, female athletes on the other side is the situation. This forced some tennis club had to get rid of the ban, allowing women to participate in this movement. So from its inception in 1879 mixed doubles competitions for men and women, it is women themselves to work hard results.

1878, the first men's doubles tournament was held in England. In 1879, the first women's singles and mixed doubles competitions held in Ireland. In 1884, an increase of Wimbledon women's singles and men's doubles championship. 1913, added the women's doubles and mixed doubles championships.

1881, the world has witnessed the first national tennis associations, namely the United States National Lawn Tennis Association ( "National" should be abolished in 1920). This will be the year August 31 to September 3, Newport Harbor in Rhode Island to hold the first session of the United States Lawn Tennis Championships men's singles and men's doubles, using Wimbledon rules of the game, participate in the competition there were 26 people.

The United States National Lawn Tennis Association and the United States President Dwight Sears men's singles champion, but also the first overseas player to participate in Wimbledon Championships.

1887, began on the United States Lawn Tennis Championships women's singles, women's doubles and mixed doubles were started in 1890 and 1892.

1891, the first meeting of the French men's singles and men's doubles championship, the participants limited to French citizens, women's singles began in 1897.

1900, 21 year-old American tennis player Davis, in order to promote the development of modern tennis, donated a large silver bowl of gold in the village, called the Davis Cup. It later became the most prestigious international tennis men's team championship trophy a permanent flow. The annual championship team and players names engraved on the cup, when the name engraved in 1920, after Davis has donated a pad box, and later added two pallets.

1904, the Australian Lawn Tennis Association was founded, and in 1905 began to host the Australian Championships, set men's singles, men's doubles two projects. 1922, added the women's singles, women's doubles and mixed doubles 3. French Open Championship, England Wimbledon Tennis Championships, the U.S. Tennis Championships and the Australian Open tennis tournament together the world's most prestigious "Grand Slam" tennis tournament. Any one player or a group of doubles players in the same season, winning four championships, he said, will be awarded for "Grand Slam" winners of the honor.

March 1, 1913, 12 countries by the Australian tennis association representatives in Paris established the International Tennis Federation (ITF), the coordination of international tennis events, schedule game schedule throughout the year to amend the tennis rules and monitor its执行.

1919, draw a "seed" system. In 1927, Britain's first seamless tennis, so that the ball is accelerating. In 1945 to 60 years, tend to professional tennis. Women's Team in 1963, began to organize - Confederations Cup. First introduced in 1968, Wimbledon does not differentiate between amateur and professional players of the competition regime. In 1972, the International Association men's professional tennis player. In 1973, the International Women's Tennis Association.

Held in Athens in 1896, the first modern Olympic Games, tennis men's singles and doubles are listed as an official event. Later, the International Olympic Committee and the International Tennis Federation in the "amateur athlete" on the issue of differences have been carried out seven consecutive Olympic tennis events were canceled. Until the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games, tennis was only as a demonstration event. To the 1988 Seoul Olympics, tennis re-classified as an official event.

Because the most primitive of tennis originated in the palace, and would therefore scoring local materials is understandable. They can toggle the clock to get the points, each will get a sub-clock rotation quarter, which is 15 minutes (a quarter, a moment), Similarly, the clock will have two points to 30 points, Of course, all aimed at their convenience basis. This is 15 points, 30 points in the origin.

For 40 minutes, it is more strange, it is not a multiple of 15. This is because in English, 15 min pronounced "fifteen", as the pairs of syllables, while the 30 points pronounced "thirty", is also a two-syllable;, but 45 minutes, English pronounced "forty-five", into three syllables, when the British people feel a little awkward-sounding, does not meet the "convenience" principle, then put it into a double-syllable with 40 points (forty). This is what seems illogical for the origin of 40 points.

While this scoring seems strange, but still follow the tradition still in use today, after all, we have become accustomed to this from the palace of the marking scheme.



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