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This year's French Open men's champion who is

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Beijing the evening of June 7 (Paris local time 7) message, the end of 2009, the French Open finale drama Male One championship battle, the Swiss number one Roger Federer with perfect play, straight sets with a total score 6-1/7-6 (1) / 6-4 win over the tournament's dark horse bolted, Sweden cannon cord Delin, over the past three consecutive final after losing to Rafael Nadal fate of the enemy, and finally a personal compensation long-time dream career for the first time Roland Garros champion won the highest honor a symbol of the fire of gunmen Cup.

Video - Roger Federer: very proud

Since then, Federer has been in just six years has successively won the 14 grand slam titles, tied by the old world number one Pete Sampras had to win to keep its own records . However, compared with the same great predecessors superstar Roger Federer Pete Sampras has not won for the first time ever won the French Open men's singles champion, also makes him following the 1935 Fred - Perry, 1938 Tang - Bach, 1962 and 1969 of the Lord - Laver, Roy, 1964 - Emerson, and Andre Agassi in 1999 after the tennis history, only the first six monopolize all four Grand Slam singles title of the player.

Video - Roger Federer has been the third consecutive year the event uninvited guest

lost in the French Open final to Federer on clay king Rafael Nadal is now in the win the French Open, Sampras tied maintained by the Big Man 14 consistent record and the completion of the whole slam champion the best time. While Soderling is the biggest dark horse of this French Open, and even quadruple g Nadal, Nikolay Davydenko and Gonzalez entered the final. However, Federer Soderling maintained a record nine straight victories, which hold an absolute advantage.

Robin Soderling in today's game did not start to show themselves in the previous rounds of strong serve, Yi Fa nothing continuous serve his community has been Federer's storm, but the bottom line locked in a stalemate in the forehand errors Submit break point, given up a double fault, would be lost serve. Federer has maintained a perfect driving state of security made it easy to love game. Federer's return of serve excellent condition, while the bottom-line backhand cutting is even more exciting release the ball in the first three bureaux and then got two break points, once again succeeded in the successful break, after the security of the score to 4-0 lead . Although Robin Soderling in section 5 of the Security Council in the completion of hair, but he quickly sent out in section 7 of Council, two break points and match points, Federer wasted no opportunity for the third time in just 23 minutes after the break with six -1's score won the grand opening.

Robin Soderling in the second disk to maximize the quality of his serve, 4th Bureau, there are fans jumped into the pit interference competition, after a brief pause, Soderling won the love game the first time, serve . Paul serve after each side 3-3 at the scene seems to have some rain, but the race is still continuing. The two men then did not give our opponents any opportunity to serve the insurance. Until the 12th Bureau of the key, Federer's backhand afterburner Robin Soderling extract a forehand out of bounds, after being played through the resolve of the two set points on serve again won the game point after Soderling had re - Roger Federer backhand cross has been to, but he ultimately serve to keep relying on his own serve. Competition was eventually dragged into a tie-break, Robin Soderling won his first serve in the after hours no longer any act in order to lose the tiebreak 1-7.

Robin Soderling in the third set the first one bureau issued a double fault brought on break point, forehand errors let him up on a break again. Federer in a relaxed, after the security of the score to 2-0 lead. In section 4, the Council issued the net Federer double-fault forehand error sending break point, but Robin Soderling did not seize the opportunity to play more conservative, so Federer forehand varied-line-easy to defuse the crisis, near misses the completion of insurance issued. Despite the efforts of Robin Soderling in the next game to keep his own serve, but he failed to Federer's serve in the find any opportunity to serve each side security, after Federer to 5-4 the score into his own serve wins Game. But the key moment, Roger Federer volley hit the mistakes send smoke break point, but the bottom line stalemate in the Soderling Federer or extract a mistake defuse the crisis. Federer, on the net and volley winner ushered in point, a strong serve to help Federer finally won the whole game, and finally in the fourth French Open final after winning the French Open champion.
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Roger. Federer

Roger Federer
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history of the greatest players, winner of 14 Grand Slam titles, all full string of number one - Roger. Federer
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Roger Federer
RafaTT2010-02-17 02:21:00 +0000 #6
Roger Federer
doupengjun2010-02-17 01:15:19 +0000 #7
King of clay Rafael Nadal out after the injury, no one can stop Roger Federer win the Grand Slam's lead.
San Wa Lunding2010-02-17 00:34:58 +0000 #8
Roger. Federer



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