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I am very skinny to play tennis the right Mody?

92166312010-02-16 21:10:10 +0000 #1
I have a meter tall and weighs just 56 kg

9 want to play tennis to physical exercise

but when people say that playing tennis will be thin is to lose weight you give me some advice

think I'm fit Mody?
Dream_Castle2010-02-16 21:17:34 +0000 #2
almost similar to my 187, weight 59, to play tennis for some time, as long as the beat election right, the pace of flexible, generally quite easy to use, and there is one meter tall, but nine of the major wealth, to play tennis better.

In addition, you will not be lost, as we have such people do not lean down and gave her a period of time will find their own arm strength is enhanced. Also, playing tennis weight loss is not that good.

Finally, do not beat too much, I use the 295g of the HEAD L4, you also spend some of this weight, with the continental grip, western-style wrist can not stand.

Well, I will answer so many, there is something wrong with you can continue to ask me
lonely hearts cold2010-02-16 21:23:46 +0000 #3
fat, thin, it does not matter to play tennis with the exercise of the thin bar is the person playing the muscles can grow too fat people can lose weight Louzhu so high you can try to play basketball
Han Wu Yong2010-02-16 21:58:40 +0000 #4
many very thin people are playing very good tennis, tennis than using brute force of a campaign, so you do not be afraid that time no effort to swing the racket.

Playing tennis full of fun, to the time you will unknowingly fall in love with it, and will be able to play around physical fitness, usually can be friends, colleagues, bosses, customers playing baseball, but also a very good communication movement. It is no use, you can also do Peilian, earn a little money.
yewuchou2010-02-16 21:46:34 +0000 #5
Lleyton Hewitt is not fat ... ...

This stuff is not a sumo ... ...



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