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Kunming, near the Taipei District crescent pond how can there be basketball courts, tennis courts?

jarod19862010-02-16 21:10:17 +0000 #1
Common kind of basketball courts, Oh, or you can swim like a fitness place will do.
happyfense2010-02-16 21:13:23 +0000 #2
Taipei City area, I cooked PS: I live on the other side of a floor of the stadium, said how come I've never seen it? ?

1. Basketball court inside the crescent pond there is a free basketball court

in the vicinity of the cell Lotus Pond in Moonlight there is a free basketball court

2. Tennis court in the Ginza (PetroChina gas station opposite the office), but there are a tennis hall Only a market environment in general as a good price if the first scheduled to go to the district where there are tennis courts

3. swimming pool if the conditions are good, suggestions to Sunny Swimming Pool (yes Paralympic Games swimming competition venue Oh) in the new repair of a road in Beijing to extend the line and Lin Yu Road bridge at the junction of the road that day and then move forward line (that is, Beijing Road, has been taking a walk that we can not go up) just in Queensland 10 campuses in the truth of the swimming pool next to the other almost I was not visited

4. gym Taipei City area, I think it was only to write down the US silk gym better, there are two one in the Fortune Plaza 1 in Jiangdong Good World Good World Jiangdong of that home is the flagship store was opened in the price environment is also a good There are also good courses are more than one in Carrefour upstairs (it seems a bit far ......)

5. badminton Crescent Park, next to the pond there is a new badminton hall is a bit small there are five games prices are right

It's that much more attractive this, but I live in the Taipei area for many years the activities of the crystallization ah! ! ! If there are other sports venues Louzhu need to continue to answer additional questions

I want to help to you!
liuyk19732010-02-16 21:20:11 +0000 #3
Crescent Pool Park, the entrance and there were a (such as free) ah, as for the stadium, then the edge of the crescent moon has a stadium Tong Park (tennis and others have), but a charge I do not know what you said is a common What do you mean, it should not found a completely free of the



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