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Someone can teach me tennis do

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only on the Internet to tell you some ways to start learning tennis

on the tennis introduction, writing skills, read and forgotten, it is recommended that direct view video tutorial

video tutorials are many more famous are five sets of 23 CCTV tennis, as well as Nick's tutorial, very detailed, you can say that this is the best tennis learning CD-ROM, and is not easily found to you, this CD-ROM "Tennis" magazine is selling, it seems a set of more than 700, where can be seen, and very useful

But to tell you what to open when the page will jump out of an ad, You just put him switched off, it does not affect you look at the video, but not a virus, Trojan, you may rest assured!

I hope you recorded, well see, is indeed the most classic video of the tennis learning; also hope that you will soon embark on the road tennis at an early date a tennis expert -----

Here is my recruited to , reposted elsewhere over the contents of the introduction, not my own writing:

"Nick - Bolitaini tennis tutorial" Brief Introduction

free online video teaching site: 【100 Easy search - search school network】 www. provide:

online viewing Address:

1, the secret of the success of tennis godfather to break through the bottleneck of the Collection game.

2, America's most influential one of tennis tutorial.

3, to change the game concepts, get winning tips.


has been a lot of amateur golfers complained about, playing tennis three or four years of progress, nothing, and do not know what way to break through the bottleneck. In addition, there are many professionals have told me that, young players succeed in a big breakthrough in professional arena the best training abroad. Hearing a lot of these words, I began to pay attention to, to proceed with seeking information on a number of tennis promotion, hoping to let more foreign coaches to understand the results of tennis teaching, so that more players can overcome their bottlenecks, this time, Nick. Bolitaini became our first choice. Past, when we heard a lot about Nick. Bolitaini legendary story, and Andre Agassi, Maria Sharapova, Anna Kournikova, Boris Becker, Jim Courier, Monica Seles, the tennis hoot surprised is this legendary man of the best comments. Of course, if they so wish, I can list more from Nick-campus master. Nick is known as the godfather of tennis, in the end he has any ability to spin gold from straw, let him become a tennis training camp temple, which is what we build this series of tutorial, always wanted to probe the issue.

Of course, in any case, this set of 11 tutorials can not contain all of the tennis Nick thought, but that is the 11 sets, but embodies the essence of Nick's training. Every aspect of technical movements and profound understand, so that he can improve the score to win the base; changing control of the game, so that he can put your every shot is a reasonable set in winning the tactical; and by tutorial implicit competition and training ideas and give you the understanding of tennis to a higher level. To be honest, this tutorial is not particularly aimed at beginners, but any person who likes tennis can find a break from the mystery, the understanding of tennis for those who want to win for each person.

This video tutorial demonstration player:

Haas: German tennis player on the 1st up to second in the world.

Milne: The world's top doubles players, in cooperation with the Swedish veteran Jonas Bjorkman, won the 2006 French Open and the Shanghai Masters Cup doubles title.

Malisse: nicknamed "X-Men", just entered the 2007 season will be Quinella Chennai Open and Delray Beach champion, the highest in the world ranking at No. 19.

Venus Williams: tennis black pearls, so far, who had won four Grand Slam singles title, it was her appearance on the women's tennis opened a "power-type play," the wave.

Serena Williams: 2007 Australian Open women's singles budding champion, eight grand slam singles title winner, and sister teamed up to create in the women's international tennis dynasty Williams sisters.

Bolitaini Tennis Academy as well as a professional player.

This video tutorial applicable:

1, NTRP2.0 or 2.5 above the level of amateurs.

2, learning more than one year tennis ball enthusiasts.


4 amateur tennis coach, youth tennis coach


6 professional player's coach, tennis, academic research institutions,

"Nick - Bolitaini tennis tutorial" video tutorial lecturer introduced

Nick - Polly Teini description:

Nickname: Tennis Godfather

1980, Nick. Bolitaini the 10.5 acres of tomato to transform into his training camp. Over the next 26 years, Bolitaini become master of tennis training, and this expansion of training camp for almost 20 times, rated the world's most spectacular training base, Nick. Bolitaini training model and curriculum have also become the world's most famous and most effective training tool. From here, the students changed the world tennis technical and tactical trends, while the idea from here, even entire generations of players affected the game, Agassi, Becker, Courier, Monica Seles, Pierce, Maria Sharapova , Anna Kournikova, Yinuo Yi, Haas, Malisse, Max Mirnyi ... ... the cultivation of their Bolitaini grow, and many more stars to here as a training base for many years: Pete Sampras, Martina Hingis, Marat Safin, the Williams sisters ... ....

"Nick - Bolitaini tennis tutorial" video tutorial directory

teaching on-chip part of:

lethal forehand:

are in hand scoring is an important weapon in this collection will give you the most powerful forehand shaping technology, At the same time so that you understand the advantages and disadvantages of different grip, exercise and strength-based and balanced relationship, as well as start, footwork patterns and racket preparation. The collection also focuses on an analysis of different batting stations, swing path, explained the racket acceleration method, the role of the non-holders of clapping and "hip load of" new technologies, and demonstrate improved technologies in detail the ways and means of action.

Precision-guided backhand:

movement-based, mobile technology, the election-bit and stop bit, got the right rhythm to grasp is the basis of precision-guided backhand make full use of leverage for the racket head speed, is the key to hitting power. Citation shoot, the former Hui, turning, ball position and other factors, determines the ball's success. The collection of these important areas are described, including single-lens reflex, dual counter, cutting, and professional and amateur players frequently asked questions in detail resolution.

Run out the net:

in a successful attack on the net, how to reach the net accounted for 99%, while the batting technique only 1%. This collection describes the aggressive play of the steps and the Internet tactics, which allows you to understand what kind of shots using a combination of methods and impact point can be successfully into the network before the attack position; and what you should keep the right mentality and hitting targets, so you end up winning score. The set will also be a variety of volley ball technology and high-voltage action to detail.

Surprisingly winning put a small ball and lob the ball:

in the release of small ball and lob the ball moves, how to camouflage is essential, but more important is that these two kinds of technical and tactical use of time and use. This collection describes the related tactics, are placed backhand lob the ball and a variety of technical movements, as well as the use of these two technologies should be considered in a variety of important factors.

Win the race I - shot selection and stations:

in the game, we often lose control of the game was forced to a wide range of running, a very important reason for this is not aware of the basis of existing stations to choose appropriate kinds of shots, that is, the ball shot, you do not know how to properly select bit, and go to the correct position. This episode focuses on the bottom line and on-line attack against the shot selection, stations and return bits, which are controlled by you and become your competition to gain the initiative an important factor. The collection will also introduce six key practice this means.

Teaching films second half:

Sonic Serve:

tennis ball is considered the most complex and most important technology. This collection by analyzing the throwing motion and ball movement of the similarities and differences, showing a strong serve profoundly illustrates the mechanism of action, this collection from the right grip, through the exercises step by step to meet the professional master ball clear slow-motion, so that you master the strong serve the key points so that serves as a powerful weapon in your game.

Tooth for a tooth return of serve:

This sets the first opponent will introduce the strategies most likely to serve as a means to further elaborate on the return of serve the corresponding objectives, strategies and the right frame of mind. In addition to the return of serve a specific technology, this collection focuses on one another for different players, using what kind of return of serve method: the means by which affect the opponent's serve and psychological ways.

Win the game II - scoring tools and tactics:

We often can see the violent game players and the Niupi Tang, these two types of players if they can make use of some tactics, and they can hit the ball on their own now have the technical greatly enhance the ability game. This set of players for these two types of recommendations. Also describes the battle for the score of the four key stages and all stages of goals. This episode features described in several different basic tactics, not only can be used for competitions, but also for understanding and application of advanced tactics laid the foundation.

Unbreakable doubles combination of:

how to choose the doubles Dadang? What is the important part of cooperation in doubles? How do you decide who should serve? Who stood on the side of what? This collection will use the latest doubles point of view, for you to solve common problems doubles. Highlights the serve, return of serve, and the parties to partner the key factors to be considered, and can play over several common situations, carefully demonstrates the cooperation between partners.

The most effective training:

This collection does not focus on the introduction of specific training methods, but on introducing a warm-up to face competition from the binding nature of the training, from feeding the ball to the real basic principles of the ball, as well as a variety of training purposes. We can see how the combination of a separate statement to technical training, and form a complete training.

A prerequisite for success:

"You gain from on your efforts." This collection from the tennis area, in the life and career success of people who are keen to important inspiration. The successful players, for example, from the responsibility, obligation and dedication about three important aspects of the conditions for successful should have, and gives how to improve the quality of these three proposals.

Of course, the above is a video tutorial, I would tell you that is the beginning of tennis, Technology rationality of action is very important, not force, must be made a lot of people think that strength, power must be large, in fact is a misunderstanding;

economic conditions permit, a separate find a coach, otherwise, you can find formal training courses, a good lesson the last time;

to the supermarket to buy a beat, and then a detailed look at the video and then take off, and Oh, The key would also like to obtain other a few people playing on the line;
Cheng Xiangqiong2010-02-16 19:40:11 +0000 #3
The best place to learn some special techniques better

Ye Hao-point set of courses
muye_ai2010-02-16 19:26:46 +0000 #4
training courses throughout the summer should be all you can to try next.

, We can see CD
Chen Wang Zhen sub-2010-02-16 19:35:21 +0000 #5
1. Tennis scoring tennis scoring

The basic point system be classified as "disk"; "Bureau"; "sub" 3

Bureau (GAME)

Bureau of the points system be classified as "serve" and "decider" two systems serve

singles by the same player or doubles by the same party to win the ball until one of them and that bureau until such A serving, this Council will be called "A's serve"

to serve the ball when he won the first 15 points, winning the second ball a total of 30 points, winning the third ball was a total of 40 minutes

one side wins fourth ball, the other derived scores, such as less than 40 points, wins a four-ball victory by the Bureau of

However, if the same side relative to obtain 40 time-sharing, you need to split (Deuce) to split when he won The first balls were called leading (Advantage), if each win a ball Zexu further split until the margin of victory of one party be considered two balls to win the tiebreaker Board

from what I wanted to Office "return of serve," the or that side players who pre-emptive first ball, and then turn his opponent made two goals, so in turn each made a party to achieve two goals when the

7 points, while the other scored only five points or less, get 7 points who succeeded in this Bureau of

5 to both sides at the same time to obtain time-sharing, a party must be able to win the two-point margin of victory in this Council

set (SET)

old tennis scoring, each only 4 Board, to the 17th century, when instead of every two Disk 6 Board

1 6 Board system - commonly used on 3 or more wins two games, first take six Bureau of the winner one, but the case of Board Number 5 to 5:00, there are two kinds of systems

1. " long-plate system ", one side must win by 2 Council be considered a seasonal tennis wins have been rarely used in this system,

2. the first person to get seven wins a Board, but the case of Board Number 6 to 6:00, you need to play "decider", that is to take the first person to win the first seven points, but was met scores of 6 to 6, the party must be considered two-point victory margin of victory in this Council, which won the plate

1 8 Board System - usually using a points victory in the race, the first Bureau of the winner to take 8, but the case of Board Number 7 to 7:00, then the use of "long drive" or "decider" to a winner


"Long plate system "- one must be considered margin of victory wins a two Board
" serve "- please refer to Council's points system the origin of

LOVE tennis originated in France, such as people around the world in general, the French also like to egg them on behalf of a zero mean tennis transport \ dynamic when used to draw an oval that there is no score, while the French word for egg I'oeuf when tennis introduced in the UK, the British English word found in Love and I 'oeuf pronounced the same, so since then in the tennis tournament of dollars on behalf of time-zero means Love

Why is "15" "30" "40"?

Tennis with 15 as the basic unit of scoring was started in the 15th century, when a full Council has 60 points, while 60 of this fraction can be divided into four 15 points, 15 in ancient times the figure is of special significance is based on a Bit named Qin Gauss people think tennis with 15 as the basic unit is set by reference to astronomical sextant out

sextant and 1 / 6 round, like, a total of 60 degrees, 60 seconds per time tennis tournament a Board of 4 points, 4 are divided into 15 once, but four of 15 degrees can also constitute a 1 / 6 round, so on the use of 15 balls into the base to calculate the pros and cons of each sub-As to the 45 to 40, in order to reported that the simplicity of time-thus creating the modern pronunciation of "15" "30" "40" in scoring .2. tennis grip means - graphic

Of all the tennis technology, the most basic are still the grip, it can a direct impact on the angle of the racket face contact with the ball. Currently popular grip in the world, there are two: the Oriental and Western-style. A different grip produces a variety of different effects and play ball, different style of play in world tennis both had good results. Thus, in developing tennis in China, the two different grip methods should promote, promote, promote tennis technology continues to develop.

S)] 1m @ # O'J m ^ + q0 lover BoShu * z R (a W L9c8t0f

1. Grip of the importance of the

r's Y c z1H3 [.! G4] 0 fans Bo Shu V2) VC v I% Z qg

grip of the methods and is closely related to his swing. As the saying goes: the racket is a striker arm extension and the expansion of palm, each swing by the arms, wrists, fingers with each other harder to complete, so the grip is good or bad of technology improvement and overall development of a greater impact. As a beginner, you must press the correct way to grip, so that racket in the correct position and angle of contact with the ball. At first, there may be accustomed to, uncomfortable feeling, but insisted that after some time will appreciate the benefits of the correct grip.

u: y (j * \ w q0 lover Bo Shu * [O - x8.1t

2. grip term lover Bo villa? v, Z1y W5l (uy

lover Bo Shu 7v V! - - pU D \ (
grip is a grip clapped terms the "tiger's mouth" formed "V"-shaped case. but each person's hand can not be exactly the same, merely "V" shape may not be reliable, it must be from the following three points to be checked. enthusiast Bo Shu 8?) B (r / L

a h-d1e6? R6_0 (1) palm roots: namely, the location where the hypothenar.

T7m v% F l-^ # K (0 lover Bo Shu-_ e \ * U6 `1A BHE

(2) under the index finger joints: the ventral surface where the index finger metacarpophalangeal joint position. enthusiast Bo Shu IU / t B g3 [
lover Bo Shu qp # DG r3w

(3) finger pad: the ventral surface where the parts of the thumb interphalangeal joint. lover Bo Shu F3N Pg a B; @ (K?

lover Bo Shu b2] KY (wh \ K

3. grip type and Methods

ou ^-_ W o0

c3d6c "nj D0 (1) Oriental grip (also force positive bats and two kinds of post-shoot)

B, AV?: Q! z yT0

Z1-& V (ry; p0 ① Action Essentials

h]: v) V u0 lover Bo Shu b Q1W _ d & C @

Oriental forehand grip: Hold the first film left neck, so that beat the ground vertically, then the palm is also perpendicular to the ground, holding a shot stem seems to shake hands with people. it is also known as "handshake-style" grip. Rather, right palm roots with the upper-right slant closely aligns with the Grip, Grip hold the left thumb pad vertical, the index finger slightly away from the middle finger, index finger Grip the right under the vertical joints suppressed. thus the thumb and index finger into a "V"-shaped vehicles of the upper-right alignment shoot left slant of the upper slope and the middle.

Oriental backhand grip from forehand grip handle to the Left rotation (that is, to beat the right rotation), so that the thumb and index finger into a "V"-shaped alignment Grip left ramp in the middle and the left vertical lines. with the palm of the left slope root suppress Grip, thumb attached to the the left vertical surface, under the joint pressure in the upper right index finger on an inclined plane.

② Note the use of features and enthusiasts Bo Shu)) 3J K1p7Z-) 2 `
lover Bo Shu R W'k s GD (dn F y

in the grip is very suitable for the bottom line is, backhand stroke, while a variety of high spin to the ball and all kinds of play with a wide range of adaptability. backhand grip with the eastern approach to serve and serve the Internet, network pre-volley grip when you no longer need to convert. Though the East means positive, anti-grip is not rotating, but when the ball into the other side of the body, (ie, forehand or backhand zone) must be engaged to transform grip the ball. Note that changing grip began preparations for action, Fu Zhu racket with his left hand and neck, ready to hit the ball in the racket back swing before the completion of grip to be adjusted. enthusiast Bo villa. _3B a YK y

L: JU * v V - NX F0 (2) Continental grip enthusiast Bo Shu `) g # h1 (- K t S5 @ 9 ^

t Z HJ * zh $ W0 ① action essentials lovers Bo Shu X + y7o` & m : ^ 6u) CO

(U; C) [/ O0 and Oriental grip is different from the continental grip carrying out positive, backhand shots, all without changing the grip. grip with the palm of the hand when the root paste Grip the upper part of the plane to live on his fingers, and the remaining three fingers slightly separated from the index finger on the joints attached to the upper right slant of Poly, the thumb pad attached to the Grip of the left vertical surface.

② the use of features and attention to matters of

& K "p A1K T & p_ L0

+ f% ZZ: AX $ T4r% r Y R0 due to the grip without changing grip position, and therefore have a simple and flexible. suitable for handling low-ball interception on the Internet is also very beneficial. but above the waist to the ball, not easy to control the racket, it is not easy to play golf, but also not playing a strong topspin.

YC: NS. I i) K D0

4a7U u $ E [x A0 (3) Western-style grip (also sub-forehand and backhand grip) lover Bo Shu # R, m "f8b + j * \ 9R/Z6M

9A Z * s7T Z + (9n0 ① action essentials of Western-style forehand grip palm down, most of the palm on the Grip of the bottom of the palm roots attached to the Grip of the right lower slope on the upper part of the thumb pressed Grip hand side of the index finger hold the next joint Grip of the right lower slope. thumb with the index finger of the "V"-shaped vertical alignment the right grip. grip shape is like, "grabbed."

Western-style backhand grip forehand grip in the Western manner, based on the racket upside down over, with the same racket hit the ball or the wrist clockwise, so that the thumb and index finger "V"-shaped vertical alignment Grip the left index finger under the joint suppress Grip the upper hand side of the palm is attached to the upper left slant

② the use of characteristics and note
-D [% nn `I o ^ m0 lover Bo Shu 1i $ x # yt \

The grip is conducive to pumping out a powerful topspin hit the ball, especially suited to the waist and above the waist coming to the ball. clapped his hands grip the racket handle as below, so low compared to the ball, positive, backhand are relatively intractable. enthusiast Bo Shu I - # .7 m VO; N7Z + W

lover Bo Shu ' t $ Q j9i U ^ S

(4) Other grip enthusiast Bo Shu 1P; YVW W & w

(\ 1c (; H S0p j0 ① hybrid grip that Western-style grip and a half, it was shot between Oriental and Western-style grip between the thumb and index finger "V"-shaped alignment the upper-right slant, it is characterized by easy to slap anybody who comes to the ball, are currently being used by a lot of good players.

G l d'n v0

B $ (+ s VT x W - wc n0 ② backhand grip it with both hands moves essentials are: right-handed backhand grip in the East way, grip the racket Grip the bottom of the palm roots and Grip alignment. left hand on the right hand at the top for Oriental forehand grip. The grip has the advantage of the lack of strength athletes learn backhand is easier, while the grip the ball with easy-to-right spin and conduct of hair force, hitting point can be more rearward more; and covert action is strong, the other found to be hit hard slash or hit straight ball. drawback is the requirement for precision footwork. ③ hands are, backhand grip that forehand shots, hands grip, backhand shots, is also a hands grip. such as the famous female athletes Seles is this grip. Its movements essentials are: (in order to shoot those who hold the right hand as an example), the right hand for the East or in mixed grip, left hand on the right hand top of the ball when the other side, when North Korea is making to the left down, right and left quickly transposed to form a film similar to his left hand backhand swing. hit End After the ball, be restored to his right hand in the post, left in Figure 1-35 to prepare the first movement. backhand shots, backhand shots with both hands grip the same. the grip of the advantages are: positive and negative film does not hit the ball obvious weaknesses, can pose a threat to each other, and the action concealed, easy hair force; but requires movement to determine accurate, responsive, and fast-moving footwork.
force1002010-02-16 21:21:38 +0000 #6
tutorial is not enough light to see the best is still to find a coach to teach and then back to Home Tutorials

contrast studies look at best

However, it is recommended that you have a tutorial Collection

Nikeboli Teini tennis tutorial ...

good use

www.youku. com/playlist_show/id_797525.html
Trinidad wing2010-02-16 20:35:57 +0000 #7
Multi-Aspect will be a video game



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