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Beginners tennis racket used by the general line of beds for the number of specifications is better?

じ☆ ve_ Junjun2010-02-16 21:11:28 +0000 #1
= = Is that I am a beginner so. 170CM fat. .

I am suitable for any line of bed size? I feel that my forces are relatively large bar = =
vinychen2010-02-16 21:13:10 +0000 #2
beginners because there are no standardized technical movement, regardless of the strength of its own large or small, but has not yet mastered unsolicited power technology, Therefore, the racket of the pounds should be low because of the low strings pounds to make it easier to shoot leveraging, play a little more power

recommended for beginners: 51 lbs * 53 lbs appropriate; with the boss directly that they wear a string on the line ;



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