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South 2 flowers2010-02-16 22:10:16 +0000 #1
I want to know whether there tennis courts in East Asia 2009 Shanghai Summer Tennis course (I am a novice) and, if so, please write a specific time, place and cost (to a few people to play together, that is, small classes )

this extremely anxious, please know the details of people quick answers
Panda BP2010-02-16 22:24:31 +0000 #2
Shanghai East Asia Sports Culture Center tennis courts in East Asia Introduction ※

※ unit of Shanghai East Asia Sports Culture Center Co., Ltd. is a Shanghai Sports Office in Shanghai, East Asia (Group) Co., the reform spirit, through the powerful combination to form the sports management company, its operation and management of the region to Shanghai Stadium, Shanghai Stadium (Shanghai Grand Stage) and its affiliated entities, including all the geographical.

"Center" has a leading large-scale outdoor stadium - Shanghai Stadium, China's first largest theater-style large-scale indoor stadium - Shanghai Stadium (Shanghai Grand Stage), a world-class water sports hall - Shanghai Swimming Pool , integrated multi-functional indoor exhibition halls - East Asia Exhibition Hall, as well as nearly 30 million square meters of outdoor plaza. "Center" of the various types of supporting facilities, is Shanghai's largest and most versatile facilities most complete, most popular, set of sports competition, cultural performances, exhibitions and services, fitness and entertainment, advertising development, hotel dining, shopping and leisure, urban tourism as one of the large-scale comprehensive sports and cultural center. Sports and cultural center of East Asia Co., Ltd. has won the "2007 Special Olympics World Summer Volunteer Excellent organizational unit" and "barrier-free facilities in Shanghai 2006-2007 Advanced Unit" and a number of honorary titles; to be the CPC Central Committee and State Council awarded the "Olympic Games Paralympic advanced group ", the National Federation of Trade Unions has been awarded the" National May 1st Labor Medal "by the Shanghai municipal government awarded the" Special Contribution Award "in Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions has been awarded the" Pioneer Workers "and other honorary titles.

Shanghai East Asia tennis courts, sports and cultural center of Shanghai East Asia Ltd., subsidiary venue, is located south of Shanghai Stadium, the field a total of six tennis courts, outdoor lighting standards. Tennis courts with buffet, lounge, for the golfers to provide a variety of tennis equipment, threading services, and drinks and a good environment for the rest of our community is an ideal place for leisure activities. Since the venue to provide quality service and good management, well received by the majority of tennis fans, 2008 was "Wilson Cup Shanghai Tennis Open Amateur Special Contribution Award."

※ ※

public service in order to promote community fitness movement, museum every six months for the community to provide tickets for tennis lovers 20. Requirements can in the "Shanghai Xujiahui Community Unit service information" online booking.

※ ※

user's commitment to high quality services to the community, fitness, private gatherings, social events with ease.

For the community to promote the sport to make its work.

※ ※

service resources and price to provide a place tennis, tennis training, etc.

1. Market services price

(1) Admission: (Unit: RMB / hour)

time, screening time price (outdoor) Price (indoor)

Mon-Fri 6:00-8:00 Early Field 3040

Matinee 8:00 - turn on the lights before the 4050

Monday to Thursday night games in order to turn on the lights prevail 60100

weekends, holidays, a morning show 6:00 8:00 matinee 4050

8:00 - turn on the lights before the 6080

Friday to Sunday and holidays night market in order to turn on the lights prevail 80120

(2) threading: 20 yuan / only

(3) by shoot: 10 yuan / only

(4) by the ball: 5 yuan / barrel 20 yuan / basket

(5) Shower: 10 yuan / person

(6) courses: Tuition 560 yuan / person, three students per class is located , a coach for free ball, the use of outdoor space, showers 7 discount

training time: 2 times / week a total of 10 times Monday, five, Tuesday, six, Wednesday, market day evening classes, time is 18:30-19 : 30 and 19:30-20:00. Saturday, matinee day classes, time 9:00-10:00, 10:00-11:00

(7) winter classes: Tuition 500 yuan / person 2 hours / time, 2 times / week Time 8:00 -10:00

(8) Children's Camp: Tuition 1,800 yuan / person

(9) units for groups private use price Negotiable

2. Platform Service Price: training courses to float downward price 20%

3. disadvantaged groups Service Price: To be determined



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