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With regard to fat to play tennis with the problem instantly.

Alfa Romeo2010-02-16 21:11:09 +0000 #1
My instincts bad, thus resulting in a backhand when I was not strong enough.

Is there any way to improve the explosive force do? Is best associated to increase arm strength, grip strength training methods with told me. Thank you

PS Do not mess paste from the Internet a lot! ! Have experience to speak, sub-poor can not you!
vinychen2010-02-16 21:16:54 +0000 #2
Oh, do not know how old you are, as well as height, weight, therefore, can only tell you the general question of the power tennis

If you read just a little over 1 meter the children, the basic beat as fast as the same as children with the height of a man playing a positive backhand imposing and vigorous figure-wai to, you know, tennis strength is not as important as you think, and many people's upper body strength than the strength of the children will certainly be much larger, but the ball is not necessarily faster than they are;

you are backhand strong enough, the premise is your swing movements are backhand movements correctly, to complete the most important thing is to tell you that a concept is the "sweet spot", the ball point, if in your side in front of swing's movements are so complete and send the ball forward more, is revealed the power of the backhand, and if you have a point, with your body parallel to, and even later, and that your upper another great strength, power and then big, the ball is not up very soon, therefore, play must remind ourselves that must be quoted in advance film, ball point in front;

there is one part of the amateur issue is power there, are wasted, put the beat from the film cited tightly captured from the beginning, made swing force until the end, do you think that this was not good enough, citing shoot when gently grasp the rhythm, the mind would like to a wet towel to Lut, Lut whip feeling, hair force is finally hitting the moment, point in front of the ball's speed, strength, you try to know, will start to be much faster than you;

Therefore, the Amateur players do not need specialized training for your upper arm strength or power, or the explosive force, so long as the power of their own use, and note that swivel, pay attention to the strength of waist, ball-point look good, the ball would be good enough!

Oh, I wish you an early experience of the early masters of the road onto ----
dcf_812597132010-02-16 21:46:00 +0000 #3
upper body strength and the need to strengthen



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