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With regard to external network configuration pigeons

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My home is outside the network I would Intranet Intranet Extranet to insinuate that the chicken does not imply that grasping how to do
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[Pinyin]: wang

[strokes]: 6

[radical]: Net strokes 6

[interpretation]: net meshwork; net; netting; toil; web; Network (1) network wǎng (2) (pictograms. "net" catch birds and beasts are known as " net "fishing is called Kwu. Generally speaking, the word is no different. the original meaning: a tool for fishing turtle Animals and Birds) (3) with the original meaning [net] net, kitchen expense of the tie knots to fish. - "Said the text" network, that the Kwu. - "Guang Ya" net loss of dredging the beast. - "Salt and Iron Xing De" (4) Another example: the nets (fishing nets used); network households (fisherman); network density (finer mesh); net silk (spider's web); geek (meaning Spider ); net fishing net (fishing net); Network罭9 (net) (5) refers to porous and shaped like a network of things [sth.resembling net] Yaoseyuxiao has no intention of threads, either from the network either from the gray beads. - Tang Zhong Su, "Swallow House" (6) Another example: Net households (engraved with square windows); table tennis nets; radar network; radio communication network; networks; network; network children (Long hair mesh scarf) (7) The metaphor refers to laws, decrees [law] network, breaking the law. - "Orthography Tong" days of reduced net dimension of its superior carry on. - "Poetry Taiga pay their last respects" (8) Another example: network density (close analogy Act); net ban (the Act); network provision (referring to the precepts); Network ink (Fadu criminal law) (9) means the careful organization or System [system]. Such as: the relationship between networks; domination Network Network (1) network wǎng (2) fishing with nets [net] have dozens of villages å, Ju Reticulum as a career. - "Xu Xia-ke Travels Yunnan Tour Diary" (3) Another example: a fish net; net profit (for themselves reap profits) (4) analogy enveloped [envelop; shroud]. Such as: Net Sunset (Sunset enveloped) (5) collecting; host [gather-together] can not be a non-power-line profit. - "Tour Book of Lord Shang Lee" was underway wide park, multi-extraction were advocated in order to net the Italian businessmen, Yousimogan disobedient. - "Continued restructure" netting wǎngbǔ [net] net bag to use nets to catch wǎngdài [string bag] to do with the line or string bag, at the top there are two to mention handle network wǎngdiǎn (1) [microdot]: printed images are broken down into easy to photographic reproduction of micro-point (2) [the point of network]: business systems service network and service outlets string bag wǎngdōu [string bag] with rope, nylon woven silk and other things loaded pocket tilting grid wǎnggé [lattice] with wood or other thin cross-section constitutes a framework of wood or metal mesh architecture network open on three sides wǎngkāisānmiàn [leave three sides of the net open] to catch animals removed on three sides of the net to compare a kind generous of criminals or enemies of leniency. Also said that "lenient" basket wǎnglán [a basket with netting on top] put on the mask with the Nets missed the network swallowed boat wǎnglòu-tūnzhōu [(of laws) too mild (to punish criminals)] a net swallow missing boat The big fish, metaphors act too wide, so that bad people slipping through the net (found in "Historical Records ruthless official biography order": "net drain on the boat the fish swallowing"), recruiting wǎngluó (1) [a net for catching fish or birds; trap]: Capture fish and animals of the appliances, the things that constrain metaphor (2) [enlist the services of]: in many aspects, retrieval, lead to the quest for talent (3) [law]: analogy of law, the French Open Network wǎngluò (1) [network]: mesh material (2) [enlist the services of]: recruiting omental wǎngmó [omentum; retina] to the stomach and other organs of the peritoneal folds connected, even at the greater curvature and the transverse colon between the stomach is called the omentum, and even in the liver the door between the stomach and lesser curvature are called the Little omentum omentum absorbing and protect the function of Screen wǎngpíng [grille] the radio speakers or other speakers with the export of the shield grille Tennis wǎngqiú (1) [tennis]: ball class sports one of the rectangular stadium in the middle there is a network, each side, according to the side, back and forth with the beat play (2) [tennis ball]: tennis balls used in tennis wǎngtán [tennis circles] tennis community mesh, mesh child wǎngyǎn, wǎngyǎnr [mesh] online spaces between lines or rope; also refers to any mesh object space between lines so that each mesh node lock no less against straight nets with wǎngzhào [network] from the network or as network tilting covered corrals wǎngzhù [entangle] with a net covered or surrounded with a hare been corrals, and it trying to break free of network (net) wǎng ㄨ ang (1), with a rope, wire and other form of fishing to catch birds apparatus: Fish


Kai-side (metaphor used to treat leniently).

Leakage swallowing boat (Yu decree is too wide, so that bad people slipping through the net). (2) shaped something like a network: Electric
. Fa
. (3) as the network of criss-cross the same organization or system:

points. Communication
. Days roti,
. (4) with a net to capture:

to a big fish.

(5) as the net-like plague: eye

with their names.

[English]: network

[interpretation]: formed by nodes and connections diagram. Zhu said the study objects and their links. Sometimes the connection indicated with arrows from one node to another node in the order of the existence of a relationship. Marked next to the node or the value of connection, called the point of the right or power lines, and sometimes not marked in any number. Using mathematical language that the network is a map, is generally believed that it is specifically weighted graph. In addition to the mathematical definition of the network, there are specific physical meaning, that is the same type of network is from some real problems out in the abstract model, used to call it why on the type of network, such as switching networks, transport networks, communications networks, plans networks. In short, the network is abstracted from the similar problems in the use of graph theory in mathematics to express and study of a model.

Network concept:

with the communication lines and communication equipment will be distributed in different locations, multiple autonomous computer systems connected with each other, according to a common network protocols, shared hardware, software and data resources systems.

4 elements:

1, communication lines and communications equipment

2, independent function of the computer

3, the network software, software support

4, data communication and resource sharing computer network development

remote terminal on-line phase

computer network stage (LAN)

computer network interconnection stage (wide area network, Internet)

information superhighway phase (high-speed, multi-service, large amounts of data)

computer network development

the first generation: Remote terminal connection

20th century

60 for the early termination of computer network: the host is a network of centers and controllers, terminals (keyboard and display) are located in different parts connected with the host, the user through the local end-use remote Host

only available for communication between terminals and hosts, subnets can not communicate between

the second generation: a computer network stage (LAN)

60 in the mid 20th century

multiple host connectivity, computers and computer realization of the inter-communication.

Include: communication sub-network, the user resource subnet

end-users can access the local host and all hosts on subnet communications hardware and software resources.

Circuit switching and packet switching

Third Generation: Computer network interconnection stage (WAN, Internet)

1977 of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) developed: the basic reference model of open system interconnection (OSI / RM), to achieve different manufacturers the interconnection between the computer

TCP / IP protocol was born

Fourth Generation: Information Highway (high-speed, multi-service, large amounts of data)

Broadband Integrated Services Digital Network: Information Highway

ATM technology, ISDN , Gigabit Ethernet

Interactive: Internet TV-on-demand, video conferencing, video phone, online shopping, online banking, network libraries, etc.

high-speed, visualization, computer networks,

1969 history , the U.S. Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA - - Advanced Research Projects Agency) to start building a network called ARPAnet, the U.S. military and several studies linking the host computer. Initially, ARPAnet linked only four hosts, from the military requirements are placed on the United States Department of Defense under the protection of high-level secrets, technically it does not have the external promotion of conditions.

1983, ARPA and the U.S. Department of Defense Communications Agency was successfully developed for heterogeneous networks, TCP / IP protocol, the United States to the agreement of California at Berkeley as part of BSD UNIX, which makes the agreement has been prevalent in the community up, thus the birth of the real Internet.

In 1986, the U.S. National Science Foundation (National Science Foundation, NSF) using ARPAnet evolved in TCP / IP communication protocol, in the five supercomputer research and education service centers established on the basis of the NSFnet WAN.

In the 90 years prior to, Internet use has been limited to research and academic. Commercial institutions into the Internet has always been one way or another statute or the traditional problems of disturbance. In fact, as the United States National Science Foundation has funded the construction of Internet on the Internet, government agencies are not interested in commercial activities. In 1991, the United States, three companies were operating with their own CERFnet, PSInet and Alternet network that can to a certain extent, to provide customers with Internet networking services. They formed a "Business Internet Society" (CIEA), announced that users can place their Internet subnet used for any commercial purposes.

Internet popularization of Internet has now linked with more than 160 countries and regions, more than 40,000 sub-network, more than 500 million host computers directly to customers over 40 million, becoming the world's most extensive information resources, public network computers. Internet is considered the prototype of future global information highway.

According to the classification of the network coverage of sub-:

local area network LAN (scope typically a few meters to tens of kilometers)

MAN MAN (borderline between the WAN and LAN)

wide-area network WAN (the general scope for the tens to thousands of kilometers)

by topological types of structure-bus-type

star-shaped ring


according to the exchange of information approach to sub-:

circuit switching packet switching

Packet switching can be a network composed of two computers, but also in the same building which can have thousands of computers and users. We usually refer to such a network, local area network (LAN, Local Area Network), from the LAN and then extend out to a wider scope, such as the entire city and even entire countries, such a network we call the wide area network (WAN, Wide Area Network), of course, you If you carefully divided again, then there may be MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) and CAN (Citywide Area Network), these networks require a dedicated management staff for maintenance.

And we can often touch the Internet is from these numerous composed of LAN and WAN. Internet only provides a connection between them, but no specific person to manage (in addition to protecting the use of standards, connectivity and development), can be said that Internet is the freest and most did not control whatever the place. In the Internet has no borders and ethnicity of the above points, as long as even up, the other side of the planet and your roommate's computer, the computer is no different in fact.

Because we are the most frequently used or LAN, (even though we from their homes and connected to the Internet, is actually the first ISP to connect to the LAN), so here we are mainly discussing or in LAN-based. LAN network can be said is one of many inside the most basic unit, and waiting for you on the LAN have a certain understanding, from understanding WAN and the Internet is easier to start, andJust need to understand more complex means of communication only.

Internet? Intranet? Extranet?

Contact network of friends, more or less should be heard above the number of terms, right? However, we know the difference between them and how to define do?

In fact, the term should be the earliest Internet, then people will be Internet concepts and techniques introduced into the internal private network, which can be independent one LAN can also be a dedicated WAN, so he called the Intranet of the. The biggest difference between them is: open. Internet is open, does not belong to anyone, as long as you can connect to be a part of them, but also will be able to get above the open resources; relative terms, Intranet is the exclusive, non-open, it often exists in the over private networks, but its structure and service mode and design, have made reference to Internet-only mode.

Internet vs Intranet

As for the Extranet, can be regarded as an extension for the Intranet and out of concept. Since the Intranet is the network within the department is concerned, then the Extranet refers to external links. Extranet is usually enterprises and Internet connections to provide services to the public network. However, this is not based solely on physical or logical location definition, mainly connected to distinguish between form and function. For example, an external network, if simply through the network to connect to our Extranet or Intranet, then it is just an irrelevant external individuals only; however, if we use VPN or other form of trust in each other's link, then the other side is also can belong to Extranet or the Internet part.

In the history of human development, computer has been the emergence and development of a long history. However, the computer as the carrier of the Internet, who knows when to start to creep into, and integrated into our lives. Of modern social development of the Internet has reached an unprecedented level dependence.

Network, to the information brought about a strong and powerful mode of transmission, and greatly reducing the time for information dissemination and reception, avoiding unnecessary waste of resources.

Ever since the internet began to slowly spread, the major companies have set up their own web pages and web site to introduce the company's situation, promote the company's products. More companies have openly solicited online orders, to better sell their products. More similar to open more sites, and many different types of online mall opened, and advertised their products to the market than usual to purchase cheaper more cost-effective. Instant, the information in the Internet among a family of widely spread, resulting in supply and demand to be adequate exchange of information. One need only enter their desired online products, search on at great length the supplier information will be presented now, but suppliers can also be a network of membership information, check their commodities which consumers have the greatest spending power, statistical data in order to better target publicized. Staying at home, people can be online deals, greatly contributed to booming market demand and supply situation.

In the information industry, highly developed, and people's increasing demands for information today. The network becomes the best media. For the students, many large-scale examination registration and scores queries can be conducted online, but no longer as before, to play the voice is always busy and expensive phone to check. The past two years, the country's unification civil service examinations are published on the Internet details of the candidates have to recruit as long as the open area of the website, the recruitment sector, to recruit the number of jobs requiring a series of details on the clear. Together with the applicants need to bring along the information and registration site will also clearly displayed on the web, so that candidates have to be very convenient, very easy to understand the situation. The publication of information units, no longer need to place one by one by one place to send personnel to advocacy; for candidates who want to know the situation is also not far away, he has traveled to go to the toil Admissions Guide for the designated locations to understand the enrollment situation, two aspects of the dissemination of information from the network benefited.

Networks, greatly narrowed the distance between people.

We all know, the network continues to grow the game, the game type is also increasing. Take as an example we can often come into contact OICQ. Among the many friends because of the distance of time and space, there is no way to often in the real contact. QQ on for a friend in these cases provides a good liaison channels. In the QQ, not only can contact old friends, but also get to know many new friends. In a short chat and communication, making narrow the gap between people's hearts. In various other online games, people can also be the game of mutual cooperation and mutual assistance, met great friend to become Gandanxiangzhao good friend. It can also be conducted online E-mail correspondence with each other this well-being.

Rampant SARS, the last two months, various regions of the epidemic varies. In a serious epidemic in Hong Kong and Beijing, there are numerous number of middle and elementary schools will be closed. The students the class suspension period, the education sector is to use the network on the Internet start-up "air classroom" for students to provide basic academic questions and exercises exercises, allowing students to learn at home can also be business as usual, and learn new ways to attract more students Note also improve students interest in learning.

Similar to the distance education in teaching are also many other applications. As we have now a senior at the study, because some of them who had to go out to work and can not return to school to participate in the remaining courses. But whether in school or work outside the school, must carry out their matriculation exams. In order to facilitate students in teacher absenteeism, put notes on the web, so that students easily self-taught.

Is not only teaching and learning, trade, meetings, etc. can also be online. "Net meetting" The term is widely popular in the network. In different countries and different regions of the businesses, the company network via a network to coordinate and discuss the important issue of business without the need for convening the participants, agreed that the meeting time, place a series of complicated procedural steps, saving a lot of manpower material.

However, the network has brought us all kinds of interests, it also brings a lot of drawbacks.

First of all, the network's rapid development has brought to the unscrupulous traders may be convenient loopholes. A lot of sex, violence, gambling and other bad sites have emerged. These unscrupulous merchants in order to reap huge profits, regardless of the site information for the health of young people thinking of how much harm, and constantly on the website of information transmission of pornographic profits. What is more obscene create a different movie, asked visitors to view the first payment. In addition to pornographic sites profits, there are some websites set up inside the phone's charging system, once the viewer to open its web browser, it will be charged unreasonable and expensive long-distance phone charges, so that visitors suffered enormous economic losses. There are many online job placement, lonely heart, Zhenghun intermediary Web site, but there is no lack of deceptive money, no obligation website. If users are not careful, they stepped into these well-laid out trap.

Second, the Internet has brought many of the disputes between people. Because for networks, the Government introduced the policy of not perfect, so there are a number of issues concerning intellectual property rights in the stream on its own. For example, some articles available online after being repeatedly copied, modified, as their own and re-publish, a serious violation of the original author's copyright. However, due to the complicated network, uncertainty, and often can not find the source of plagiarism adaptation. Another example is the game we are in the network owned by the account, sometimes unlawfully, it is also a criminal, but we often because they can not steal Ershi things undone. Game account, or small, if the theft is an important commercial information related to trade secrets had been leaked, what has been stolen companies will therefore suffered serious losses. If the theft of state secrets, it is even more disastrous consequences. The country's military and defense system may have been greatly damaged, and even takes immeasurable human and material resources to re-establish on the military aspects of the data.

Network brought to people is not only ideologically invisible injury, for many users of health also contributed to the injury can not be ignored. On television we have repeatedly seen such a report: certain young people who play games online for too long, resulting in lower body paralysis suddenly could not move, there is a serious example of fell into a coma. As the computer for the human body radiation, if the person sitting in front of the computer for long periods of inactivity, it very easily lead to all kinds of unpredictable physical harm. The most significant is that for the visual damage. The statistics, people who use computers at work for long hours with the overall vision than those who rarely have access to computers a lot of poor eyesight.

Networks, gave rise to an immeasurable convenience, opportunity, wealth, but also gave rise to an unpredictable number of potential crisis. Network, is really a place where people love to hate.



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