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Table tennis players invited pointing:

Le Happy2010-01-20 05:01:03 +0000 #1
Liu Guoliang, the invention of the first straight fight anti-technology, and Wang Hao played straight into anti-anti-straight pull technology to flourish, it can be said Wang Hao of the technology now has reached a consummate level of Ma Lin will be, but the used only occasionally look at.

The question is:

by watching games, I found the ball just to Wang Hao's backhand position, whether it is a long short, and the change of the non-diversion, and Wang Hao never use rubbing long put short block shot and other players such RACKET commonly used techniques, all with a backhand cross-pull.

I want to focus question is:

backhand bit put long ball, I can counter-pull over, but under the net spin backhand of our city are a short ball, did not watch to understand how to fight Wang Hao is the past, to deal with under the net spin backhand of our city are a short ball, how to use the backhand cross-la la? Technology Essentials What is this?
Noble2010-01-20 05:12:08 +0000 #2
enjoy the game on the list or the Chinese people the world table tennis



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