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Large p, small p, pineapples are a few that tennis star

luckyのOrange2010-02-16 20:10:55 +0000 #1
What is the reason to talk and then tell me a few more
Undead count xx2010-02-16 20:17:14 +0000 #2
big p refers to the United States, Andy Roddick, because So, stuck his bottom when he was serving only this title.

Pineapple is德尔波特罗, because transliteration, like pineapple, it was so called.

Small-p I do not know, seemingly did not, and I can help you ask.

Roger Federer】 【cows in 2004, Federer in the Wimbledon defending a success, he returned to his hometown to participate in joint Ruishi An Open, the tournament director on behalf of native people, to give a number one called "Juliet" in the Swiss dairy cow as a gift. Since then, Federer in tennis victory to victory, becoming men's tennis is now the master. Chinese fans fondly called Roger gradually as "cows." Unfortunately, in July 2007, Juliet milk production is not due to compliance, was sent to the slaughterhouse. But it is number one has left a small cow, "Edelweiss."

Safin 【hippopotamus, Tsar】 tsar nickname is the Chinese-language media award in Marat Safin, the reason is simple: he came from Russia, Tatar guy with the unruly and insolent, that belonging to his era, is like an intention to conquer the world of the czar. Been commonly known as "Hippo" is due to have an interesting story. In 2004, at a news conference, Safin English grammar with the rein to talk to reporters, a cold joke - Hippo came to a monkey in front, said: "I do not want to make a hippopotamus!" So he gave himself painted zebra patterns. But the monkeys, said: "You're still a hippo." Hippo suddenly wake up: "I am happy to do a hippopotamus, this is the real me!" In the face Parrotbill silent audience, Safin added the sentence: "Me too, I am happy to do myself." Since then, all the fans know that he formerly had that "hippopotamus."

Hewitt 【hares, rabbits】 Hewitt has been dubbed the "Rabbit", mainly because he was good at moving, the pace of flexible and dynamic on the pitch as off rabbits. Also because "Australia's Rabbit" is a Western proverb that never quite found a winning natural enemies, gentle also give a small rabbit in Australia caused by invasive alien species. This is Hewitt's tennis development trajectory and character traits are very similar. Slowly, "C'mon Mr." become "Australia's hare."

Roddick 【sticky rice, large P】 In tennis net forum, talking about Luo P is almost no one I do not know. The nickname no technical content, everyone clear about their meaning. Borrow "two girls outside the CC" as saying: When the Roddick serve, when more prominent "big P" word in mood. Glutinous rice relative especially those who claim. In 2005, the super-woman of the wind over the land of China. Andy Roddick's fans from the "corn" and "grass jelly" who are inspired to take Romanian fans euphony, there a "sticky" one said.

Nadal 【natto, beans】 Rafa behind the nickname is not a complex story, simply because his name was Nadal in Chinese reading like "natto." There are a derivative version of the nickname, we prefer to affectionately calling him "beans," while Nadal's fans were a "soybean meal" or "beans rice", and "milk powder" were silhouetted against each other.

Richard Gasquet Richard Gasquet said】 【tofu as "tofu," a statement from the private sector, but they flourish in the tennis net forum, it is recommended to apply for intellectual property protection original author. In the 2007 Shanghai Tennis Masters Cup, it will tend to an official of the nickname had been behind the story is this: This young man play is too water, psychological qualities too soft, a man Taebaek, with the tofu.

Murray 【small sun, zombies】 Murray the business for when the fans have been known as the "Little Sun", taking "a new hope for the revitalization of the British tennis meaning." Helplessness, I believe we have seen for some time, resulting in Shenmeipilao later, tap his thin stature, pale complexion and a pair of sharp eye teeth, as well as his face often appears a hint of a smile is not so noticeable - hence the name "Zombie," fans hope for the future, hope that one day, Murray also allow his opponent on the pitch shudder.

Nikolay Davydenko Nikolay Davydenko】 【model worker I do not necessarily like the nickname, but worldwide, it was generally considered as a model worker, said he was really up to its name. Since joining the professional tennis has participated in the singles match Davydenko has exceeded more than 450 games. While the hair is less and less, but the world is getting higher and higher rank be called ATP inside the model workers. Even he himself said: "As long as the wife around, I mean to bring the whole family, where life is the same." That would be tennis career and tournament prize money as their lifelong goal of consciousness, in the ATP few and far between, so fans often talk about model workers, all could not help but admire Heart.

Robredo】 【radishes are a number of transliteration derived nickname, like radishes take Rob's pronunciation, called up Cuisheng born, so widely circulated among the fans have never failed to produce ambiguity.

Ferrer 【M】 The stability of fame in 2007 the Spanish players, because of its stability and performance of its name. Fans for his calm and composed, rarely impressed by the wind the ball mistakes, over time, we have forgotten David Ferrer, a very common name, a direct call him a "stable man."

Tomas Berdych 【Birdman, Xiao Tang】 In fact, we may call Thomas Berdych: Xiao Tang bird man. Two names are in English with Chinese characteristics from the very name of translation can be accomplished, Xiao Tang from Thomas "small child care," evolved from a bird who is due to Tomas Berdych of the "BERD" and BIRD similar to the second After the transformation, and finally became a bird man. These two nicknames speaks Chinese and profound.

Di Jokovic 【fried chicken, and small farmers】 dyo Chinese nickname is enough to see dazzling. Explain one by one: fried chicken take "当红炸子鸡" means, in the dyo budding time, Chinese media widely used such words. After the 2008 season, Di Jokovic from newcomers into the old one, so the nickname may gradually disappear. Instead, perhaps, is the "small farmers." This is also a fan of his nickname because he was born poor in Serbia, so call it seems more intimate.

Mario Ancic natives】 【China is the only Mario Ancic fans will call for the natives, and his fans are self-proclaimed "Tujia." The nickname originated from super-Mary in 2006 in the net line. Apart from the competition, he visited the Silk Market, bought a suspected infringement of intellectual property rights of the discs, has done a lot of foreign tourists would do ordinary things, been fans jokingly referred to as "soil was dregs." Since then, the name "natives."

Ferrero 【mosquitoes, uncle [】 mosquitoes is Juan Carlos Ferrero, Juan Carlos Ferrero is the "mosquito" because he ball style elegant, Mianlicangzhen, each ball bloodshed, like a mosquito bite person. However, this is the heyday of Juan Carlos Ferrero in 2003. Since being entangled on the illness, the chic Ferrero almost memories of the existence and among the fans. Over time, another nickname was born. "Grandpa" is absolutely no abuse of the mean, fans of this explanation: While Nadal, Di Jokovic, Murray and Richard Gasquet and other 85 players after a large number of emerging, Ferrero seems to only be after the waves before the waves by the history of flood inundation slowly, he is already an older generation of tennis players, they were known as "Grandpa" is not an exaggeration. There are fans that the long run, there may be one day Juan Carlos Ferrero will be referred to as "ancestors." This nickname, in the old fans, after a careful chewing, I am afraid only tasted a bitter taste, and long-term regret bar.

Gonzales 【wire, artillery, flowery】 Gonzalez Thundering serve because of their name, "wire" and "artillery", but many Chinese fans prefer to call him "flowery." Because the scan of his appearance, and Stephen Chow film is quite a role quite similar.

Matthew 【pineapple, useless】 Matthew's name is PAUL, can be translated as Paul, so named for pineapple. Also because he is always short of success at the crucial moment, was the fans dubbed "the French font useless days", later referred to as "troubled."

Sebastien Grosjean】 【jam the pronunciation of the name of the French veteran with the Chinese "jam" approximation.

Clement Flowers butterflies, scarf men, lemon】 He is a typical French, in order to wear the headscarf, known for a variety of colors, so called "turban man" or "butterfly." Clement also pronounced similar to "Colette Mang," and, therefore, often called "mango."

Ginepri 【Jeep, according to the Chinese language habits, "Ginepri" before taking "Jeep" as a short word.

Tuosuonuofu】 【butcher, like with the Jeep, according to Chinese customs, Tuosuonuofu become a "butcher."

Youzhny 【】 surnames homophonic quality clay.

Qiaoyuehansen 【candy, bottle bottle】 Small Johansson, little known as "Pim", is the kinds of candy's name was later fans, according to a transliteration to become a "bottle bottle."

Vuolinka 【4 eggs, according to transliteration of the name of Stan get this very Chinese style nickname.

Canas 【Medicine King】 The Argentine player arrested for taking illegal drugs has been repeatedly ATP investigation, and in 2005 received a two-year ban of the ticket, which was quite a severe punishment. However, Canas has been claimed that they have suffered unfair treatment, four appeals, hoping also to innocence. In this context, the fans always be a "s Manual."

Baghdatis 【big beard, light】 Australian Open in 2006, after the First World War fame, and many people are because that's the big beard and remember him, and which also became his nickname exclusive. In addition, there are a lot of fans because of its Chinese translation, and affectionately call him "light."

Nalbandian 【dolphins, Meatballs】 satisfied that these two classes because the nickname of his stature. Some say that a bucket-type, while others said it was "pure round", so only the "Meatballs" one said. In addition Nabin not only the body, like dolphins, and sometimes he looks Du Qizui Pakistan is also quite similar with the dolphins.

Nieminen】 【Iceman because he was not Bjorn Borg there is any similarity, but because he was from Finland. Where the majority of people left the impression that ice and snow, from where people who are being taken for granted as a "Iceman" nickname. Sometimes, in order with the F1, to distinguish the Finnish Ice Man, the fans will be calling him little Nirvana.

Payment even 【】 Fish is fish, fish, fish is Fish.

Malisse】 【Erlang the fact that he put up the wrinkles between the eyebrows where the saying goes, looks like a closed eye, then the name "Erlang."

Fernando Verdasco】 【cricket because it looks like cheesy, were the fans regarded as a "West handsome", that is the Spanish handsome guy, and then he gradually easily into "crickets."

Milne】 【Beast tall, mighty serve, many of the audience heard STAR Sports Taiwan, Hsu Nai-jen anchor called him "Beast of Belarus", so everyone was impressed by the network slowly, there the "Fauvism."

Kuziniesuo baby 【Gang Ya-mei, pants】 pants came from the simplified Chinese translation, the Gang Ya pants baby sister is illustrated in the first time in the nets, Na Fu braces to the Chinese fans left a deep impression.

Schneider 【Housewives】 This is the Chinese translation of a change, Housewives and Schnei approximation, and also because Schneider in the tennis year to a long time, seniority, known as the housewife is not an exaggeration.

Safarova】 【devil doll this girl is definitely not beautiful at first glance, especially her eyes, suddenly a look, will produce the illusion of horror. If still do not know why you called her a "devil doll"? Then go to see "The Exorcist" and "Ghost doll Jiaoniang" It's two movies.

Marion Bartoli 【rabbits, Lili Lili】 name called up very kind, but also easy to pronounce, that is, Marion Bartoli nickname. Called her "White Rabbit" is not that she was moving so quick, like Hewitt, simply because her two front teeth. Also pay attention to what the reason is the rabbits, rather than a small rabbit, which is related with the body.

Daniilidou】 【nuns "benefit all" and the nuns homophonic passage of time has become the nickname.

Anna Chakvetadze 【Xiaojun Zhu】 In Anna Chakvetadze has not yet among the TOP10, when there are already a large number of fans love this girl a long queue. Because the "French Lady," Pierce is quite a bit similar, so it is referred to as "Xiaojun Zhu" - the identity and status than the lady high, because Ai Yori Aoshi Well. More importantly, we are very optimistic about her future.

Elena Dementieva】 【fairy doll from Germany debut has been attractive because of her temperament, so a lot of fans scared to Heaven, hence the name fairy.

Ai Sugiyama 【332】 because the Chinese translation of euphony, they were known as the 332.

Alicia Molik】 【Jasmine Jasmine and "Maury" is a homophone.

Jankovic 【Go, female model workers】 In fact, there are a lot of Serbia, "Milosevic," but in the tennis net forum a reference to "Go", we all know, is specific to Jankovic. In addition, because of their diligence in the previous season, crazy play, but now they have called her a "female model workers."

Petrova 【noble】 In tennis there is a popular Web forum for the controversial ID "noble wear Doll" by the impact of the name, many User referring Petrova, they all like to use the "noble "instead.



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