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How to play tennis, play tennis skills?

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How to play tennis, play tennis skills?
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Tennis Knowledge: tennis rules and related rules


tennis singles and doubles competition is divided into two forms. the players hit the ball with the racket over the net, falling into each other's sites on the. Each players were intended to make every effort to get the ball down the other side of the site up. It was so one to one back, until there is one sector or not receiving the ball hit the ball so far.

In the official match ball before the game by the need to determine who should serve. Throughout the race, the two players take turns serving. Made the players off the tee should be preceded by standing on end line, the midpoint and the edges of the assumption that the extension regions between the lines.. Should be given the ball crossed the line, which fell right angle each other serve the district. Bureau began right area of each end line after the first serve, or is missing one point, it should be changed to serve the left area. Inferior race, and so on. Usually serve in any direction is a ball toss into the air, before landing the ball with the racket hit the ball; however, can also use the arm under the ball.


If the ball falls on the other party outside the service area, such as the ball outlet, or catenary, are called mistakes, made the players, once again, serve. Fall on the ball on the border line in calculation. If serving two mistakes, called "double fault", and that opponents would win one point. If you made the players off the tee, the original baseline when the left foot is also considered errors. If the ball touches the net, but the ball still fall into each other's service area, for the re-serve.


the beginning of each round score was 0-0, the first recorded as 15-point shot, so if the player wins the points made the ball, the score becomes 15:0, if the next player to win the ball in this sub - , the score on the 0:15 (a colon is given in front of the players made the score). The second sub-ball player for 30, followed by 40 (in history, these figures represent 1 / 4 hours, namely: 15,30,45, but the 45 was changed to 40). If the other players, only 30 or have less than 30, then the next one will be able to win the ball in this Council and, because each game, at least 2 points than their opponents the ball to end the council race) players if the two sides have reached a 40, now known as the "deuce." With the coming of this points, the players will come, try to lead two points to win the bureau. Meanwhile, the hot pursuit of the opponent also worked to tie the scores again to achieve "deuce", preemptive player to win the next points, also won the Board.

If the opponent behind the plate for at least two Board, then the first player to win six Board on win one. However, if this disk is 6:5, then the parties must resort to a bureau. If the precedence they win, that is the set score is 7-5, sub-contractors who win the precedence of this disc. However, if another player this disc equalizer for 6:6, then by deciding game (the tie-break) Who decided the winner.

In the three match race is the first person to win two for the winner, that is, 3 2 wins; in 5 race, is the first person to win three of the winner, that is, 5 3 wins. Deciding game

(grab seven Bureau): In the deciding game, it is necessary to serve this to the theory of pre-emptive first points of the players ball, opponent and then made the first 2,3 minutes the ball, and then the two sides take turns made two-pointers. Served seven points ahead of the other players, if at least two points, then he won the game was. Every 6 hours the end of the ball and gaming venues must be exchanged. However, there are exceptions, if the prior agreement, to take a long drive contest system. There is no tiebreaker, only more wins than the other two Councils in order to win the game was.

Falls on other rules online are counted as any ball fair ball.

In addition to serving outside the OCS OCS, and then fall into the correct region of the ball court are valid. Players hit the ball back, it can hit the ball around in the net and fixtures, and even the top end of the Net. As long as the ball finally touched the ground the appropriate place in each other's court, are strike. Serve, the other must be the ball landing once, in order to hit the ball. While the other time the ball back to Hou may fall in the floor once or hours.

On each disk after the end of the odd-numbered Council, the two sides can be athletes a short break, and then swap the venue to continue to compete.

the following situations occurs, shall be punished with loss of sub-:

1. the ball hit the body

2. over net

3. the player's hand or any part of the body touches the net or over the net.

venue and equipment

a site for singles tennis court is 23.8 meters (78 feet) long, 8.2 meters (27 feet) wide, and then widen 10.97 meters (36 feet) can be used for the doubles. Network will pitch the ball into two, the so-called service line, that is 6.4 meters away from the net (21 feet) at the line. Middle of the net with 91.4 cm (3 feet) high. In Sydney, service line will be connected to the electronic monitoring device to indicate when a faulty service.


has been rumored to increase the size of tennis in order to reduce ball speed and extend the contest time. However, will the ball used in the Olympics as a standard size: a diameter of between 6.541 and 6.858 cm, weight 56.7 and 58.5 grams. When the ball falls from a height of 254 cm, the concrete floor, should be able to rebound to 134.62, and 147.32 cm.

racket racket no weight limit, but in general no longer than 73.66 cm and width was 31.75 cm .

Competition for players among the top 16 as seed, and as far as possible that they might reasonably grouped in order to make these seeds and those from the same country players in the game too early Buzhi Yu met; the same basis, the top elected eight seeded doubles. Like most of the game, like the Olympic tennis tournament is also a knockout, once the game fails, will be eliminated. In addition to men's and doubles finals are played up to five other than that all matches played up to three. The remaining four in the final group of players, who continue to earn semi-final win gold silver and bronze wins semi-final losers earn.



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