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Alfa Romeo2010-02-16 23:10:40 +0000 #1
Members predecessors! Younger people because of interest to recent and buddy doing the tennis business

but little knowledge about the racket ... ... please separate ways master gets advice on offer with the bat-related knowledge about

like what: Grip type啦,啦the equilibrium point class knowledge. Thank you

if so, help, extra points is not a problem
! !

Younger people here, thank you for the first!
Western Hills Bird2010-02-16 23:12:38 +0000 #2
60 years in the 20th century and earlier, including the use of bamboo, wood racquet racket accounted for almost all of the tennis racket market, to the 20th century, 70 years,, metal racket to replace most of the wooden racket, first iron shot is widely accepted, and then the aluminum film. Today, the world is a composite material, such as carbon fiber, glass fiber, Kevlar fiber, high-tension carbon fiber, titanium, super-rigid carbon fiber, nano and other materials used alone or in mixed use, why? because these materials, compared with wood or aluminum are lighter, stiffer, more durable and better able to absorb shock and vibration, these materials while giving manufacturers the hardness of the racket, ball sense and batting performance designed to have greater room for maneuver.

1, the relationship between materials and racket

modern manufacturing has been used Internet auction of nearly aerospace industry and military-industrial products, materials, nearly two decades, metal materials and chemical materials upgraded to create a high level of online auction website has laid a solid foundation, of course, these new materials and new technology, intense competition arising therefrom is not only a result of commercial products is even more rapid progress in the sport needs. At present, carbon fiber, glass fiber, Kevlar fiber, high-tension carbon fiber, titanium, super-rigid carbon fiber, nano-materials have been widely used and so on to the online auction website, manufacturing technology, the revolution is still continuing. But the hard ones and the hardness must reduce the racket of the shock and rebound performance, and more likely to cause beginners and non-power-type player's hand joints and back muscle injury. Therefore, buy online auction website, they should first understand all the racket of the material and design of shock absorber performance, whether the "double complementary" system? Started his tennis fans and young players should choose a more moderate hardness and the material properties of both shock absorbers designed for online auction website.

At present, ordinary rackets are using carbon material, from time to time in the production of the gap, if used silicon dioxide (ie: nano-materials) filled the gap racket, racket racket more solid also increases the power of ordinary carbon fiber rackets , gap large, the power of the racket is relatively small.

2, How to understand the racket? Racket mechanical indicators include the following seven areas: making noodles, sweet zone, box type, length, balance point, triangle area, grips seven aspects.

1, racket: Head size refers to the threaded part of the film frame area, generally square inches as the units of measurement. Generally speaking, film face, the more easy to hit the ball, power is also larger, but at the same point of the racket of the sensitivity and also reduced, so shoot surface size is limited and can not be infinitely extended film surface in pursuit of power.

Head size is divided into:

A, in the film surface, that is less than 94 square inches of the film surface.

B, Zhongshan University racket ,95-104 square inches of film surface.

C, large racket ,105-114 square inches of film surface.

2, sweet District: sweet zone refers to the racket the effective hitting area and is able to shoot back over 40% of the surface energy of the region, is actually shot, when feeling comfortable, very powerful area. When the ball hit the sweet zone, very comfortable. Sweet racket size to test the performance of an important indicator of the impact of its amateur particularly prominent. Shoot

selection guidelines: shoot surface size and sweet size is closely related to, if you are a beginner, we recommend you choose Zhongshan University or big racket racket racket, which can make it easier for you to hit the ball, batting back and forth to experience the fun, and from a sense of the establishment of the ball to enhance skills.

3, Box type: Box-type film box refers to the thickness and shape, its thickness is between 1.5 - 2.5 centimeters. Box-shaped thickness and shape will affect the racket: the sweet spot size, power, stability and handling. The thicker the film frame, the greater the power, stability, stronger, and better directional control of the ball. The thinner the film box, and the power of the smaller, but the ball the ball the better.

Beat box shape: Over the years, the rules of standard oval proved to be the most suitable racket shape, because it is consistent with energy transfer theory and aerodynamics, will minimize air resistance, and the rules and smooth delivery of energy.

Selection shoot guide: From the principle of mechanics point of view, to change the shape of film frame is a challenge, because a little bit of change to break the whole branch of the mechanical equilibrium theory racket.

For example: increase the film thickness or the weight of both sides of the frame can make the power and stability of the racket to enhance, but reduces the flexibility and feel racket. Another example is to increase the size of film frame at the top is an oval racket into a fan-shaped, can indeed increase the sweet spot and power, while filling the racket handling compromised ------ So, the choice of special-shaped racket When the racket must be careful, in the absence of pre-testing is best not to buy.

4, Length: racket length refers to the beat box from the top to the bottom of the grip distance. The standard length of the racket is 27 inches, equivalent to 68.5 centimeters, longer racquet length of 27.5 inches above normal, equivalent to more than 69.5 centimeters. The longer the transmission power of the racket longer, so the lower the flexibility and sensitivity. In order not to affect the flexibility of when the players swing, most of the racket will be lengthened slightly lighter than the standard length of the racket more.

"Stretched" racket easier to hit the ball, suitable for beginners, move slower, or playing recreational ball players.

"Lengthened" racket arm length, very powerful, this is a beginner, the strength of small players need.

5, balance point: According to the equilibrium position of the different rackets can be classified as "power-type" and "point-type" categories. With the length of a standard 27-inch racket of view, 13.5 inches at its center position. If the point of balance between the center and beat box at the top of the case, on its center of gravity forward, easy to play power as "power-type" racket. If the balance between the center and the grip at the bottom, indicating the focus close to the arm, which will help the ball, are "ball-type" racket.

Selection shoot Guidelines: equilibrium point to a large extent determines your sense of a racket, but also decided to play your game. For beginners, the power is very important to balance front of the "power-type" can help play simply a powerful racquet ball.

6, triangle: Connection between the racket and the grip of a triangle, its main function is to transfer energy, the triangle is the most stable geometry, the racket all the energy transfer is carried out through the triangle.

7, grip: grip size of a total of four types of

1, the, 4 then one-eighth inches.

2 to 4 has two eighths inches.

3 to 4 has three eighths inches.

4 to 4 then 4 eighths inches.

Selection shoot Guidelines: In general, the understanding of the racket grip suited to their size, can hold the palm grip, if the thumb and the other four refer to exactly the middle of the width of a finger, said just the right size. In the grip out of cloth wrapped grips can not only protect the grip, but also increase the feeling. The timely replacement grip cloth, to avoid skin allergies, maintaining personal hygiene and maintain clean beautiful racket.

3, how to properly use and protection racket, there are about the following aspects:

1, lane changing is very important and should be cut first horizontal line, then cut the vertical line.

2, to avoid the racket collision with hard objects.

3, should be avoided racket placed in the high-temperature environments, such as the summer inside, and the best selection of hot temperature royal racket bag.

4, in the purchase of racket, you can buy several Chinese film box jacket, shooting jacket frame made of high strength nylon, it may protect the racket from the wear and tear.

4, the ball-line knowledge and the construction line of the ball

1, the natural line of the ball: natural gut is the intestines of animals as material, after washing, in addition to fat, drawing, knitting, kink, dehydration, corrosion, forming, second dehydration, winding, packaging and finished products and many other areas for production. Natural ball line after "fatigue limit" test proved to be the hit of all lines in the stretch and rebound the ball indicators are most excellent. However, because it is subject to material constraints, and complex process, so prices are high. In addition, the natural line of the ball of the poor performance of anti-wear properties and moisture is not resistant to playing.

2, synthetic ball line: synthetic ball line to nylon as the main material, combined with polyester fiber, weaving, fiber and other materials, very durable, the price is relatively low, although the stretch targets and resilience are not as good as natural gut, but in anti-wear performance and moisture-proof performance is superior to a number of natural gut. Now, the market also offers a good fight both durable synthetic ball line.

3, Mains skip: You can refer to the recommendations of the racket on the pounds to carry out threading in order to play the performance of the racket. If you want more power, you can use the suggested lower limit of pounds. Low-tension line of the ball can produce more power than the loose ball line can push the line of the ball bed faster, deeper, conversely, the higher the tension line of the ball, hit the ball the less the power, but for strike Ball depth (distance) control attributes actually enjoy good. The line too tight elastic beds is limited, so line of the ball to the slingshot effect of the smaller ball. If you have a slow swing but needs the power line tension on the ball wear less. Conversely, if the power of your own large, high-tension a little more for you.

According to your request looking for, remember me extra points呀! Ha ha!



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